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My Kinesis story

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    Psi-Gúrú Senior Citizen

    Mar 11, 2017
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    Since I was a child I had great interest in superpowers and magic.
    I believed in these abilities and believed they were real.

    As a person with autism, aspergers and being spiritual by nature I was drawn closer and closer to these things.

    When I turned 12 I was interested in magic tricks and watched magicians like Dynamo, Troy David Copperfield etc... I wanted to be like them, so I practised magic tricks and impressed my family and friends.
    One day I found a source online where you could do levitation and telekinesis for real. No Joke!
    I totaly believed it and since I am an intelligent I could bond science and pseudoscience together to see how it works.

    So i practised Telekinesis for few days and i had struggle feeling my energy so i could mix it with the object. I asked myself: How??? How the hell do I feel my energy and how on earth should I manipulate the object if I can't even manipulate mine???
    Then I got a gift from God.

    He gave me a gift to feel my energy in my hands.
    Even if I never in my life practised EM before or tried feeling it.
    So the only answer is God.
    He heard my struggle and gave me a gift.

    So I played with it for few months and adapting to it: making psi balls, channeling, rotating etc.

    But I was still stubborn. I expected results fast so I spent 4 years experiencing all types of kinesis and that being clairvoyant helped me see the reality of Kinesis.

    I understood every branch solely.

    I was a fast learner!

    My very first succesefull kinesis wich I developed was Electrokinesis. I was amazed :)

    Then I tried Ferrokinesis and I have best techs who work for me and all I have to do is be persistent to develop it fully.

    Few weeks earlier I started Technopathy. I was a natural technopath since I was a child.
    I could guess wich movie or show will be on TV .
    It occurs naturaly I guess when the radio waves are sent from the stations I could pick them up and hear and see the movie or show. It just pops in my brain.
    I turn the tv on and there it is.
    now I can make my phone and pc run faster and run programs better!
    My mom is a psychic too but she rarely listens to her inner guide's voice. I told her she can be a real psychic if she listens but she's MOM so ofcourse she cant, bc she is always busy, poor her.
    So here is my story. I hope this didn't bored you :P

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