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by Anomaly at 11:44 AM
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Hello everyone.

While the introduction of the Council and a new administrative body has been an important step in driving this site forward, it is believed that further expansion of the staff body is necessary in order to promote further growth for the community as a whole. For this reason, we're currently looking for interested members who'd be willing to take it upon themselves to assist around the site in the capacity of a Forum Moderator, or simply in the shoutbox as a Shoutbox Moderator. There is also the position of a Site Moderator, which manages both areas and acts as an assistant manager between the Council and the Forum/Shoutbox Moderators.

If you are at all interested in assisting the site as a member of the staff team, don't hesitate to contact me through PM. There are no solid requirements beyond availability and willingness to spend time on the site and communicate with the Council regularly and, of course, a personal screening of your character...
by Bold as bric at 7:42 AM
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I was hoping to avoid this announcement, and any unpleasantness because of events that were private

However, further to the illicit PMing that has been carried out, I am forced to make this announcement. I would have left this if the PMing had stopped, but that doesn't seem to have happened

To clarify. Kin Sanctuary is no longer in the alliance. Nobody who sends you a PM on Psion Nation, Occult Haven, or Elysium Meadow (more on that site later) asking you to join Kin Sanctuary is acting on behalf of this site, or any other site in the alliance.

I would also like to state that this site will not be inactive for much longer. The council will be working tirelessly to bring back activity and to restore the site to a place worth coming to. It is not trash, it is not misleading. Perhaps you may disagree with some of the opinions and views here, and that's OK. If everyone agreed with everyone else, there would be no point in having discussion

Any questions about this announcement,...
by Anomaly at 1:48 PM
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Hello, everyone.

It's been brought to the attention of the staff that private messages are being passed around to new members, urging them to head to a different site. The site that's being advertised is not part of the Psion Alliance and, as such, advertising it in this manner is not allowed.

We encourage everyone who receives or has received one of these PMs to alert the staff.

Thank you!

Psion Nation Staff
by Omiron at 6:05 PM
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Just to give everyone a heads up. Sometime (likely before the weekend is out) the site will be coming down for maintenance and a hosting swap.

Don't be alarmed. The site isn't going anywhere.

by Anomaly at 7:33 AM
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Now, I'm still pretty new to this site and the coalition of OECs called "Psion Alliance". Since first joining up, I've been hard at work reading up in order to get a better picture in my mind of the community's past and recent history, and one thing I've realized fairly quickly is that this site in particular has gone through several transitions, ownership changes and the likes. I've heard several older members speak fondly of how things were in the past, and less fondly about certain events along the line. In essence, there's been plenty of drama to go around and it's had a significant impact on the community as a whole, even scattering big chunks of it to the wind or just driving them onto other websites altogether, or out of the OECs and their interests in psionics.

Since I joined this website, I've recognized that it has a lot of potential. It could be something fantastic and likely has been in the past, as well. Right now it's in a bit of a slump and there's a lot of...
by Baal at 6:18 PM
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Introduction To Psionics

First we would like to welcome you to the Psion Nation!

In the Psion Nation you are going to learn about Psionics, Occult, Otherkin, Psychic, and Metaphysical skills and abilities. You will also see that in the Psion Nation we also dip into other topics of interest. First thing to realize is that in the Psion Nation we have many users from many walks of life coming to learn Psionics; from Wiccans, Otherkin, Starseeds, Chi Workers, etc. etc. So just make sure you understand that we are a Psionics Community but we also talk about other topics as well as this has now become a large mixing pot.

Everyone in the Psion Nation started off somewhere. Psion Nation is now that one place where anyone interested in Psionics or just looking to develop themselves further start. We all know and hear of a lot of people who have practiced Psionics for years and have...