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AeroK Training Techs (By d20panda)

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    D20panda Citizen

    Aug 7, 2017
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    Tech #1: Palm Breeze:
    This is a tech I use when I need to get a little practice in but don't have time or I'm not in a proper place to truly use AeroK. Connect with the air's energy, and channel it to your right palm. Send it from your right palm to your left, and circulate it back to your right. You should feel a slight breeze on your left palm.
    Tech #2: Air Circles:
    Connect with the air's energy, and spin the air in a circle. If you do it above a bush or in a tree, it should look like there is a mini tornado swirling it. For a little enjoyment, try it on your friend's hair.
    Tech #3: Air Concentration:
    Move the air in any direction, but channel your energy into a concentrated, thin stream. The wind should blow faster but in a smaller area. If you do the same thing with a large but spread apart stream of energy, the wind will affect a larger area but with less results.

    This guide is by d20panda. Check out my other guide on the basics of aeroK.

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