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Psionic Nation : Learn Psychic Abilities

by Mi Amore Solara at 11:39 AM
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Just to Make a Quick Announcement

Click here for the Easter Event: Easter Egg Hunt

I understand that we all come from a diverse pool of religious backgrounds. Just incase you didn't know, Easter is coming up. For an upcoming event, I need your help!

I would greatly appreciate it if you can either PM your religious beliefs on Easter and it's history. Or you can leave a post on this thread, which will be deleted in a day or so.

When it comes to Easter, people have many ideas or reasons as to where and why we celebrate it so I'd like to hear your story and what religion is it that you're a part of, IF you celebrate it or if you have an event similar to it.

The more religions and history I get...
by Baal Domiel at 4:48 PM
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We got another out of the blue addition to the website. We know have PsionTube! Registered users can now upload videos and images to the site and it will all be on one network. No more need to go to YouTube to watch videos as everything will be here.


We already uploaded some videos check out how it look! You can comment the videos from the site and also create playlists.
by Baal Domiel at 9:18 AM
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We are a large community that is dedicated to helping new members learn and practice Psionics, Kinetics, Projections, Magick, and Psychic abilities. We are an entry level community which means that anyone that wants to start learning is welcome to join. We have many new practitioners and many older mentors that can help you learn the. Psionic abilities and other Metaphysical skills are a science not a belief; so for this we like to teach new members the foundations and work their way from there.

The Psion Nation is a proud member of the newly reformed Online Energy Community Coalition. With the OECC it links us to other Occult Communities and we share information and can create a standard within all communities alike.

Thank you for visiting the site and we hope that you become part of the Nation!
by Mi Amore Solara at 3:19 PM
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To officially kick start April off with a bang, Psion Nation will be gladly hosting "Psion Fools Day" on April 1st!

For those who may not know, the exact origins of from whence it came... They're a little shady at the best. No one knows where it has originated from!
Some believe that it was a celebration related to the turn of the seasons while others believe that it stems from an adoption of a new calendar!

So bare with me as I try my best to summarize this the best I can.
For those who wish to skip it, just scroll down and stop after my little excerpt!

New Years Day:
Ancient cultures such as the Romans and Hindus, celebrated New Years Day on or around April 1st which is previously accompanied by the Vernal Equinox that was either celebrated on March 20th or 21st. Europe however, during Medieval times, celebrated their New Years Day, which was named The Feast of Annunciation on...
by Baal Domiel at 4:18 PM
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Introduction To Psionics

First we would like to welcome you to the Psion Nation. In the Psion Nation you are going to learn about Psionics and Metaphysical skills and abilities. We also have the basic information other communities apart of the Psionic Nation Alliance that can help you grow in the topics we do not heavily focus on.

Everyone in the Psion Nation started off somewhere, Psion Nation is now that one place where anyone interested in Psionics or just looking to develop them selves further start. We all know and hear of a lot of people who have practiced psionics for years and have never really done anything. This introduction will give you the basics and is going to give you a few tips on how to become more skilled and shed that beginner label.

First, "What is Psionics?"

Psionics, as a set of skills, provides the ability to manipulate the environment around you in accordance to your will,...