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These blogs will mainly be about my travels in the Etheric Plane. These are all true stories of my experiences in each plane. If you disagree with what I say or what I have seen then PM me and we can talk about it, otherwise if you do not want to read you do not have to.
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  • Etheric Survival Guide Mar 20, 2016

    So for a while I have posted about many types of projections such as Astral Projection and Biolocation. Each brings the projectors to a certain plane but one type of projection people will know that I do not post about. That is Etheric Projection!

    Why? Because somethings I just wanted to keep to myself. I really didn't feel that most people were even ready to Etheric Project. So I just kept it out of my posts and threads. But for some reason I am feeling like sharing almost everything I know about Etheric Projection. But! I will not tell people how to do it but I will give them a survival guide if they learn how to do it or they learn from me how to do it (rare).

    This will be a fun little project for me and I think I will make this Survival Guide in a fun but informative way. I was messing around with photoshop and make the cover of the digital book. Right now this Survival Guide is in the early stages and will not be out for a while. I am thinking that when I am done with it only people that pass a test can get it. I really only want people who have completed Astral Projection and Biolocation getting my help with Etheric; I'd rather be safe than sorry. More details to come. x3

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  • The Road So Far Jan 11, 2015

    I was born as a demon; demon soul in a human body. It really did not mean crap to me when I was younger, yeah I knew that I felt a little different then everyone else, I could do little things here and there that others couldn't. I think the biggest difference was my outlook on everything. Started off small hating certain things and liking certain things.

    It was not really a hate though it was just a way different point of view on certain things that I interacted with, seen, heard, learned. Most times I would hide in my head, writing things down that I seen or remembered from god knows what, and creating things with my brother. Then I started projecting and that new world, new experiences, new knowledge started flooding in. I was a demon and this could change my life further then what it has already. But can a demon in this day in age just come right out and say something? I mean most of the areas that I lived where heavily Christian.

    Being a demon... what does it mean? I get asked that a lot. I can only speak from my heart and how I feel on it. To me being a demon means to be one of the few on this earth with a purpose that goes against everything the world is today. I guess if that makes it bad then I am guilty. Everyone likes to say we are evil; so I must be a bad guy - boggyman. I think the only thing demons from Hell are really guilty of is being that we are make from darkness (a balance) and that we love the planet Earth so much we would do anything to make sure it survives and life for all.

    But for being what I am, I personally believe that I have a curse on me. I strive to be a good person, show people that demons are not all bad, that we can be courteous. I may be a demon but I am human physically. I want and need just the same as anyone. Honestly, I think sometimes that what ever demon had the great idea to place us in these bodies is a fracking retard. Why? Because I fall back on that curse. I believe that we will never get that true happiness, find that one women to be with, get out of the pit Acheron talks about, things like this; maybe we are forsaken.

    I work out, I pride my self on fitness and being ripped, I do my hair, work, have a car, make money; but in the end of the day I feel like I am missing something. Granted I know I have more then some people in the world but still can't help the feeling that I am missing something. It's like being a demon you will be climbing a ladder to get to a certain point and that fracking point keeps getting higher and higher. You finally think you found that one person to make you feel whole and something happens that they are not there in the end. Like some sick game where you try to reach for your prize and someone pulls it away with a string.

    The worst part is you know that if this keeps up you will loose that humanity in you; all there will be left is that demon. Is that my purpose for the road ahead? That maybe with all the crap that happens in our demonic lives on Earth in the end we will be messed with mentally and emotionally that we will reject and loose that human part of us so that all there is, is a demon? Pray to your gods because if that happens then only they could help.

    Road so far. Struggling to find a reason why to keep these human feelings.
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  • Stepping down from a legacy. Apr 22, 2014

    The Crossroads. Something that only a few have experienced. The mystical Crossroaders, humans with a gift to help people get what they want or need.

    Passed down generation to generation. I was one of the few to receive such a honor.

    But today, after years of being a dealer I have retired. I have passed on my gift and now I leave my brothers and sisters. My contract still in effect but with a honorable leave from duty.

    I have helped many people; good people and bad. But my time in this field of work is over. Maybe one day I will return to Crossroading.

    "One page closes. Another will open."
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  • Demonic Writ of Darkness Feb 22, 2014

    Demons in Hell, more of the ones in the Military have a saying as they are trained. It is the Writ of Darkness and it goes as followed:

    "Demons who walk the blessed path will find salvation, even in death. Out of the darkness we come from, our blades will light our way. Glory and honor guide us on our way to ascension. On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons. The true devotee honors our name with actions, not words. Victory is secured not from the throne, but from the front lines. With this sacrament of blood we journey into the divine beyond."
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