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  • Atmose
    Blog: Atmose's blog. By Atmose at 10:19 AM.
    For the last few years I haven't been able to manifest my gift like normally. I've been drained since Jan 2013, from that point until now I experienced something like a metamorphosis where random "weird things" would happen. These things were not my usual gift manifestations, flashing lights,...
  • Xianfear
    Blog: Xianfear's blog. By Xianfear at 6:25 PM.
    (If you are reading this, it is mostly a motivational post for me and not necessarily meant for anyone else) I have been practicing psionics, on and off, for about five years of my life now. I regretfully admit that it has been mostly off. I get discouraged easily and find excuses to get out of...
  • Jul
    Perses Keraunos
    Blog: Al-Keraunos. By Perses Keraunos at 6:51 PM.
    Already said that I'm focused on working out my body to make it the closest possible version to the one I have on the other side, 'cause if it's a near match then maybe I'll get more out of this awakening. But it doesn't mean that I'm neglecting my path as a psion or the rest of 'em, so I...
  • Jun
    Blog: RockShan's blog. By RockShan at 7:24 AM.
    Hi! It's been quite a while sense I have posted, or been on Psionnation at all. But due to recent development I felt that need I should probably reappear on the energetic communities now. For a long time I thought I was many things, (Angel, Jinn, etc). Without having much to go on other than the...
  • Gabriel Demarco
    Blog: Gabriel Demarco's blog. By Gabriel Demarco at 10:45 PM.
    Hey'o, random people that for whatever reason decided to view this. My name is... well, most of you know me by the Discord of PotatoGabe, but here I'm just Gabe or Gabriel. Anyways, thought I'd make a blog talking about all the totally wacky zany tubular adventures of that one guy that talks...