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Energy System: Cleansing with Grounding

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    Nov 17, 2013
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    Your energy system is made up of your Chakras and the energy flowing through your body connecting to make a system. Sometimes this energy system can get dirty and will not flow correctly. When it comes to energy manipulation a "dirty" energy system can work against you. Here is a article I found on the internet to help with grounding.

    Grounding Techniques

    Unless you are going to a psychic school or have a highly detailed level of clairvoyance you will probably have a hard time finding any quality information about grounding. It just isn't out there.

    Grounding is a very simple tool --you create (imagine) a connection to the earth extending from your 1st chakra/tailbone into the center of the planet. It allows you to release other people's energy, pain you might have, troublesome emotions, sub-personalities, pictures, etc, through the grounding cord. It is very simple and very powerful.

    Want to make grounding really real for yourself? Sit and do the above meditation for 2-6 hours and notice how you feel afterward.

    Although grounding is very simple it becomes more complicated when you start using it regularly and recognize all the conditions and interrelated elements of yourself as well as your energy system and environment. All of these things effect how well you can ground.

    Grounding Basics

    Floating and Feeling Invisible:

    This floating feeling can also be described as "spacy", or "spaced-out." After being here in this floating place a while it can feel like you are never tired but paradoxically never have any extra energy. This is a strange state to be in since that description doesn't make a lot of sense, but that's how it feels to me. If you also feel like you are drunk or tipsy for no particular reason then you are probably ungrounded as well. If when, you move the whole room and all the objects in the room are staying still then you are grounded. If when, you move it feels more like the things in the room are moving (or moving with you) then you are floating. I have also heard that if electrical objects and lights go out when you are around them very often then you are not grounded. Additionally, when you are floating cold temperatures will not bother you at all since you won't have much awareness of the body.

    One of the primary qualities of this state of consciousness is that you will feel like you are completely invisible around other people.

    Personally, the process to start floating for me is "I don't want to be here." Once I start thinking those thoughts and feeling that way then I can feel my awareness floating up and out of my body. That is a good way to activate this state: go fully experience yourself somewhere that you don't want to be. Conversely, if you are constantly doing things you don't want to be doing and going places you really don't want to be going then you are going to have a problem with running this process too much.

    Grounding Techniques:

    Body Work:If you really want to get grounded and be able to release energy and emotions I would recommend getting rolfed. Also known as Structural Integration, this is, in my opinion, a wonderful thing to do if you want to get grounded. The 10 series session is pricey, but this is the best money you will ever spend on your health. Energetic work has to be based in biomechanics & body work. If your pelvic floor is entirely tight and your adductors are all tight and your root chakra is shut down then the meditations listen below will work, but less efficiently. The truth is that it doesn't matter whether you do just body work or just energetic work. They will both have the same effect in the long term, but it is best to combine both for maximal efficient success.

    Tailbone Meditation:

    If you really have trouble grounding then some focus on your tailbone may help tremendously. This just helps you find your root chakra. This is not actually grounding! Just doing simple awareness meditation on the tail bone is safe. After you get comfortable with a simple meditation try doing the NEW feet exercises; the effect is very profound -- calm and enjoyable. One of the qualities of successfully keeping your awareness on the tail bone is that you will generally no longer be invisible to other people anymore. All of a sudden people see you instead of through you.

    Traditional Grounding Cords:This widely popular grounding technique is the one where you imagine roots coming out of your feet and going down into the earth. In other words you project a small part of your awareness through your feet down into the earth, as deep as you deem necessary, and secure it there with an image of your choosing; it could be tree roots, a garden hose, a rainbow, a waterfall or anything else. Then you pull up the earth energy into your system from the feet all the way to your head. Then you open your crown chakra and pull down universal energy all the way from your head to your feet. Then you set your intent for the energies to meet at the heart and stabilize. This is actually a Healing Touch style earth and universal energy distribution technique. Grounding is just the first part, where you create cords to release energy from your aura.

    Soothing and Clearing Techniques

    Clearing Technique:

    This technique is basically just projecting your awareness into the center of the earth for a short period of time; this is useful for removing crap from your system that doesn't belong there. You can feel the energy across your whole system shifting with this technique and you should stop and make sure to pull your awareness back into your body at the end. It is best to end when you feel it is necessary. This technique neutralizes your energy level to the point where it feels very leveled out and even. Personally, this technique achieves the same effect as a huge sea salts bath; if I overdo this technique, or the sea salts, I can find it difficult to sleep.

    Credit: by Josh (Original Page)

    Equilibrium Senior Citizen
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    Nov 19, 2013
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    Grounding is extremely important. Great guide.

    Also, for guys, focusing on your balls is as helpful as focusing on your tailbone. In fact there is to main channels one that goes down through the tailbone to the root and one that goes through the balls to the root. Focusing on both will help tremendously.
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    Devoneir Citizen
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    Nov 18, 2013
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    I did the complete grounding and I had the familiar feeling of being a tree, kind of a huge tree connected to the earth and the universe. Great guide Baal

    TheHornedOne Guest

    The actual placement of Muladhara (root chakra) is located right behind the testicles, before the anus. So yes, your method is quite accurate. It is similar for females, obviously minus the testicles.

    Mortal Guest

    Personally I believe there can be subtle differences in placements person to person. My throat for example is just above where my collar bone connects to my ribs instead of on my trachea like it's supposed to be.. I've noticed other slight variations in others. The root being closer to their waistline or the solar plexus being slightly lower etc. I believe it's the same way people have different placement for ear height or extent of smile. Theyre obviously normal and their ear isn't on their back or they look like Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland when they smile. But it's a slight variation nonetheless.
    Ghost Whisper

    Ghost Whisper Citizen

    Sep 27, 2016
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    Great guide. I can see how this could be useful for preparing to do anything.

    ClassyAmoeba Senior Citizen
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    Sep 29, 2016
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    So basicly meditating while focusing my testicles? Seems pretty easy...
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    Neku Senior Citizen
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    Jul 18, 2014
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    LOL, I almost choked of laught
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    SageYuu Third Elder of the Nation
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    Nov 10, 2015
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    Try not to fondle yourself..... :joy_cat:

    Using the lowest auric chakra actually get better results if you can open it.

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