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Psi ball to energy burst

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    0megaZer0 Senior Citizen

    Aug 11, 2017
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    This is a relatively simple technique that can be used if you are having a difficult time projecting energy. First, form a basic psi ball. The mechanism here should be a shell that you consistently fill with energy. Fill the psi ball with enough energy that you feel it is close to bursting or losing its integrity. Next, visualize a small opening in the shell at its front. The built up pressure and the constant flow of energy to the psi ball should cause the energy within to jet out of the newly created opening, like water escaping an over filled bottle. If you continue to pump energy into the ball it may continue to project out of the opening, but most likely it will be much less powerful than the original burst unless you "patch" the opening and overfill the ball again.
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