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Personality, Emotions, And Thoughts (Excerpt from my in-progress book)

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    May 25, 2016
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    Currently I am developing a book that will be made available for free in the future, it is my take on how one should go about learning the Occult. This is a excerpt from said book that I feel will be beneficial to some on here.

    Personality, Emotions and Thoughts play a major role in the awakening process as well as will always affect your energy work in some manner. Most people tend to skip this part not realizing the profound effects they can have on your journey.

    To start off, let’s go over the significance of a person's personality and what effects it can have on your energy work as well as Awakening process.

    --The first effect it can have on your Awakening process and energy work is your development, of course this can be many different things in reality, but let's set up a example here…

    Someone decides they want to learn everything on their own and not use any guides, books, or help from others, the person goes through with it, and a year later has achieved enough to have something to show for it. While another person who had followed guides from people who already did what he did, comes back in the same amount of time…

    Who would know more? Honestly, factors can change the outcome of this, but normally the one who didn’t have to research everything again and experiment to figure out every little thing would know less than the one who followed in the footsteps of the first one, yes? Of course, you can decide the answer yourself, but logically speaking it would lead to that.

    Normally the personality of a person will dictate if they are Person 1 or Person 2, there are Person 3s that do both in a manner of speaking, and I suggest you go for being a Person 3 instead of 1 and 2.

    Person 3, goes out to progress from beginner to as far advanced he can in the time allocated, using guides he is able to get a rough idea as to how to do things, but researching it first hand through experience much like Person 1, it allows him to not only change up the guides Person 2 used, but improve on them in a personal manner allowing him to do the methods better. It also allows Person 3 to grow in a manner he can use guides, but he is not dependent on them.

    --The next affect your personality can have on it, is exactly what skills you excel in and study. Let’s go over an example here, Person 1 has a personality that causes him to fully follow the standard morals in the world… Don’t be greedy, be kind to others, etc. While Person 2 does not feel bound to the standard morals constructed by society, so he is capable of doing more.

    Person 1 would normally choose things that people commonly refer to as “White” magic, ones that do not harm others in the slightest and are mostly centered around self improvement, helping others, or defending themselves/others.

    Person 2 would normally be more inclined to also study magic that is normally referred to as “Black” magic, usually focusing on simply improving oneself and using others to propel yourself upwards, normally including Manipulation, Cursing, and many other skill sets.

    Person 3, one that is “Neutral”, he is inclined to study both as fully as he can, but make judgement based on if following morals in certain situations is best or if it is best to fully ignore morals. I personally think Person 3 every should strive to be.

    --Now, let’s move onto the next portion of this segment, the effects Emotions has on your Awakening process and energy work.
    Believe it or not, emotions play a majorly important role in our everyday life and they dictate many different factors, how you will act that day, react to something, how well you’ll feel like doing something specific that day, etc.

    So it is just wise to consider it affecting you in this regard as well, is it not? If you believe otherwise, frankly, you need to look into yourself more before even considering this path, but let me explain!

    The emotions you have has multiple major effects on your energy work… The first being it dictates whether or not you will succeed in doing a skill or not. You’ll likely feel very motivated to do a skill, and then you’ll likely the first time fail at it, then that’ll set a feeling of depression or demotivation normally, that causes you to think that it just won’t work for you.

    I have seen so many people fall into this, and then the emotions they feel dictate whether or not they continue with what they were trying or not, so it basically decided if they would actually succeed in that skill.

    That is one of the effects that emotions will have on you in this path, another one would be the feel of your energy in the first place. People with mostly negative emotions I have noticed often have a distinct feel in your system, and there energy commonly gets damaged relatively easier, it normally doesn’t affect that to a high degree but it can.

    The next is on the awakening process… This being say… You want to awaken your past life memories, but your mind is full of fear when you attempt to regress them, likely this’ll have the effect of causing you to “look away” as soon as anything comes through, or similar not regress at all.

    --Finally thoughts play a major role in not only your day to day life, seeing as they are literally the foundation of everything you know, but in energy work as well, they play hand in hand with emotions in the terms of the thought process you do can and will affect your energy work and/or Awakening Process every step of the way.

    Let’s take a example… Person 1 has a thought process where they analyze every single detail of their life to the point that they have the goal to understand it fully.
    Person 2 doesn’t really care and just goes with the flow, not allowing things to control his life.
    Person 3, has the though process of always thinking that he is not good enough to achieve something and thus discredits himself continuously.

    Person 1 will likely dig himself into a psuedo-science environment of constantly trying to explain every little thing, while he’ll achieve quite a bit via that, it’ll likely cause an effect of never searching into the unknown, and likely he’ll not believe say, past life regressions, etc.

    Person 2 will likely be able to understand himself given enough time but he’ll never have the drive to actually fully do it, and will likely just not care at all unless given a reason that forces him to care, this would normally leave him at a basic skill set, as well as not understanding much about himself.

    Person 3 will likely be able to achieve quite a bit, but will consistently discredit himself and say either that he is delusional, he didn’t achieve what he wanted, or out right deny every progression he made as a fluke.

    As you can see, each thought process can and will affect a person majorly in this path, actually in any path is will whether or not you wish to admit it.
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