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Possible Shapeshifting Methods?

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    Death_hunter Citizen
    Official Member

    Oct 20, 2016
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    thank you for clearing i got confused on it but now its cleared
    The ShadeOfLight

    Jun 12, 2017
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    If we are talking that way, then it would be probably Excrutiantingly Painful. Imagine Turning Your hand Into a scythe(for example)Wouldnt it put alot of stress and mental pain on the brain.
    If we were going to turn into a snake(example). This would kill like f*** as you would have to get rid of your spine(in some cases,different snakes can have backbones)next we would have to shorten ourselves and change our posture. we would have a smaller Heart. Our vision would be slightly different. We would have to get rid of our arms and legs, MAAANY other painful things as well.
    ***Im not saying that you cant do it, im just saying you would probably die from some sort of Nerve attack***

    Obscurus Citizen

    Aug 21, 2017
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    I think from a biological standpoint physical shapeshifting would require some sort of genetic editing and the resulting effects would (assuming you didn't just die from cancer) probably take a long time and be extremely painful depending on what you were attempting. Assuming you used some sort of gene editing and were somehow able to introduce it into every cell in your body it would still take time for those cells to go about their new tasks and reproduce so it could not be instant like a mythical lycanthropic transformation. Speeding up the process would take a huge amount of metabolic effort which would probably come with its own problems.

    That's from a biological perspective. If we're throwing out a supernatural cause then all bets are off. That said, given that even the most gifted magic or psi user usually cannot demonstrate macro-PK on demand, I don't expect one to be able to physically transform their body with the use of magic or psi. There is a reason why most tales of shapeshifting hearken back to shamanic practices and entheogens. One doesn't have to physically transform to gain the perspective of a given animal and physical transformation seems like it would be more trouble than it was worth, in my opinion.

    I do see potential in augmenting physical attributes, but I think shapeshifting into another species is probably not possible and even if it were it wouldn't be very practical. If the goal is to acquire some attribute of an animal then there are easier ways. If the goal is to change appearance then a glamour could serve the same function without all of the genetic jigsaw.

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