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  • Gabriel Demarco
    Blog: Gabriel Demarco's blog. By Gabriel Demarco at 10:45 PM.
    Hey'o, random people that for whatever reason decided to view this. My name is... well, most of you know me by the Discord of PotatoGabe, but here I'm just Gabe or Gabriel. Anyways, thought I'd make a blog talking about all the totally wacky zany tubular adventures of that one guy that talks...
  • Ludwig
    Blog: Ludwig's blog. By Ludwig at 5:04 PM.
    Experiment ritual: Commune with Archangel Auriel. Christian Magick Fourfold breath performed after moment of meditation. Talisman procured with Auriels image. His name written on natural wood with salt. Faced the northeast. "Hekas, Hekas, este bebeloi!" Perform the Lesser banishing ritual...
  • RockShan
    Blog: RockShan's blog. By RockShan at 8:02 PM.
    ( Hi! ) Anyways, I am making this blog post to describe the common misconceptions of the usage of the "Mind's Eye.". I seen many talking about how to use the 3rd Eye in the past, most believe that It is difficult to use in the begining, but this is not true. It is very easy to use in the...