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Linking And Scanning

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    May 25, 2016
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    This original article is from my site, decided to post it here as well. https://sites.google.com/view/theenergyplayground/guides/links-scanning
    Linking is a thing that most people understand near the start of their energy career, but some do not as it is a relatively frustrating thing to learn at the start, First thing you need to understand is what exactly a link is in terms of energy.

    A link is a connection that goes between two things, normally it will be a person to a person, or a construct part to another part. This connection allows things to flow through it and interact with each other as well as find each other if needed. It is basically a relationship between the two things through energy.

    A link can be created through a few methods depending on the link type you wish to cause, Empathic Links, Telepathic Links/Mental Links, Energetic Links, etc. For the purpose of this article I will be teaching you a basic energetic link to use for the Scanning linking method.

    To create a basic link is as follows, a link can be created through gathering/concentrating energy into an area of your choosing, normally this will be different for most people but a lot do it in their third eye, I myself use my hands as a focal point for the link.

    Now then, once you have created a area that you will use as your focal point to connect the link to, I want you to take the energy that you have stored in that area, focus it on whatever you wish to link to, such as a person, object, construct, etc.

    If all goes well you should feel as if it’s connected to the person, if not, force it to connect to the person or object.

    You should have a basic link going, chances are you won’t feel much but it should be set up.

    Now to use this method for scanning is a lot more complicated, I redirect you to my guide on Expanding Energy Awareness, as that is needed for this. (Lesson 3.2)

    Scanning with this can be done through using said thing to expand your awareness beyond the link.
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