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Psion Badassery - A 'Tyrion' post

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    Perses Keraunos

    Perses Keraunos â™›First Elder of the Nationâ™›
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    Oct 22, 2015
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    How many times this happened?

    Someone comes and acts like a hotshot, a know-it-all that is so badass 'cause they've fought against gods and lived to tell, or they found a way to physically become their true selves(if they're 'kin), or even they know some dangerous ancient way too powerful abilities that can't be taught to others or even found anywhere.
    Yet they keep mentioning it at every chance they get, turning any talk towards themselves while trying to be discreet and humblr 'bout hteir greatness.

    Hipocrisy at it's best, probably.

    Where are the true badass psions?

    Those that train hard to develop themselves even if the results are hard to come by?

    Those that try to learn as much as they can, and keep doing it 'cause knowledge isn't static?

    Those that have 'it', but don't feel the need to keep showing off?

    I don't know 'bout the rest of y'all, but to me a badass psion has no need to remind people of how awesome they are.People just know it.
    They don't let it get to their heads, unlike others that are able to only do the 'bare minimum' and walk 'round like a cat wearing a tiger's pelt.

    BTW, nice analogy isn't it?

    This is just a mini-rant mixed with a bit of my personal views, nothing serious in the end.

    This isn't a story, but I didn't know where I could put this.
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