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The manipulation of fire is one of the most favorite kinesis among beginners because of it has a more 'flashy' look to it. In this article I will be explaining what pyrokinesis is and a few techs to try out for both beginner and advanced users. When I first started and began studying psionics I was of course like most, drawn to pyrokinesis and the attractive aspect of being able to create fire from midair, (I watched a lot of cartoons at the time I was around eight years old so excuse me for sounding so immature and childish). I desperately scoured the internet and learned many techs which I have learned over the years, though this was after learning aerokinesis and training my mind for a long time. Here I will be giving beginner...
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Or the ability to freeze objects/liquids. I have decided to create an article on this subject for two reasons. The first reason is because someone requested it in PMs. The second is this ridiculous article, (I’m not going to mention his name). Who thinks cryokinesis is creating a psi-ball and programming it to be cold. I find this false information absolutely ridiculous and must be corrected by someone who actually knows what he is talking about.

Cryokinesis is not a fantastically difficult kinesis to learn. Think about pyrokinesis, how to create a flame all one must do is vibrate the molecules in something like a wick or a piece of paper to cause it to burst into flames. Now take cryokinesis, just take pyrokinesis and do the opposite, immobilize the molecules in a liquid or solid until it completely freezes. Molecules are constantly in a vibrational state, this means that in order to keep...
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Understanding Umbrakinesis: Part One and Part Two



The mental manipulation of shadow and yes, this is very much actuality, since in our reality shadow exist only with some consistency of light. Umbrakinesis is the manipulation of shadow by a means of emittion of a repulsive field and manipulation of obverse from individual, when this repulsion is induced the dispersal of light dims the area to shadow. Umbrakinesis can be linked in correlation to Shadow Travel, Shadow + Movement = 's a transference of energy or matter.

What is a Photon?
A photon is an atomic particle which transmits light (Electromagnetics spectrum)

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Introduction To Psionics

First we would like to welcome you to the Psion Nation!

In the Psion Nation you are going to learn about Psionics, Occult, Otherkin, Psychic, and Metaphysical skills and abilities. You will also see that in the Psion Nation we also dip into other topics of interest. First thing to realize is that in the Psion Nation we have many users from many walks of life coming to learn Psionics; from Wiccans, Otherkin, Starseeds, Chi Workers, etc. etc. So just make sure you understand that we are a Psionics Community but we also talk about other topics as well as this has now become a large mixing pot.

Everyone in the Psion Nation started off somewhere. Psion Nation is now that one place where anyone interested in Psionics or just looking to develop themselves further start. We all know and hear of a lot of people who have practiced Psionics for years and have...