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Creepy experience at school

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    0megaZer0 Senior Citizen

    Aug 11, 2017
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    This is a story that happened to me when I was in high school. My school had a small basement that was always locked so students couldn't go down there. Naturally this generated a number of stories as to why it was always locked, including ghost stories and rumors about suicides. The only way a student could go down there was if they borrowed a set of keys from a teacher and signed their time in and time out. One night I was working with the theater group setting up stuff for play rehearsal. The director asked me to go down to the small props room and bring up a few items. Shortly after I reached the basement the energy of the area notable changed. It felt very off, very negative in a sad way. I stood there and felt it out for a few minutes before deciding to carry on. While searching through the small props room I suddenly became aware of a strange noise and stopped to listen closer. It was the faint sound of someone crying. I was understandably spooked, as I should have been the only one down there. The noise and the energy made me extremely unsettled, but still I called out a few times to see if anyone else was there. After a few attempts the crying stopped for a moment before I felt an overwhelming rush of energy, like a strong wind hitting you in the face. Now overly rattled I grabbed what I had found and rushed back upstairs. I never went back down to that basement. People I told the story to either think it was a ghost or another person hiding there, though no one else should have been there and I have never found any evidence that someone died at the school. It was just a freaky experience.
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    Chocolate Senior Citizen

    Apr 28, 2017
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    There was a time I stay in a hotel. The hotel have a swimming pool but recently there was a dude drowned until death there. Me and my family`s room are just OPPOSITE the pool. After we entered the room, my 3 year old lil bro keep crying no matter what we do to stop him. After that, I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I felt a surge of energy and the feeling that someone is looking at me in the mirror. However there was nothing (Thank God) I keep getting the feeling again until I heard a voice calling "Hello? Hello? Hello?" Now come to think of it, normal people wouldn't use such a fucking tone to pronounce the word. I asked my other family membbers about it but they didn't heard it. Later on, my mother prayed something about our room and eventually that night we been through safely and slept soundly. =)
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