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Terms of Service and Rules

So you’re interested in the Psion Nation, becoming a Psion, or Perhaps you're just curious about what it all entails. Even if you have no definitive answers yet, asking questions is a great place to start.

First thing is first, Psion Nation is not a democracy; at best it is a benevolent dictatorship. Psion Nation’s Owner and Administration have set the Rules that all Members must follow. Make sure you are familiar with them. to remind yourself of them if you have to, because the Owner have given the Administration the permissions to limit or deny access to those who insist on violating them.

As a Member of Psion Nation you have the PRIVILEGE to:

  • Create Threads on the Forums and Reply to those Threads
  • Chat on Chat (ShoutBox).
  • Share Ideas and Opinions.
  • Enjoy your learning with the company of others.


One of the first things you have to do after Registering, is make an Introduction Thread in the Introduction Forum, found in the Nation Discussion Category. This is a requirement to start posting on the forums or chatting on the chat. After that you are in a THREE DAY probation period in which you do not have full access to all of the communities applications. This is setup to combat spam or trolls and maybe bypassed by a senior administrator. After the three days you will automatically have full access and are a full fledged member.

Our detailed rules and guidelines really just expand on these obvious basics. You still need to read the full rules, however -- as those full rules are the rules staff enforces.

  1. DO NOT make personal attacks (name calling, hostile remarks, accusations, etc.).
    In discussion, attack ideas and opinions, not the people who hold them. Note that an attack on your ideas and beliefs are not considered a personal attack under our rules even if you identify so closely with your beliefs and ideas that you personally consider an attack on those beliefs or ideas to be an attack on you. If you feel hurt by what someone says about your ideas and opinions you have the right to block them!

  2. DO NOT call users: delusional, psycho, psychotic, retarded, crazy, or in a derogatory way.
    Any other words like this used to debunk, make fun of, or to discredit another member is not allowed. Terms like these are used as an excuse for ableism and Othering of those who of necessity have to deal with life a bit differently from other people.

  3. DO NOT remove the quote bbcode inserted into your reply by the "Reply" button.
    You may (and should) delete portions of the quoted text not relevant to your reply, but the quote bbcode itself must remain intact under most circumstances as this inserts links and text that helps others follow the flow of conversation.

  4. DO NOT make blanket condemnations of peoples, cultures, or religions.
    We will not do this to you and we hope that you can respect our condemnations, cultures, and religions.

  5. DO NOT post or attach content that is libelous, defamatory, pornographic, harassing, threatening, or hateful (racially, ethnically, or religiously).
    If this happens you will most likely be removed off our site and your IP address reported to other like communities.

  6. DO NOT post advertisements or event announcements (commercial or non-commercial) without obtaining prior approval for the specific item from a Host or Senior Staff member.
    We do not want you to advertise another website, community, product, service, or publication on our site unless you have paid for ad space.

  7. DO NOT post more than a sentence or two of copyrighted material without obtaining specific permission from the current copyright owner to post the material on The Psion Nation and posting that permission with the copyrighted material. Link to the material instead.
    If Psion Nation is contacted by the rightful owner of the copyrighted material we will remove it off our site and you will be issued a warning.

  8. DO NOT argue with, comment on, complain about, criticize, or otherwise discuss Owner, Administrator, or Moderator decisions on on rules or site management in public in Psion Nation community areas such as the chat or forums.
    If you wish to express concern about who the founder, administrator, hires or fires then make an appeal to the site manager in a private chat. If you think a decision that directly affects you is incorrect, you may make an appeal in private chat.

  9. DO NOT attempt to moderate other members.
    Leave the moderating to the staff of Psion Nation. If you believe a forum post or a chat message violates the rules in a major way, you may bring that post to the attention of the forum staff by reporting that message with the "Report" link. You can bring non-forum problems to the attention of staff by sending a private message to them.

  10. DO NOT tell others members not to post to you.
    You can put non- staff members on "ignore" if you do not wish to read their posts.

  11. DO NOT use Proxy Servers.
    You do not need to use a proxy server on our site. Our system will log each and every single IP address your account uses. With that information we can see if you have multiple accounts. If your account is using a proxy server then we assume your up to something. We reserve the right to ban any account found using a proxy server.

  12. DO NOT register multiple accounts without permission from the hosts.
    You only need one account on Psion Nation. If you have another account we will know and then the extra account will be banned, the IP address of the account will be banned, and your main account will have ONE STRIKE.

  13. DO NOT impersonate other members or otherwise pretend to be someone you are not.
    If there is a username available that mimics another member then we will investigate and if we find it to be a fake member that account will be banned and all IP addresses linked to that account will also be banned.

  14. DO NOT use community facilities of Psion Nation’s Community to violate US criminal or civil law.
    This is easy to understand. If you are up to no good and we find out that you're planning on breaking any laws we will report your MAC Address, IP Address, and any other information to the authorities and your ISP.

  15. DO NOT post Images in the Chat
    You are allowed to post image LINKS in the chat but do not use the bbcode to actually insert the image for everyone to see. You have three warnings. First warning is verbal, second warning is a one day ban, three warnings is a one month ban, any after that and your perma-banned from chat.

  16. DO NOT overly curse or use curse words offensively.
    You are now allowed to curse as we are all adults or at least should act like one. But do not take it to far. If you are cursing someone out or using extremely vulgar words we will warn you. If you continue to use extreme vulgarity you will be blocked from whatever it is you're using.

  1. DO remember to use the "Reply/Quote" button.
    Even when using the quick reply feature as this inserts links and text that helps others follow the flow of conversation.

  2. DO edit quoted material in your replies to the minimum needed..

  3. DO write in a "normal writing" style.
    Capitalize the first word of your sentences. Use proper punctuation. Write in short paragraphs and place a blank line between paragraphs (hit return twice). Please do not WRITE IN ALL CAPITALS, in eLiTe LeTtErS, or in odd fonts and colors. Please do not use "Netspeak" (e.g. R U PSION) as our community areas are not a cell phone. See our Message Posting Guidelines for more information.

  4. DO be tolerant of religions and opinions that differ from your own.
    You do not have to agree with them or support them, but you must be tolerant of those who express them. Others have as much right to hold and express their views as you do to hold and express yours.

  5. DO follow our Avatar and Signature Guidelines.
    Any Avatars or Signatures that have adult content, racist images, discriminative image, or any content of the matter that is offensive will be removed and the member will be warned.

  6. DO try to post new topics on the correct board.
    Before actually posting a new topic make sure to use the SEARCH. If a thread or post of your topic is already there then join that thread. If that thread is locked then you may start a new one. But always put the thread in the correct forum; if not Staff will move it.

  7. DO remember that other members of Psion Nation are real people just like you with rights and feelings.
    Treat them as real people even when engaged in heated debate.

  8. DO remember that you are not your opinions and beliefs.
    An attack on your opinions and beliefs in debate is not an attack on you. If attacks on your opinions and beliefs seem like personal attacks to you, you will probably want to bow out of topics that turn into heated discussions or debates.

  9. DO try to avoid posting already posted information in "pile-ons."
    If you see a thread where someone has posted obvious incorrect information on hot button issues and there are a lot of posts after that message, please read ahead before posting to avoid posting the 20th reply with basically the same information (as this tends to make the member with the incorrect information think people are ganging up on them).

  10. DO ignore someone you do not like!
    If you do not like someone then press the ignore button. If you do not like someone and continue to talk to them then it will be considered a special form of harassment. If from arguments due to personal feuds the opposing party decides to quit the Psion Nation YOU will then be removed and the other person will be asked to stay. Psion Nation Management will fully investigate this and act accordingly. Don't be a douche.

  11. DO realize that some boards have special rules that apply only to that board and follow those rules when posting on that board.
    Such rules will be in a clearly labeled sticky post on the board they apply to.

  12. DO follow instructions/suggestions from staff members and hosts about how to post and/or behave on Psion Nation (quoting, formatting messages, etc.).
    Staff members have no interest in hearing why you would rather not do it the standard PN way.

  13. DO expect to be asked for sources to support any unusual factual claims you may make.
    If you chose to back those claims with poor sources (wikipedia and other encyclopedias, dictionaries, popular press books written by non-experts, out-of-date academic books, etc.), do not be surprised where they are not considered convincing, let alone authoritative.


These rules if broken can get you into negative standing with Psion Nation Staff. Please do not engage in breaking these annoying or excessively rude behaviors in Psion Nation.

  1. Editing your messages to significantly change the content after a message can reasonably be assumed to have been read by others (which is 2 or 3 minutes after posting). This is particularly true if the message has already been replied to.
  2. If you are on this community to only debunk, throw the fluff flag, call our members fake, or do not contribute to our community in a positive light then your stay on Psion Nation will be a horrible one, we promise.
  3. Posting the same message to multiple topics or boards.
  4. Proselytizing for any religion.
  5. Making overly broad "All Psions believe..." or "All Psions do..." type statements. Except in the most trivial cases (e.g. "All Living Psions need to drink water"), such claims are almost always false.
  6. Demanding that others prove your claims wrong instead of supporting those claims with evidence they are correct.
  7. Demanding that others prove their claims right. No one likes others asking others to "prove abilities" to them.
  8. Attacking a post based on typos, poor spelling, or poor grammar, instead of debating its content. Our message board is more akin to a spoken conversation with people from many countries than it is to a term paper.
  9. Oversharing personal details -- posting the intimate details of your life in inappropriate threads.
  10. Use of gratuitous offensive language. We are a PG-13 forum.
  11. Using an offensive or inappropriate username, name, custom title, avatar, signature, etc.
  12. Using offensive or inappropriate words or phrases in the forums or the chat.
  13. Sexual Content on Forums, Chat, or Private Conversation.
  14. Failing to properly attribute quoted sources.
  15. Having your account set to a false or out of date email address.
  16. Hacking or attempting to hack any part of Psion Nation’s Forum or chat.
  1. The Owner reserves the right to act arbitrarily (i.e. without obvious cause or explanation) if they consider it necessary. This includes deleting any topic or post, editing any message, imposing new or special rules, changing any member's member group or otherwise limiting/expanding any member's privileges within the community, or banning any member. There is no appeal from a Owner decision.
  2. The Owner and Administrators reserve the right to moderate discussions even if there are no rules violations to preserve the quality of the Psion Nation -- this includes imposing special rules on the discussion or asking unduly upset (or unruly) members to leave the discussion.
  3. Overlooked rules violations do not set a precedent. The fact that a violation was accidentally overlooked does not mean it is suddenly okay to violate that rule.
  4. Psion Nation Forums are a discussion and debate board devoted to bringing together and helping new Psions! We are an entry level psionic community but we think critically. Beliefs and ideas that may be accepted with little question on some other boards will likely be strongly questioned here. While we ask our more experienced members to be polite in refuting incorrect information and dodgy ideas, Psion Nation’s is devoted to critical thinking and training of entry level Psions, so expect to see incorrect information and ideas mercilessly (and often bluntly) shot down and be aware that if there are likely mundane explanations for something, they are going to preferred to supernatural explanations. If this is unacceptable to you, chances are that this forum is not the message board for you.
  5. We do delete accounts. But know that an accounts content, such as forum posts, are never deleted as doing so would completely disrupt every topic the account holder ever participated in. If you wish to leave the Psion Nation that is fine, but your content will now belong to the Psion Nation as stated in rules below.
  6. The Psion Nation is a bit different than some other communities, in the fact that we have a somewhat different approach. We question, challenge you to think objectively, and to be your own skeptic. Why do we do this? First and foremost, it is a sign of respect. This is our way of treating you as a rational, intelligent human being, capable of thinking for themselves.
  7. Psion Nation Owner has the right as the property owner of the domain name and Psion Nation's Forum Licensed Software to revoke membership, suspend, or delete an account that has fallen into negative standing after communicating to other staff members of the action. A vote will take place. Just know this is rarely ever used.
  8. Being asked questions is not a way of attacking you here. Not only do we want clarification, so we can understand where you are coming from, but also we want you to be sure in your answers. You must be prepared to have your ideas challenged by other members, especially if your ideas seem illogical or you can not supply reasons and a logical process for you coming to this idea. It happens to all of us; we are all asked questions here. If you have a reasonable, logical explanation behind what you believe, then the objective questions presented to you should only make you more sure of yourself.


By posting content to Psion Nation forum, chat, or private conversation, you will be under the Psion Nation Copyright. You may ask for content to be deleted but Staff will only SOFT delete it from public eye; the content can be undeleted. The content you post on Psion Nation is and will be Psion Nations. While your account is active it will be under your username and be maintained by you. If you ask for your account to be deleted your content will be taken into Psion Nation System Account. Psion Nation does reserve the right to move your content and promote the content. This is in effect for Psion Nation’s web sites, community areas, newsletters, mailing lists, announcement areas, blogs, ebooks, and other online venues.


As not all of our members here have English as their first language, we ask that you do your best to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We can understand if these are not your best areas, and there are some simple solutions. For example, typing your post in a program such as Microsoft Word, then copying and pasting it, will fix the most basic errors. Also, there are some free websites that can help as well, such as http://www.jspell.com/public-spell-checker.html.


Staff Members handle every situation on a case by case basis. Each issue is looked over based on the individuals and the incident at hand, then it is decided what to do any bad behaviors. Immediate threats and violations to major rules might be met with swift punishment, but most issues are discussed and members involved contacted for information before things are decided. If your behavior is deemed a threat to the peace of Psion Nation, you might receive a notice, warning or have your account suspended or banned. But for most breaks in the rules you have three strikes: three strikes on the forums and three on the chat.

Founder: Baal Domiel Owner: Omiron Rules Updated: 5/19/2016