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Auric sight : my experiences part one

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    thenegativehunter Senior Citizen

    Aug 8, 2017
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    Hi. this will be my main thread. here i list the path that i have taken to achieve auric sight. which is still processing. but the information my be extremely useful for others. i am someone that was not born with it. or the potential to achieving with random and even intense practicing.

    Here i explain how my experiences show that specific energy type is not only useful, but specific energies are used for specific tasks in our etheric body. it is not a practice hard kind of thing. it is not a practice hard and right. because in my opinion there is no known right. all i have read, was useless to me...

    How I Started. how i felt and off topic related stuff.
    It was about 6 years ago. i did not believe in nonphysical things .i was watching naruto and got excited about learning kinesis. i just wanted it so bad, so i tried moving something i did not succeed. how ever there was a pressure on my forehead. and unexplained pressure, that was all but it was unexplained and my lust for MORE POWER :stuck_out_tongue: that kept it going. i had something special that was unexplained by anyone. after three years i also started watching Hunter x Hunter and that was when i was extremely inspired. i started regular practice and tried talking to other people online. it was almost useless. but of course , almost... . just a small piece of information was all i needed.

    Meditation Locality :
    The center of the focus or you may call awareness closet to where the mediation is being SELF targeted unless i state otherwise. if i say on stomach it means that the center of the awareness is in the stomach, not the head. it may be controlled by awareness in the head but it is different. it is more like moving a muscle.


    1- Solid Energy

    now when i call something solid energy and not a blockage it is because it can have a velocity and a momentum. momentum means additional interference is needed to reduce or increase the velocity. for liquid and gas like states this cannot be observed... so it will be a mere theory about those. solid state energy can be pumped inside the body, but much harder.

    2- Liquid and Gas Like Energy ( for now i call both Liquid energy )
    liquid energy can be pumped. blockage cannot be pumped inside the body. pumping is transference along the same path over and over without difficulties.

    3- Gas like energy
    the properties are still unknown to me, i cannot distinguish it yet.

    First Step.
    I was able to cause a pressure feeling on my forehead by my mind. i kept it going. made it more intense day by day. i did not know what it was. for three years i did it occasional. may be 10 minutes a week. the first three years was mostly practice with open eyes while listening to music. i wasn't in a situation where anyone should see me meditating. so it had to be with open eyes.
    Then for the next year did it for about 15 minutes a day or more. and also when i was in a bus, or a taxi. it even got to hours a day, sometimes even during sleep.

    Meditation of the first step(i call it manifestation of Emitter energy).
    The meditation is done by imagination of muscle contraction.
    Emitter energy usually has a solid state.

    Meditation of the first step(I call this one DiEmitter energy which is a kind of reverse emitter energy)
    The meditation is done by imagination of muscle relaxation.
    DiEmitter energy has a solid state. but can be used to pump emitter energy unintentionally.

    Results Of The First Step.

    Well, just horrible pain and migraine. nothing else for auric sight. at least i knew it was not the trying, there is no achievement from this way, even if it empowers something, apparently it is not much useful for humans in my current level.
    i also did the regular auric sight practices but could not see more than the contrast caused effects, after images, extremely hard to see fast moving particles. the eye burn meditation sometimes left some static color spots on my vision for days.(same as migraine aura).

    2- Emitter energy ( based on observations during that time still had doubts)
    This is one of the causes of the horrible pain. it is extremely weak after weak up and strong before sleeping.

    3- DiEmitter energy ( based on my current observations )
    This is the second cause of the pain. it makes an illusion of relaxation while what really happens is that it sends the emitter energy to a part where your not focusing on. after the meditation you feel much more sensitive to emitter energy.

    4- Thy Eye burn meditation!
    There is some that i will be specific about. one is staring so hard that the colors of the vision start to split. and having a hard time trying to not lose focus even after blinking. then i started to experience extreme eye burn. and it was not from eye dryness, because i was blinking. it wasn't heat, it was pain in from of burn.
    i also did it in the dark(where i could not see anything but still have the eye burn). i even learned to do the eye burn meditation with closed eyes.

    5- Remote Emitter Delivery
    This is about delivering pain. there is some emitter energy delivered unintentionally through aura. but mostly( maybe more than 90 percent ) it is delivered via centers of attention in the head. both intentionally and unintentionally. but it will not be felt without activation of the centers of awareness of the target. the pain can be moves and bounced, it will continue to move and bounce in the same rhythm till it's kinetic energy is depleted. the movement and the bouncing can occur both intentionally or unintentionally.

    Second Step
    I used a piece of information that i got from talking to someone that could see auras from the time that she was born. i tried to mach observations of energy states. what i could experiment on. i will explain more about it later.
    So after a while i abandoned the emitter energy and did this second meditation(enhancer:stuck_out_tongue: energy) along with the diemitter meditation. and got results after doing three days of intense enhancer meditations on the stomach. i was still doing emitter but much less. i wasn't sure about anything. during enhancer meditations, i could barely feel anything at the start, and i did not stop because i wanted to have a test of a meditation where i can feel something to be sure. the last day i could feel small amount of heat and burn. but saw results when i woke up early to go to the toilet. i continued to do a combination of meditations because i was confused by the side effects.

    Meditation of the second Step( i call it manifestation of Enhancer energy)
    This meditation is simply done as a heat imagination. imagine the feeling of heat. locally.
    This energy has liquid state but can be trapped inside a solid energy. when it is trapped the manifestation should not be practiced. you should look for other ways for manifesting it.

    Results Of The Second Step.
    1- overall

    The third night, i woke up and saw that i can see my hand with closed eyes. i had experienced in my dream before, to see with closed eyes, to breath underwater to fly and etc. i tried to wake up and guess what. i was awake. i freaked out. closed opened, moved my hand. and yup... i finally got results. i thought it is going to be a one time thing, but the nights after that night was the same. if i wake up in darkness and no light hits my eyes. i am likely to be able to see a little of the environment around me even with closed eyes. later on, i also realized that i have an improved night vision. i could also see the turned off fluorescent lamp above my head after being turned of for more than 30 minutes. but there was the Peripheral vision effect which i will explain later.

    2- Enhancer energy (based on my observations till now)
    The enhancer energy still does a little job when it is mostly trapped in emitter energy. so it did for me. i still cannot stop it from being trapped. but it happens less than before. but the side effects are:
    Extreme eye burn
    Extreme throat dryness specially during sleep( without keeping the mouth open).

    3- Auric sight
    The enhancer energy causes light and color to appear in the eye directly. and indirectly. it works to a rate when applied directly to the eyes. but if it is not applied indirectly it means there is trapping and there is side effects. because it's liquidness property should cause it to flow and apply indirectly. the unknown side effects will also alter the result of the auric sight. and when sight is altered by side effects it becomes useless.

    Third and later Steps
    I did a combination of meditations as testings.. but posted the useful conclusions across this post.

    Thy Peripheral vision Effect:
    The reason is simple. the energy gets trapped and apparently it is mostly trapped in a way to prevent auric sight in the middle of the vision. you cannot achieve auric sight non randomly, with only practicing to see it with the peripheral vision and expect it to expand to the middle. there is some with enough potential to achieve it with random practice, but that doesn't apply to the majority including me.
    **The peripheral vision effect applies to ALL eye related sight improvements including seeing through eyelids and Night vision.

    Seeing through things( and of course eyelids) :
    It is actually seeing through everything. i don't now how much i can see through walls in my best state, but i know i can see in the dark, with closed eyes, through the blanket. and one hand through another. all at the same time. the image is not colored. but to think about it, it makes sense that if your seeing an aura though a paper, your eyelids shouldn't be a big obstacle. and if you are seeing through your eyelids, a paper shouldn't be a big obstacle.

    Effect of peripheral vision effect on Seeing through things:
    Not seeing through things in the middle of the vision. in other words not seeing anything in the middle of the vision with closed eyelids.

    Night vision( in darkness ) :
    If i can see with closed eyelids, means even if i am not in a good enough state to do that, i still have improved night vision.
    I can see fluorescent lamps after being turned of for more than an hour.
    After i remain in the dark for a couple of minutes, i can see a flash of light inside the lamp when a fluorescent lamp and a plastic come in contact and a electric charge causes the lamp to produce light that is unseen by others. electric charge of only two or three scrubbings is enough for any number of contacts. this is how sensitive my eyes became.

    Effect of peripheral vision effect on Night vision :
    not seeing any light in the middle of the vision.

    what the medium told me:
    she wasn't interested in talking about things and just so afraid. she could see auras. and deliver pain remotely. she told me she tested it( i believe it was someone that had enough awareness). but one of the things that she told me was that she could feel extreme heat energy in her head that she cannot move to her hands to use.
    I assumed that the hot energy (that i absolutely hadn't any success about it before...) indeed exists and plays an important rule in providing auric sight.
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    Ezaar Citizen

    Mar 6, 2015
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    Some very well detailed analysis, I'm thinking about going back into energy manipulation.
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    Asteer Citizen

    Jul 21, 2014
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    Some people might find this helpfull, thanks for posting your experiences, I'll will be waiting for part 2.
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