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Natural Energy Conduction/Negation Fields

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    Myrakah Citizen

    Mar 30, 2017
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    Around my old place of residence rather large and diverse fields of energy were over the area that allowed easier manipulation and a greater means of input/output. This became extremely intriguing and useful for experiments that happened in the spaces between the fields, some of which may or may not have caused odd phenomena and/or temporary instability withing the fabric between different dimensions and/or planes. However, my current place of residence and schooling seems to have a field that blocks or nullifies any emergy manipulation without greatly unnecessary levels of concentration. Do these appear naturally? Is there a way to remove or convert them for better purposes or at least relocate the for convince?

    Btw I wrote natural as in that I believed them to be such. They could have been artificial but all in all they are extremely old if not ancient.
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    Varric Staff Manager

    Jan 23, 2017
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    There are natural areas where energy work is easier and areas its harder. The veil is not entirely uniform. It also fluctuates regulary and these areas can shift.

    Sometimes beings will create dampeners to limit energy abilities. This is common if a group is trying to track someone down in etheric. As it prevents flashing. But it is also done on this side as well. Not as often tho.

    SageYuu Third Elder of the Nation
    Official Member

    Nov 10, 2015
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    Could be just a mineral deposit of some sort. Some types of stone suck in energy and neutralize it to the point of being 'dead' in a sense...

    Could just a build up of thoughts/emotions/and perceptions of sorts. Ever noticed how when you go to a place you've never been before you just feel scared? angry? happy? for no reason what so ever and it happens every time? Works something like that.

    Could also be an 'inverse' flow of the planet's energy. It's not something many talk about. If ley lines are places where energy 'flows' out from. Then logically there are also places that suck it back in, it gets cycled and then spewed back out.

    Technically speaking if the earth's ley lines are like our ES or Meridians (which also has an intake and output)... Doesn't mean we are feeding off some sort of cloud of noxious energetic shit that the planet's energy pathways give off? If so what makes it shit? Just something to screw with your heads. :smile_cat:

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