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Introduction To Psionics

First we would like to welcome you to the Psion Nation!

In the Psion Nation you are going to learn about Psionics, Occult, Otherkin, Psychic, and Metaphysical skills and abilities. You will also see that in the Psion Nation we also dip into other topics of interest. First thing to realize is that in the Psion Nation we have many users from many walks of life coming to learn Psionics; from Wiccans, Otherkin, Starseeds, Chi Workers, etc. etc. So just make sure you understand that we are a Psionics Community but we also talk about other topics as well as this has now become a large mixing pot.

Everyone in the Psion Nation started off somewhere. Psion Nation is now that one place where anyone interested in Psionics or just looking to develop themselves further start. We all know and hear of a lot of people who have practiced Psionics for years and have...