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Psionic Nation : Learn Psychic Abilities

by Baal Domiel at 12:04 PM
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The Crucible Tournaments will take place in the Fall of 2014; September.
Welcome! Psion Nation is the home of the Crucible Tournaments, a competition held every year starting in the Fall, where the mightiest Psions from numerous online energy communities come together and battle to become the champion of the Crucible.

Psion Nation's: The Crucible will follow the organization and rules provided by Psion Nation. Please remember that these tournaments are designed for members and practitioners who want to celebrate by showing off what they learned and enjoying the most challenging aspects of Psionics, Magick, Occult, and other Supernatural skills and knowledge. Contestants should be respectful to others and follow the instructions set forth for the Crucible Staff....
by Baal Domiel at 11:31 AM
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We are a large community that is dedicated to helping new members learn and practice Psionics, Kinetics, Projections, Magick, and Psychic abilities. We are an entry level community which means that anyone that wants to start learning is welcome to join. We have many new practitioners and many older mentors that can help you learn the Path of a Psion. Psionic abilities and other Metaphysical skills are a science not a belief; so for this we like to teach new members the foundations and work their way from there.

The Psion Nation is a proud member of the newly reformed Online Energy Community Coalition. With the OECC it links us to other Occult Communities and we share information and can create a standard within all communities alike.

Thank you for visiting the site and we hope that you become part of the Nation!
by Baal Domiel at 12:00 AM
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Psion Nation is bringing many of the past events and revamping them into present day awesomeness. Back in MyTk we had "Meet the Masters" and it was part of the Mentoring. Well here in Psion Nation we remember the past, bring it to the present, make it epic and keep it for the future. We will soon be starting and really getting into helping users of the site understand the basics and get them to the advanced stuff. Now we know it takes time, this is not something you can learn over summer break. Psionics is not a belief but a practice and to get results you need to practice.

One question most advanced Psions ask is "who is your teacher?". Well, "Who is your teacher?" Don't have one? Well now you will! We are bringing back the retro - but still amazing Mentor Program! We have the setup already, now all we got to do is get those who have been training for a long time and get them to be mentors for the newer Psions! Find out more as we release information....
by Baal Domiel at 4:18 PM
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Introduction To Psionics

First we would like to welcome you to the Psion Nation. In the Psion Nation you are going to learn about Psionics and Metaphysical skills and abilities. You will also see that in the Psion Nation we also dip into other topics of interest. First thing to realize is that in the Psion Nation we have many users from many walks of life coming to learn Psionics; from Wiccans, Otherkin, Starseeds, Chi Workers, etc. etc. So just make sure you understand that we are a Psionics Community but we also talk about other topics as well as this has now become a large mixing pot.

Everyone in the Psion Nation started off somewhere, Psion Nation is now that one place where anyone interested in Psionics or just looking to develop them selves further start. We all know and hear of a lot of people who have practiced Psionics for years and have never really done anything. We here at Psion Nation believe there is a Path...