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Psion Nation Glossary: Version 1.0

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    This is the Psion Nation Glossary. Here you will find all the terms that the site will use, the acronym, and also the definition. If you would like to know more about any term please post it in the question forum. If you would like to add a term to the list below please post it in this thread, but know that we will add the word and then delete your post. Enjoy.

    Click the letter the term begins with.

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    Absent Healing

    Healing that takes place when the healer is not in direct contact with the person to be healed. This is usually done when the Healer BioLocates to the person to be healed and begins the healing process.​

    Absent Sitter

    A person, not present during a sitting, on whose behalf readings are given. See also Proxy Sitting.​


    A.K.A. Abyssal Plane; A distorted piece of reality that sits in the Gap; it is connected to the Physical Plane and the Etheric Plane. The distortion is infectious. Native and infected creatures referred to as Abyssals. The Abyss is also home to Daimons and Apollymi.​


    An ancient Chinese alternative medicine therapy that uses gentle but firm pressure with the fingers and thumb on specific points on the body to stimulate the flow of chi (life-force energy) through the meridians. Used for pain relief and to heal physical and emotional problems.


    Traditional Chinese medical practice that involves sticking needles into specific locations on the body. See also healing.​


    Aerokinesis is an offset of Atmokinesis; 'aero' is from the Latin word 'aer', or 'aeris', meaning 'air'. Therefore, Aerokinesis is the ability to manipulate the air, or wind. In other words, it is the ability to manipulate pressure systems. This is a Classical Kinesis ability.​


    Person who attempts to communicate information to another in an ESP experiment. Cf. percipient. Or the subject in a psychokinesis experiment. Also can be a person who is the focus of poltergeist activity.​

    Akashic Records

    The Akashic Records are memories of experiences collected by beings and people since the beginning of time. The Akashic Records do not contain every memory but those added by the Caretakers. These Akashic Records are believed by some mystical doctrines to be stored permanently in a spiritual energetic substance (Akasha). This collection of knowledge is stored in the Etheric Plane in what is now called Lefki Poli.


    One of the Furies. (See Erinyes.) Whereas Nemesis seeks vengeance on crimes committed in anger against the gods, Alecto seeks vengeance on crimes committed in anger against man. She is the Fury in charge of increasing anger.​

    Alien Abduction Experience

    Reported experiences of being abducted by alien creatures, often into spacecraft. Abductees often experience lost time and suffer loss of memory. When memories are recovered, often using hypnotic regression, abductees may report that surgical operations were performed on them. See also temporal lobe activity.


    One of the Dolophoni. She has bright red hair.

    A German nightmare spirit often associated with vampires (for draining his victims of blood and/or energy) and with the werewolf in his mortal form.​

    Alpha Rhythm

    Electrical activity in the brain (about 10 cycles per second) associated with a state of mental relaxation. See also EEG.​

    Altered State of Consciousness (ASC)

    A term used to refer to any state of consciousness that is different from "normal" states of waking or sleeping. ASCs include hypnosis, trance, ecstasy, psychedelic and meditative experience. ASCs do not necessarily have paranormal features. Altered States of Consciousness. Another definition is: any state which is significantly different from a normative waking beta wave state. The expression was coined by Charles Tart and describes induced changes in one's mental state, almost always temporary. A synonymous phrase is "altered states of awareness".​

    Analytical Overlay (AOL)

    Interpretation by the analytical mind of incoming ESP Abilities (Extra Sensory Perception) that could cause misunderstanding of the perceptions. This is caused by too many energetic connections incoming to one person. Normally what follows AOL are an energetic burnout and a larger energy signature.​

    Ancestor Worship

    Religious practices involving the veneration of dead ancestors.​


    Angels or Angelics is a race beings located in the Etheric Plane. This is a race of supernatural beings that generally have an energetic core. Most angelics can be found in Heaven in the Etheric Plane. But one must understand that not all angelics belong in the faction of Heaven. Some can be found wondering the Etheric Plane with no relation to Heaven. Angelics almost always have light energy and “true source” running in their energetic system; which is why they give off a white light when releasing energy.​

    In religious scripture, they typically act as messengers, as held by the three prominent monotheistic faiths, Christianity, Judaism and Islam.​

    Animal Magnetism

    A term coined by F.A. Mesmer to refer to a putative force or fluid capable of being transmitted from one person to another, producing healing effects. See also Mesmerism.​

    Animal Mutilation

    Refers to cases in which animal corpses (often cattle) have been found with bizarre injuries that do not seem to have a normal explanation in terms of illness, accident or action of predators. Cuts and injuries often appear to have been carried out with surgical precision. Typically the corpse is drained of blood. Certain body parts may be absent (e.g., genitals).​

    Animal Psi

    Paranormal abilities exhibited by animals. Also known as "Anpsi". The most common Animal Psi abilities are telepathy and connections. For example this can be seen in birds and schools of fish.


    The ability to bring inanimate objects to life or to free a person from petrification.​


    Religious practices based on the belief that all living things and natural objects have their individual spiritual essence or soul.​

    Announcing Dream

    A dream believed to announce an individual's rebirth. This is said to happen a few months after birth on the physical plane. It is very hard for someone to reach the point to remember this dream.​


    The Underworld in Welsh mythology, or "land of the departed souls." Also called Annwfn. Annwn is ruled by Arawn, Lord of the Underworld. This is actually a province city in Hell.​

    Anomalous Experience

    A general term referring to unusual experiences that cannot be explained in terms of current scientific knowledge. Cf. psi.​

    Anomalous Phenomena

    Natural phenomena that cannot be explained in terms of current scientific knowledge. See also Fortean phenomena.​


    See cerebral anoxia.​


    See Animal Psi​


    An apparition is an appearance to a human of a ghost. This happens when a person peeks through the Gap and can see a portion of the Etheric Plane from the Physical Plane. Or this happens when a being from the Etheric Plane crosses the Gap and is in the BioLocative Plane; for a short period of time a person in the Physical Plane can make visual contact with this being. See also crisis apparition, ghost, haunting. Apparition​


    A physical object which appears in a way that cannot be explained (seeming to come from nowhere). Normally you would use the term Apport when the object has been smuggled from the Etheric Plane and has manifested in the Physical plane. Apports are often associated with the séance room and physical Mediumship. Cf. deport. See also materialization, teleportation.​


    A type of Therian. A human who can take animal form. They are descendants of a human father and an Daemon mother.


    Archangel is not a race of angelic but actually a rank in hierarchy of Heaven. An Archangel is a commander of a group of angelics. The power of an Archangel depends on which Sphere their duty lies in. For example, a first sphere Archangel would be more powerful than a third sphere angelic. Another factor in the effectiveness and power of the Archangel would be the race type of the angelic.


    The leader of a partia or a pack in Therian terms.​


    In parapsychology, false evidence of paranormal phenomena, due to some extraneous normal influence.​


    See altered state of consciousness.​

    Astral Body

    The Astral Body is a projected form of energy that represents the physical body of the projector. A term used by occultists, spiritualists and theosophists to refer to a supposed "double" of the person's physical body. The Astral Body is only used in the Astral Plane.​

    Astral Plane

    The astral plane, also called the astral world or desire world, is a mental plane or a plane of thought. The Astral Plane is a stable plane which will not collapse if no one projects to it. The Astral Plane’s terrain and beings are forged by the imaginations of those who project to the plane. The beings that are real are only those who project via Astral Projection.​

    Astral Projection

    Astral Projection is an Out-of-body experience (OBE) achieved either awake or via lucid dreaming, deep meditation, or use of psychotropic’s. The consciousness or soul has transferred into an astral body which moves in the astral plane. Astral Projection will not allow a person to travel to another world or the physical plane; as doing so would require you to use an OBE called Biolocation.​

    Astral Travel

    Moving through the Astral Plane.​

    Astrological Age (Cycles of the ages)

    An astrological age is a time period in astrology which is believed by some to cause major changes in the Earth's inhabitants' development. It roughly corresponds to the time taken for the vernal equinox to move through one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac.​

    Astrological Age of Aquarius

    Thought to bring with it an era of universal brotherhood rooted in reason where it will be possible to solve social problems in a manner equitable to all and with greater opportunity for intellectual and spiritual improvement. It is generally described by astrologers that in the Age of Aquarius there will be a blending of religion and science to such a degree that a religious science and a scientific religion will be formed.​


    A theory and practice which attempts to identify the ways in which astronomical events are correlated with events on earth (e.g., with an individual's personality and biography, or with social and political trends). Also Astrology is: Group of systems, traditions, and beliefs in which knowledge of the relative positions of celestial bodies and related information is held to be useful in understanding, interpreting, and organizing knowledge about personality, human affairs, and other terrestrial events. A practitioner of astrology is called an astrologer, or, less often, an astrologist.​


    Re-emergence of ancestral characteristics; a genetic throwback.


    Ritual ceremonial dagger, usually with a short handle and double-edged iron blade.

    Atlantean Dagger

    Supposedly one of many old daggers produced in Atlantis. A dagger with a wavy, etching-covered blade from hilt to point. Only known weapon able to kill a god like being.


    An ancient island civilization with an advanced culture, and its own pantheon of gods. It sank into what was called the Aegean Sea more then eleven thousand years ago, legends say, at the hands of the new crowned Alpha and Omega Yahweh.​


    Atmokinesis is derived from 'atmo', short for 'atmosphere', demonstrating the ability to manipulate the atmosphere of a planet. Common uses of this ability include creating or driving off storms. This ability is a combination of other Kinetic abilities and the use of Energy Manipulation.​


    Derived from the Latin word 'audio', meaning 'to hear', this ability allows the manipulation of sound waves. Though not to common among the average population, information is provided for those who are interested. This ability has not been seen by the Psion Nation public.​




    The aura is a field of energy believed by some to surround living creatures. This Aura is subtle energy that radiates out from a person’s physical body. The energy that radiates from the body is due to their working energetic system. Various aspects of its appearance can indicate the health and mental state of the person. With training Psions can be able to see the aura (generally as a luminous, colored halo). This emanation is visualized as an outline of cascading color and may be held to represent soul vibrations, chakric emergence or a reflection of surrounding energy fields.​

    Aura Perception

    An aura is the spiritual energy field that emanates from a person or object. Most often, auras convey the feelings and emotions of the person or objects involved in a range of colors. An aural perceive has the equivalent of a permanent mood ring decoder form everyone and everything in his path.​

    Automatic Art

    See automatism.​

    Automatic Writing

    Automatic writing is the process of writing material that does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer. The writer's hand forms the message, and the person is unaware of what will be written. It is sometimes done in a trance state. Other times the writer is aware (not in a trance) of their surroundings but not of the actions of their writing hand.​


    Process of animating constructs. Another definition is: The Physical activates (e.g., arm movements, writing, drawing, musical performance) that occur without the automatist's conscious control or knowledge.​


    Autoscopy is a term for when you can see your physical body when you are using Biolocation. Autoscopy is a sign that you are fully connected to your projection.​


    The term used to describe the process by which abilities, memories, traits, etc return to an individual after breaking a bind or seal. For this to happen the person must have had a energetic bind on their energetic system, or the person is an Otherkin and when reincarnated a seal was placed in their energetic core; at times a seal may break allowing new information to pass to them.​

    Awakening Dream

    A term used for a dream that an Otherkin gets usually always during the beginning of puberty. The Awakening Dream is a lucid dream that will show them what they are, who they are, and what they can do. Upon waking up the Otherkin is now awakened to what they are. This term is usually faked by people claiming to be Otherkin and for that reason real Otherkin have developed a system to test potential Otherkin.

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    Ancient Egyptian concept of a person's energy, believed to be immortal. Cf. Ka. See also Soul.​


    The inevitable and indisputable act of nature by which we found our understanding of reality. Simple example of balance is water to fire and fire to water.


    A large demonic that falls above the lessor rank in the infernal armies of Hell. They are heavy assault demonics are meant to take a lot of damage and deal a lot of pain.​


    Process of sending an unwelcome entity back to its place of origin. For example to remove a being from the BioLocative Gap on the physical plane back to the Etheric Plane.​


    Originally Bean-sidhe (been-shee). Supposedly a Fae type being in the Etheric Plane that foresees and portents death by wailing and weeping at the home of the soon to be deceased. Banshees are said to work for Reapers as they mark the location in the Etheric Plane for the Reaper to work with on the BioLocative gap.​


    In Tibetan Buddhism, an intermediate state of existence, usually referring to the state between life and rebirth.​

    Basic Technique

    Term used in card-guessing tests of clairvoyance, in which the top card of the deck is placed to one side after each guess.​

    Billet Reading

    Procedure in which a question is secretly written on a piece of paper which is folded or sealed in an envelope, and handed to the psychic who attempts to answer the question. Various trickery can be employed by fraudulent psychics and mentalists.​


    Being (or appearing to be) in two different places at the same time. Bilocation is not a type of projection but a term for when a person projects twice. For example people can biolocate to you and then biolocate with the same projection type to someone else.​


    A bind is an advanced energetic program that can be placed into someone’s energetic system to limit an experience, a memory, abilities, or energy levels. A bind is extremely hard to make and extremely hard to break. Though some advanced practitioner can make binds but they will be easier to break then normal forming reincarnative binds.​


    A general term for techniques that involve giving person information about their current physiological state (e.g., heart rate, EEG). Biofeedback is used to enable people to control consciously their physiological processes. This normally takes a person to fully be confident in their Biolocation Projections and Connections.​


    Biokinesis is the manipulation over living matter, such as cells. Psychokinetic effects on biological processes. See also DMILS.​


    Biolocation is an out-of-body experience. It is a term new to the current iterations of online energy communities that you will not find in other psychic or magic circles. It is a projection of your energy body and consciousness on the physical plane. With Biolocation a projector can walk on the Earth, see physical people, hear, smell, and taste. The projector would project to the biolocative plane. This same ripple of space is also the plane in which beings from Etheric can enter after slipping through the Gap. With Bilocation a projector can also project his or her abilities on a energetic level.​

    Biolocative Plane

    The Biolocative Plane is a small gap between the Physical Plane and the Gap. In this plane people from the Physical Plane can project to and get in contact with beings have slipped through the Gap from the Etheric Plane or have projected to the Physical Plane from the Etheric Plane. This plane is all around us like the Etheric Plane but we can easily project to it. When projecting to the Biolocative Plane you are BioLocating.​

    Black Art

    Conjuring technique of concealing objects using black covers against a black background. Also used by fraudulent mediums.​

    Black Magic

    Magical spells or rituals practiced with the intention of harming others. Cf. white magic.​


    An experimental control in which subjects are not informed of certain key features of the experiment. Also used to refer to a procedure where a judge is asked to compare targets and responses without knowing which responses were made to which targets. See also double blind.​

    Blind Matching (BM)

    An identical procedure to open matching, except that the key cards are unseen by the subject.​

    Book Test

    A communication in which the sitter is asked to look at a specific book and page in order to receive a significant message. Also it is an effect in which the psychic or mentalist divines the words written on a particular page of a book.


    A term used when a person's energetic system or energetic core (Otherkin) contains one or more binds. The binds limit a beings energy, or abilities, or even senses.​

    Bubble Shield

    One of the most basic shields which is programmed to protect the individual from attacks and negative energy. This is the most typical shield that people who do not know what they are doing make. Subcategory of Shield.​
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    A box or curtained enclosure in which a physical medium is secured and from which various phenomena may manifest (e.g., lights, objects moving, instruments played). Certain stage magicians can simulate this procedure with great effect.​


    Response made by a subject in a card-guessing or other ESP test.


    A Brazilian spiritist religion. See also Umbanda, Voodoo.

    Card Guessing

    An experimental test for ESP in which subjects guess the identity of a set of cards (e.g., playing cards or Zener cards). Normally a person would biolocate and look at the card or create a connection to the card to feel what it is.


    Fortune telling using cards. See also Tarot Cards.

    Cerebral Anoxia

    Lack of oxygen to the brain, often causing sensory distortions and hallucinations. Sometimes used to explain features of the near-death experience. This would put someone in a close enough state to fully see the other side; etheric plane.


    Nexus of biophysical energy resides in the human body, aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head are Chakras. Chakras are intersections of energy pathways (nadis) within the energy system of the physical body. Major Chakras are also energy processing centers for the energy system and help take in the energy around the being and convert it into usable energy for the body. The term 'chakra' is a Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel', or 'vortex'. It is referred to as an energy point within your body, where energy is stored. There are considered to be seven (7) main chakras down the center of your body.


    Processing an energy or entity through oneself. Process of receiving messages or inspiration from invisible beings or spirits.​


    Random, unpredictable influences on events.


    Receiving messages and inspiration from discarnate entities. This normally happens when a practitioner biolocates or etheric projects to a being and relays information that the being tells them. See also Medium.​


    A spell or object possessing magic power. Normally a person would use an object and create a construct to be inside of the object to make it a charm or the person would imbue it.

    Chaos Shield

    A shield that is designed (programmed) to shift from one particular shield type to another at random intervals in order to confuse potential attackers or to help in warding off stray negative energies. The Chaos Shield is an advanced form of a Multi-Spec Shield and requires a greater amount of energy. Subcategory of Shield.


    Cherubim is a race of Angelic that have four wings. Cherubim is also the name for a order of angelics in Heaven. The Order of Cherubim normally are always in Heaven and are the Honor Guards of their God.
    They usually have extravagant armor and protect the main headquarters of Heaven and the throne of their god.​

    The ability to mentally manipulate plants. A chlorokinetic also sometimes has a bit of clairvoyant ability, but only in regards to plants. The plant can "speak" to a cholorkinetic, conveying sounds, images, and sometimes even the entire passing of a sequence of events.​

    The word is often misunderstood to be the surname of Jesus due to the numerous mentions of Jesus Christ in the Christian Bible. The word is in fact a title, hence its common reciprocal use Christ Jesus, meaning The Anointed One, Jesus. Followers of Jesus became known as Christians because they believed that Jesus was the Christ, or Messiah, prophesied about in the Tanakh (which Christians term the Old Testament).​


    The ability to manipulate the speed of time for only the person using the ability. For now, no one we know in this community can do this.​

    Christian Science

    A religious healing movement founded by Mary Baker Eddy. Rejects orthodox medical practice.

    Cipher Test

    A coded message left by a person who intends to communicate the cipher after death.


    A group of people who hold séances. See also Mediumship.


    Prefix meaning “clear”. Used in tandem with several suffixes to denote a set of ESP abilities. -Audience (hearing/listening) -voyance (seeing) -sentience (feeling/touching) -alience (smelling) -cognizance (knowing) -gustance (tasting).​


    Hiding one’s Astral, Biolocative, or Etheric presence. This would happen if a person where to lower their energy output, decrease their energy signature, create a low energy cloaking construct. There are some Kin types in the Etheric Plane that have a natural cloaking ability.​


    The paranormal ability to hear things not audible within normal hearing ranges. It includes the audible perceptions of ghosts, spirits and those who are in the Astral Plane, Biolocative plane, and the Etheric Plane. This is a form of ESP (Extrasensory Hearing); the ability to hear outside the Physical Plane.


    A clairsentient person is able to perceive energy fields (through physical sensations), including a person's aura and vibrations (such as voice and how words are strung together). A clairsentient person naturally creates thick temporary connections to beings in the physical or the etheric plane. This may also explain the ability to "sense" the presence of non-corporeal entities, such as beings in the relative area but in the Etheric Plane.​


    A latent Extrasensory sight; the ability to see outside of the physical plane such as the Biolocative Plane and the Etheric Plane. Clairvoyance is normally a latent ability found in some normal humans and Otherkin. This type of Extra-sensory perception whereas a person perceives distant objects, persons, or events, including perceiving an image hidden behind opaque objects and the detection of types of energy not normally perceptible to humans. Typically, such perception is reported in visual terms, but may also include auditory impressions (sometimes called clairaudience) or kinesthetic impressions.​

    Clairvoyant Medium

    Or clairvoyant. A person who obtains information paranormally (often by spirit communication) without the need to enter into a trance state. Cf. trance medium.​

    Closed Deck

    A set of cards used in a card-guessing test where each card appears a fixed number of times. Statistical analysis of research data using a closed deck differs from statistical analysis of data using an open deck.​


    Insiders who are co-aware share an awareness of each-other's experiences and memories. Sometimes called co-consciousness. This is normally found in Twin Flames.​


    Insiders who are co-conscious share an awareness of each-other's experiences and memories. Sometimes called co-awareness. This is normally found in Twin Flames.​


    The occurrence, within a short space of time, of two or more meaningfully related events and without any apparent causal connection between them. Coincidences are sometimes bizarre and extraordinarily improbable. See also Synchronicity.​

    Cold Reading

    A reading given with no prior knowledge of the sitter. Often a mixture of very general statements which could apply to anyone, together with inferences made from cues presented by the sitter (e.g., physical appearance, clothes, tone of voice, statements made). Cf. hot reading.​

    Collective Apparition

    An apparition seen simultaneously by more than one person. This would happen when a being from the Etheric crosses the Gap and into the physical plane or biolocative plane.​

    Collective Unconscious

    Concept put forward by C.G. Jung to refer to a level of unconscious thought and experience shared collectively by humans.​


    In Mediumship, a message purported to be from a discarnate entity.​


    A discarnate entity from whom the medium receives messages. See also drop-in communicator.​


    A person who secretly provides information to a fraudulent psychic or mentalist.​


    Using trickery to simulate paranormal effects, generally for the purpose of entertainment.​


    An object built in the from energy. This can be done in the Biolocative physical plane, the Astral Plane, and the Etheric Plane. Construct is build from energy, powered, and programmed for a function. Constructs can be really easy or really complex.

    Coordinate Remote Viewing

    Remote Viewing program set up by the U.S. Military. (Rumor)

    Contact Mind Reading

    A technique simulating telepathy, in which the "mind reader" (who generally holds a hand or arm) responds to slight muscle movements produced unconsciously by the person whose mind is apparently being read. Also known as muscle reading, Cumberlandism or Hellstromism.​


    In experimental parapsychology a procedure undertaken in order to ensure that the experiment is conducted in a standard fashion and so that results are not unduly influenced by extraneous factors. See also control group, artefact. In spiritualism, a discarnate entity who communicates with a trance medium and who generally controls the trance state.​

    Control Group

    A group of people whose performance is compared with that of experimental subjects. Cf. experimental group.​

    Corn Circle

    Circular (or more elaborate) formations found in growing crops, most commonly in Southern Britain. Sometimes they are associated with UFO sightings. Many formations appear to have been intelligently created and to have some symbolic meaning. Despite several "confessions" made by various individuals and groups, the crop circle mystery remains unsolved.​


    An association between two or more events or variables.

    Correlation Coefficient

    A mathematical index of the degree of association between two or more measures.

    Cosmic Consciousness

    A blissful experience in which the person becomes aware of the whole universe as a living being. See also altered state of consciousness, mystical experience.​


    A group of witches​

    Term used to describe Therian females at the height of their sexual peak.

    Crisis Apparition

    An apparition in whom a person is seen within a few hours of an important crisis such as death, accident or sudden illness.​


    Separate items of information, received independently by two or more mediums, which make sense only when pieced together. Or the cross-correspondences are a classic case of highly complex cross-correspondences which continued from 1901 to 1932 among a group of automatists associated with the Society for Psychical Research.​


    Cryokinesis is the manipulation over temperature, in the sense of cooling things down. (Also see the opposite of Cryokinesis, which is pyrokinesis). This is a non-classical kinesis type and is harder to learn then the classical types of Kinesis.​


    Knowledge (acquired in normal ways) that may be revealed without the person remembering its source. Such memories may falsely appear to be paranormal revelations. Sometimes cryptomnesia is used as an explanation for apparently paranormal experiences such as xenoglossy or past-life memories.​

    Crystal Ball

    Crystal or glass ball believed to aid clairvoyance. It is sometimes known as a shew stone. The art or process of "seeing" is known as "scrying," whereby images are seen in crystals, or other mediums such as water, and are interpreted as meaningful information. The "information" gleaned then is used to make important decisions in one's life.​

    Crystal Gazing

    Staring into a reflecting surface (e.g., mirror, glass, crystal, liquid) in order to obtain paranormal information. Also known as scrying. See also divination.


    In religion and sociology, a cult is a term designating a cohesive group of people (generally, but not exclusively a relatively small and recently founded religious movement) devoted to beliefs or practices that the surrounding culture or society considers to be outside the mainstream.​
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    Daemon (Daimon)

    A guardian spirit who communicates inspiration and advice. See also guardian angel. This is different than the Daemon's in the Abyss as these beings are broken souls who need to consume the souls of others to live longer.​


    Generally understood to be the extinction of an organism's life. Many doctrines assert some form of mental or spiritual survival of physical death. Death is also a being who at the top of the hierarchy over Grimm’s and Reapers. See also deathbed experience, haunting, Mediumship, near-death experience, reincarnation.​

    Deathbed Experience

    A dying person's awareness of the presence of dead friends or relatives. See also near-death experience.​

    Decline Effect

    A decrease in performance on a psi test when the test is repeated. Cf. incline effect.​

    Déjà Experience

    See déjà vu.​

    Déjà Vu

    A person's feeling that current events have been experienced before.​


    A term used to refer to any kind of anomalous experience.​


    The paranormal fading or disappearance of a physical object. See also deport. Opposite of Etheric smuggling.​


    A type of being located in the Etheric Plane. Demi's are combinations of souls and energy. A Demi consumes souls of Ghouls in order to survive. The cycle of consuming advances and the being will mutate into its next form.​


    A race of beings located in the Etheric Plane, they are one of many beings created with darkness borrowed from Nyxx. They are not fallen angels but a separate race. The first demon to have been created was Lilith and she was made from the newly born Satan. The first demons that hail from Hell where Devils which are true blood demons. Most hail from in the Etheric catacombs and are part of Hell. In religious texts, demons are portrayed to be evil spirits.

    Demonic Possession

    Possession by a demonic projected soul. See also exorcism.​


    Demonology is the systematic study of demons or beliefs about demons. Insofar as it involves exegesis, demonology is an orthodox branch of theology.​


    The paranormal movement of objects out of a secure enclosed space. Cf. apport. See also dematerialization, teleportation.​


    The Devil or Satan is a title given to the president of Hell. The word Devil or Satan is not a name just a rank. The Devil controls all of the provinces of Hell and is the Supreme Commander of the Infernal Armies. Also devils are true blood demon's and some of the first demon's of Hell.​

    Dice Test

    Experimental techniques for investigating psychokinesis, in which a subject attempts to influence the fall of dice.​


    Trail by etheric combat in Therian culture.​

    Direct Voice

    A voice heard in a séance which does not seem to emanate from any person. The voice may seem to come out of thin air, or from a trumpet used specifically for this purpose. Cf. indirect voice.​

    Discarnate Entity

    A spirit or non-material entity. Often used to refer to the personality of a deceased individual. See also channeling, communication, Mediumship, possession, survival.


    Responses on a psi test that correspond systematically to targets other than the intended one (e.g., those before or after).​


    Activity performed outside of normal conscious awareness, or mental processes that suggest the existence of separate centers of consciousness.


    Divination is the attempt of ascertaining information by supernatural means. Divination has a formal or ritual and often social character, usually in a religious context; fortune-telling is a more everyday practice for personal purposes.​

    Divining Rod

    A forked rod (or sometimes a pair of L-shaped rods) used in dowsing.​


    "Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems". Psychokinetic influences on physiological processes. See also Bio-PK.​


    A double intended to replace the real individual. Could be a living creature or a construct. Doppelgangers can also be created by magickal items for many other purposes.​


    Children of the Furies and assassins of the gods. Both male and female, they were the ones who orginally gathered the Onerioi for Zeus to punish. Their weapons were made by Hephaestus before the fall of the Greek Pantheon. Hephaestus currently resided in Heaven as their main supplier of angelic weapons. Their weapons though were made specially for killing gods and it was for that reason they were recruited by Yahweh in the War of the Gods. In present day they have left the Order of Heaven and have organized anew. Once they have been set on a death hunt, the order cannot be recanted. They don't really have a set of rules; you just hope they only kill for a reason justifiable to Themis, their leader. If they kill needlessly, they are executed. The Dolophoni can ultimately be controlled by the Furies​


    A duplicate of one's own projection. A Double is created when a person bilocates in which ever type of projection they are using. Doubles are also called Clones.​

    Double Blind

    An experimental procedure in which neither the subject nor experimenter is aware of key features of the experiment.​

    Down Through Technique (DT)

    An experimental test for clairvoyance in which the person guesses the order of a stacked series of target symbols (e.g., cards) from top to bottom. Cf. up through technique.​


    The paranormal detection of underground water or mineral deposits (or lost persons and objects) using a divining rod or pendulum.


    Also called Drakes or Draconic's are large reptilian creatures originating in the Etheric Plane. They come in all shapes and sizes but tend to have the same features. Each has two front legs (arms) and two hind legs (feet); some breeds do not but they are called serpent draconics. They also have tails and two to four large wings. Dragon's come also in many colors and most times the color of the dragon will represent which elemental affinity it is closest too. Dragon's are rare to find in Etheric. Dragons also have what is called a "Halfling" form which is a humanoid version of them.


    See paranormal dream.​

    Dream Control

    When in a dream, you are able to control the dream. Also called a Lucid Dream.​


    Dream-walking is when another psion enters your mind, and with your permission, shares control over the dream. This skill requires the walker to be lucid and in control of their own dreams in order to enter someone else’s.​

    Drop-in Communicator

    An uninvited communicator who 'drops in' at a sitting.​
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    Earthquake Effect

    A phenomenon produced by the physical medium D.D. Home, involving the room shaking as if there was an earthquake.​


    An altered state of consciousness in which the person experiences great rapture and loss of self-control. Cf. trance.​


    A semi-fluid substance exuded by a physical medium from which materializations may form.​

    EEG (Electro-encephalography)

    A method of recording variations of electrical activity in the cortex of the brain.​


    A collective thoughtform, an entity which exists because enough people believed enough in it for it to begin to actually manifest. The more collective belief, the more powerful the thoughtform becomes, but the egregore can’t really do anything that the people that believe in it don’t expect, since it is a manifestation of their beliefs.​


    Projected image of a being, living or dead. If living it is usually a form of communication. If dead it is usually an afterimage lingering after death.​


    The ability to mentally manipulate electricity and electronic fields. Trained electrokinetics is able to produce force fields as shields for protection on the base of energy constructs.​

    Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

    Instances of voices being heard in white noise recordings.​

    Elemental Feeding

    The idea of consuming the energy of an element, ie, fire, water, earth, etc, for the purpose of maintaining one’s own health and ability. Subcategory of Feeding.​

    Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

    See Raudive voices.​

    Elemental Spirit

    A spirit associated with one of the classical four elements (fire, earth, air and water). See also animism.​


    See Elven.

    Paranormal extension of the physical body, reported in some mystics and physical mediums.​

    Elysian Fields

    Also called the Elysian Plains, this was the final resting place of the souls of heroes. It is currently one of the few parts of Hell where good souls go to live out their lives in the Etheric Plane (if choosing Hell to live in). They have everything their heart desires, and they can be reincarnated, if they so choose.

    Elf or Elven beings are one of the first races created in the Etheric Plane. They are one of the oldest races but currently one of the more rare beings to see or find in the Etheric Plane. They have extremely long life spans and almost all of an elemental affinity as they were the caretakers of the elemental spirits. There is a Elven race of each classical element and also for the non-classical's of light and dark. Elf's are very profound in their element and know how to use it.​


    Possesses the ability to sense the emotions of other sentient life forms.

    Empathetic Shield

    Shields designed to block out the conscious or unconscious broadcasting of emotions that may come within range of them. Subcategory of Shield.​


    The ability to understand the experience or emotional state of another person or animal. Often used to refer to an apparently psychic ability to experience another person's sensations, pain or emotions. Cf. clairsentience, intuition.


    A.K.A. Subtle Energy. Basic material of Energy Work and Psionics.​

    Energy System

    A Energy System in Psionics resides in a person on a energetic level. What makes up the Energy System is the Chakaras and Nadis. The Energy System helps absorb energy, converts that energy into usable energy.


    The conscious part of a person that can travel outside the body. Many people call this the energetic body or the astral body but this is the real term.​


    An entity is something that has a distinct, separate existence.​


    A Greek nightmare demon.​


    An Archon ranked god. The Greek Archon of Darkness. Erebus is the father of Wink, Hypnos, and Thanatos.​


    See Extrasensory Perception.​

    ESP Cards

    See Zener Cards.​

    Esoteric (Esotericism)

    The term Esotericism refers to the doctrines or practices of esoteric knowledge, or otherwise the quality or state of being described as esoteric, or obscure. Esoteric knowledge is that which is specialized or advanced in nature, available only to a narrow circle of "enlightened", "initiated", or highly educated people. In contrast, exoteric knowledge is knowledge that is well-known or public.​

    Ethereal Plane

    Plane that overlays with the Physical Plane. Plane where the dead dwell and the unborn linger until birth. This is where souls are created, live, and where most souls dwell until they are reincarnated into the Physical Plane. This Plane also contains high energy beings such as Otherkin races and other Metaphysical creatures long extinct from the Physical Plane. This plane is an almost exact copy of the Physical Plane and sits exactly on the Physical Plane. Here on the Physical Plane you can move your hands around you while you read this and not even know that around you are the spiritual plane. You can not physically see it but this is because it is another dimension separated by the Gap.

    Etheric Body

    Similar to astral body.​


    In religion and ethics, evil refers to the morally or ethically objectionable behavior or thought; behavior or thought which is hateful, cruel, excessively sexual, or violent, devoid of conscience.

    Evil Eye

    Alleged ability of some people to harm others by looking at them.​


    Electronic Voice Phenomena. See Raudive voices.​


    The summoning of (often evil) spirits using a magical incantation or ritual. Cf. invocation.​


    A religious or quasi-religious rite to drive out evil spirits. See also possession.​


    A test carried out under controlled conditions.

    Experimental Group

    A group of subjects who undergo a specific experimental procedure. Often results from this group are compared with those of a control group.​

    Experimental Parapsychology

    Parapsychological research involving experimental methods rather than survey techniques or the investigation of spontaneous cases.​


    The person who conducts the experiment.​

    Experimenter Effect

    Influence that the experimenter's personality or behavior may have on the results of an experiment.​


    Slang term fill killing an angel.


    Term for an exiled Were (Therian). No member of the exiled Were's former pack is allowed to even speak his or her name.​

    External Flow

    In Scanning, they represent the person’s actions directed outward, toward the world around him or her.​


    Originating outside our normal space-time reality. Cf. extraterrestrial.​

    ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)

    Perception that involves awareness of information about something (such as a person or event) not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experience. Classic forms of ESP include telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition.


    Originating beyond planet Earth. Not normally considered to be extradimensional.​
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    Also called Fae. Small, human-like mythical being and they normally are elemental in nature. May be benevolent or malevolent. Most Fairies’ have small wings and can be found in the Etheric Plane. They can reincarnate onto the physical plane and that population is considered Fae in Otherkin terms.​

    Faith Healing

    Healing that is associated with prayer or belief in Divine power.​

    Fallen Angel

    This term is used for when an Angelic in the Service of Heaven (no matter what the rank) is discharged from the Order of Heaven. The angelic is stripped of his or her grace and is cast out of Heaven in Etheric. The angelic will no longer be considered a brother or sister and stripped of its weapon and rank. From that point on the angelic cannot enter Heaven under punishment of death.​

    False Awakening

    An experience in which a person believes he or she has woken up, but actually is still dreaming. This happens in a term called inception.​

    Faraday Cage

    Wires mesh enclosure that provides a shield to radio waves.​


    The act of willingly abstaining from all food and in some cases drink, for a period of time. Depending on the tradition, fasting practices may forbid sexual intercourse, (or any sexual desire), masturbation, as well as refraining from eating certain types or groups of food (e.g. meat). Fasting for religious and spiritual reasons has been a part of human custom since pre-history. It is mentioned in the Qur'an, in the Mahabharata, in the Upanishads, and in the Bible, in both the Old and New Testament.

    Fates (Moirae, Parcae)

    Daughters of Themis: Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. They are located in the Etheric Plane and together they spin threads of lives, weave their destinies, and cut the threads to end lives. They are now controlled by the Council. Death and his grims tell the Fates when a thread will be cut. ​


    The giving of information to subjects about their performance on a test.​


    Taking in a required substance for the purpose of maintaining one’s own health and ability. People can feed in the physical, BioLocative plane, and ethereally. Energy and blood are the most common mediums for feeding. Generally one who feeds is considered vampric in nature.


    Separating, removing, and discarding in some way unwanted properties of some kind of energetic form. When used in reference to feeding, involves taking in the energy that you need, and grounding or dissipating energy that could be harmful or disruptive.​


    The Therian term for a male pack member (affectionate). Usually in a Lykos breed Therian pack it could also mean "pack" or "brotherhood."

    Fire Walking

    Walking on red-hot coals, without pain or damage to the feet.​


    Nonsense information.​

    Flying Saucer

    A term, coined in 1947, to refer to unknown disk-like aerial objects, often believed to be extraterrestrial spacecraft. The term has now been largely superseded by "UFO".​

    Focal Person

    Person who is the center of poltergeist activity. Also a Focal Person is used as a label for someone who has many connections incoming to them which increases their energy signature. A Focal Person usually has many shields and energy incoming to him or her.​

    Force Bubble Theory

    A construct is programmed to -with the use of psychokinesis- exert any force on its surroundings.​

    Forced-Choice Test

    An ESP test in which the subject guesses from a predetermined list of alternative targets.​


    The shape of an object or entity.​

    Fortean Phenomena

    Strange phenomena, especially those which challenge conventional scientific knowledge. Named after the American researcher and writer Charles Fort. Fortean phenomena include those generally considered paranormal, but also bizarre non-paranormal events such as monsters and prodigies, extraordinary coincidences, and unusual rains.​

    Fortune Telling

    Various practices which aim to divine future events. See also divination.​


    The deliberate faking of paranormal phenomenon, generally for the purpose of financial gain, psychological manipulation, or notoriety. Faking for the purpose of entertainment (e.g., by stage magicians and mentalists) is not normally classed as fraud.​

    Free-Response Test

    An ESP test in which the subject responds freely (does not choose from a fixed list of targets). For example, the subject may write down or draw their impressions, or may talk freely into a tape recorder. In order to assess the accuracy of the responses, they are compared with various targets (including the actual target) by a judge. See also preferential matching.​


    The Freemasons is a fraternal organization formed in the late 16th or early 17th century, which permits men of any religion to join. Some of the commanding officers on both sides of the American Revolutionary War were members, and several Presidents of the United States have been members of Lodges. They learn about the Great Journey and the path to the Age of Reason.​

    Frequency Variance

    Active alteration of the frequency of energy used mostly in shields and other barriers. Sometimes used in attacks.​


    Frontloading is where a person gives information which alters a scanner’s perception. For example, if two people are sparring and one says “ok, time to turn up the heat”, that is frontloading in the way that the ref now expects that participant to fight better and in most cases will see that as happening even if it is not true.​
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    Term referring to a special type of environment (or the technique for producing it) consisting of homogenous, unpatented sensory stimulation: audiovisual ganzfeld may be accomplished by placing translucent hemispheres (for example, halved ping-pong balls) over each eye of the subject, with diffused light (frequently red in hue) projected onto them from an external source, together with the playing of unstructured sounds (such as “white” or “pink” noise) into the ears, and generally with the person in a state of bodily comfort; the consequent deprivation of patterned sensory input is said to be conducive to introspection of inwardly-generated impressions, some of which may be extra-sensory in origin. [From the German for “entire field”]​

    Manual Ganzfeld

    The use of the word "manual" refers to the fact that the target selection is carried out by manual access to computer or random number tables as well as the fact that all the important events in the experiment are recorded by hand. Consequently, the technique has limited safeguards against fraud or data selection compared with the autoganzfeld.​


    An implementation of the ganzfeld technique in which many of the key procedural details, such as selection and presentation of the target and the recording of the evaluation of the target-response similarity given by the percipient are fully automated and computerized, the goal being to reduce as far as possible errors and sensory communication on the part of the human participants.​

    Geller Effect

    The ability to bend metal by paranormal means; named after the Israeli stage performer Uri Geller, who was the first person to claim publicly the metal-bending ability; the term has been largely superseded by “PK-MB,” or, more simply, “metal-bending.” See also Mini-Geller; Psychokinesis.​

    General Extrasensory Perception (GESP)

    A non-committal technical term used to refer to instances of extrasensory perception in which the information paranormally acquired may have been derived either from another person’s mind (that is, as telepathy), or from a physical event or state of affairs (that is, as clairvoyance), or even from both sources; experimental parapsychologists rarely use the term “telepathy” because of the difficulty, in tests of so-called telepathy, of excluding the possible operation of clairvoyance.​


    The ability to mentally manipulate the earth elements.​


    A system of divination involving the interpretation of lines or figures.​


    A type of Therian race. They are hawks, falcons, and eagles.​


    A ghost is a non-corporeal manifestation of the spirit or soul of a dead person which has remained on Earth after death.​


    In conjuring, any small concealed apparatus that is used to produce a magical effect. Also used by fraudulent mediums.​


    (From the Greek, "γλώσσα" (glossa), tongue and "λαλώ" (lalô), to speak) Comprises the utterance of what appears (to the casual listener) either as an unknown foreign language (xenoglossia), simply nonsense syllables, or utterance of an unknown mystical language; the utterances sometimes occur as part of religious worship (religious glossolalia).​


    A blanket term for various mystical initiatory religions, sects and knowledge schools, which were most prominent in the first few centuries AD. It is also applied to modern revivals of these groups and, sometimes, by analogy to all religious movements based on secret knowledge gnosis, thus can lead to confusion.​

    Great Awakenings

    Commonly said to be periods of religious revival in Anglo-American religious history. They have also been described as periodic revolutions in American religious thought. The Great Awakenings appear to form a cycle, with a period of roughly 80 years. There are three generally accepted Great Awakenings in American history: The First Great Awakening (1730s - 1740s); The Second Great Awakening (1820s - 1830s); The Third Great Awakening (1880s - 1900s).​


    Formally Watchers in the First Sphere of Angelic hierarchy, the Grigori are Fallen Angels that have created a cult like military in the Etheric Plane. They communicate with females on the physical plane with telepathy and projection's to recruit and train physical females. ​


    Process of attaching yourself to some form of anchor before engaging in energy work. For example, the act of taking unwanted energy out of you and sending it to the ground.​


    Term originally used by Gertrude Schmeidler (1943) to describe a subject who rejects the possibility that extrasensory perception could occur under the conditions of the given experimental situation; this somewhat narrow meaning has been extended to refer also, or alternatively, to persons who do not believe in the existence of ESP in general (that is, under any conditions!), or even to persons who obtain low scores on various so-called “projective,” “scalar” or “checklist” measures of belief in (and/or experience of) different sorts of putative psi phenomena. Compare Sheep. See Sheep-Goat Effect.​


    The name God refers to the deity held by monotheists to be the supreme reality. God is generally rumored as the sole creator of the universe. Theologians have ascribed certain attributes to God, including omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, perfect goodness, divine simplicity, and eternal and necessary existence. In the hierarchy of Heaven in the Etheric Plane God is the rank of the supreme ruler of Heaven and its military.


    A grotesque elfin creature that was corrupted be demonic type energy and darkness. Goblins are located in the Etheric Plane and in the catacombs of Hell, or any other underground area. ​


    The Goetia are all demons and are part of the Infernal Armies of Hell. There are 72 Geotia demons and all of them are military commanders with different rank and each has a certain number of legions bound to them. The first ten of the Goetia are the most powerful and they are called "Principals". Mostly all Goetia are reincarnated on Earth and cannot be summoned like old documents state. The Goetia take their orders from the Knights of Hell, also known as the Seven, and their domain in the Earth.​

    Guardian Spirit

    A guardian is a being in the Etheric Plane who protects and guides a particular person on the Physical Plane. A Guardian will normally communicate to the person and visit the person via its own projection to the physical plane. ​


    A being in the Etheric plane that is believed to assist a person's spiritual journey (Etheric Expedition).​

    Guru Granth Sahib

    Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Punjabi: ਸ੍ਰੀ ਗੁਰੂ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਜੀ): Granth is Punjabi for book; Sahib is Hindi meaning master, from Arabic, meaning companion, friend, owner, or master – is more than a holy book of the Sikhs. The Sikhs treat this Granth[disambiguation needed] (holy book) as a living Guru. The holy text spans 1430 pages and contains the actual words spoken by the founders of the Sikh religion and various other Saints from other religions including Hinduism and Islam.​


    (गुरू Sanskrit) A teacher in Hinduism, Buddhism or Sikhism. Based on a long line of philosophical understanding as to the importance of knowledge, the guru is seen in these religions as a sacred conduit, or a way to self-realization. In India and among people of Hindu, Buddhist, or Sikh belief, the title retains a hallowed meaning. Guru also refers in Sanskrit to Brihaspati, a Hindu figure analogous to the Roman planet/god Jupiter. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter/Guru/Brihaspati is believed to exert teaching influences. Indeed, in many Indian languages, such as Hindi, the occidental Thursday is called either Brihaspativaar or Guruvaar (vaar meaning period or day).

    In contemporary India and Indonesia, guru is widely used within the general meaning of "teacher". In Western usage, the original meaning of guru has been extended to cover anyone who acquires followers, and not necessarily in an established school of philosophy or religion. In a further metaphorical extension, guru is used of a person who has authority because of his or her perceived knowledge or skills in a domain of expertise.

    The importance of discerning between a true guru and a false one is explored in scriptures and teachings of religions in which a guru plays a role. The assessment and criticism of gurus and the Guru-shishya tradition are espoused in the discourse about cults and new religious movements by Western secular scholars, theologians, anti-cultists, and by skeptics both in the West and in India.​
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    A sensory experience that does not correspond to physical reality. See also apparition.​


    Instance of a Ghost connecting itself to a person or place.​


    Someone who claims the power of healing.​


    Generally indicates cures that cannot be explained in terms of accepted medical principles. See also faith healing, psychic healing, spirit cures.​


    Heaven or High Heavens is a spiritual location in the Etheric Plane. This is said to be the place where souls go to peace. It is currently run by the christian god Yahweh and protected by his angelic forces. Heaven floats high above the Etheric world only allowing those with grace to enter.​


    Hell, according to many religious beliefs, is an afterlife of suffering where the wicked or unrighteous dead are punished. This misconception gives Hell a bad name. It is located in the catacombs of the Etheric world and is only a small portion of what lies underneath of Etheric. The place of suffering is only in one location in Hell called Tartarus, the prison of the underworld.​


    See contact mind reading.​


    (a) An evil spell or magical curse.
    (b) To practice witchcraft.​

    Hot Reading

    A reading given in which prior knowledge of the sitter has been obtained, often using devious or fraudulent means. Cf. cold reading.​


    In astrology, a horoscope is a chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets, the astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth.​

    Hypnagogia (Hypnogogic)

    Hypnagogia are the experiences a person can go through in the hypnagogic (or hypnogogic) state, the period of falling asleep. Hypnagogic sensations collectively describe the vivid dream-like auditory, visual, or tactile sensations that can be experienced in a hypnagogic or hypnopompic state.​


    Psychological condition of altered state of consciousness in which some people may be induced to show various differences in behaviour and thinking, like heightened suggestibility and receptivity to direction.​


    Hypnotherapy is therapy that is undertaken with a subject in hypnosis. A person who is hypnotized displays certain unusual characteristics and propensities, compared with a non-hypnotized subject, most notably hyper-suggestibility, which some authorities have considered a sine qua non of hypnosis.​
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    A son of Hypnos and one of the Oneroi, Icelus creates human shapes in dreams. He is the father of some of the more erotically addicted Oneori Demons.​

    I Ching

    Ancient Chinese "Book of Changes". It describes 64 hexagrams (patterns of 6 broken and unbroken lines) which are used in a divinatory practice involving the throwing of yarrow stalks or coins.​


    A mineral found in the blood of the gods that makes them immortal. ​


    A rare serum made by practioners, first created by Oneroi, that enables someone else to become one with the dreamer. Idios is a dark red liquid. ​


    A male demon or Erotikos Skotos that seduces-and sometimes impregnates-a female human. Incubus is the male version of a Succubus. Excessive exposure to an incubus or a succubus can drain a human host to the point of death.​


    (a) An appearance that leads the person to draw mistaken conclusions.
    (b) In conjuring, a perceptual trick.​


    The ability to perceive images in the mind. These may be visual, auditory, tactile, etc.​


    Various beliefs based on the assumption that some aspect of personal existence survives death.​


    Incarnation, which literally means enfleshment, refers to the conception, and live birth of a sentient creature (generally human being) who is the material manifestation of an entity or force whose original nature is immaterial.​

    Incline Effect

    An increase in performance on a psi test when the test is repeated. Cf. decline effect.​


    Incorporeal, from Latin, means without the nature of a body or substance. The idea of the incorporeal refers to the notion that there is an incorporeal realm or place, that is distinct from the corporeal or material world.​


    Inexplicable lack of decay in a corpse.​

    Indirect Voice

    Mediumistic phenomenon in which the discarnate entity appears to speak using the vocal apparatus of the medium. Often the voice will sound very different from the medium's normal voice. Cf. direct voice.​

    Instrumental Transcommunication

    Use of recording equipment to produce evidence interpreted as communication from deceased persons or other entitites. See also. Raudive voices, pareidolia.​

    Internal Flow

    In Scanning, the internal flows are representative of stuff that only directly affects them, not to say it wouldn’t affect you passively, as in mood changes or etc, but it’d geared toward them. They aren’t the most important, but should not be ignored.​


    The non-paranormal ability to grasp the elements of a situation or to draw conclusions about complex events in ways that go beyond a purely rational or intellectual analysis. Cf. clairsentience, empathy.​


    A person sensitive to the feelings of other life forms, as well as signals of nature.​


    Summoning benevolent spiritual beings. Cf. evocation.​

    Isle of Padesios

    Region in Etheric where the Shades call home.​
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    Genie is the English term for the Arabic (jinn). In pre-Islamic Arabian mythology and in Islam, a jinni (also "djinni" or "djini") is a member of the jinn (or "djinn"), a race of supernatural creatures.​


    Person who compares targets and responses in an psi experiment.​
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    Ancient Egyptian term for the double or astral body. See also Ba.​


    A Dream Master. Can move thorugh anyone's dreams: past, future, and beyond.​


    The mysterious nether region between the Etheric Plane and the Physical Plane; said to be connected between both. It is also known as the Abyss. This is where Apollymi, the Destroyer is imprisoned. It is the Atlantean Hell Realm.​


    Karma is the concept of "action" or "deed" in Dharmic religions understood as denoting the entire cycle of cause and effect described in Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist philosophies. Karma is believed to be a sum of all that an individual has done, is currently doing and will do. The effects of all deeds actively create past, present and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one's own life, and the pain and joy it brings to others.​


    Plural term for the animal branch of the Therians. They are animals who can take human form. Katagari is the single term.​


    Said to be even more evil than the Spathi Demons, Kathoros Demons are extremly rare. At one time they were believed to have been the servants of Atlantean War God Misos.​


    The Atlantean term for "heaven."​

    Key Cards

    Reference cards used to indicate each target alternative in a card-guessing test.​


    Normally a dark colored skin winged races of beings residing in the Etheric Plane. Their skin color varies from a dark blue to a black. They have talons and normally their eyes are black. They are not born from darkness but some can take darkness into them. They are not an extremely advanced race of beings and are tribal like. They make use of the wastelands in the Etheric Plane. They hold no alliance to the main factions in the Etheric but their own.​


    Sumerian apocalypse, brought about by the freeing of the seven Dimme.​


    Another form of energy work that is more spiritual, as well as more physical than psi.​

    Kirlian photography

    Kirlian photography refers to a form of contact print photography, theoretically associated with high-voltage. It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who in 1939 accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a source of high voltage, small corona discharges (created by the strong electric field at the edges of the object) create an image on the plate.​


    A servant of Artemis. They are found in her temple on Olympus.​


    Kundalini according to various teachings is believed to be a type of "corporeal energy". Kundalini is envisioned as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine. According to Hindu tradition, through specific meditative exercises, Kundalini rises from the root chakra up through the spinal channel, called sushumna, and it is believed to activate each chakra it goes through.
    Kundalini Yoga

    Kundalini Yoga is a system of meditative techniques and movements within the yogic tradition that focuses on psycho-spiritual growth and the body's potential for maturation.​
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    Laying on of Hands

    A healing practice, in which the healer's hands are placed on or near the body of the sick person.​


    Someone with potential that has yet to be expressed.​


    The paranormal raising or suspension of an object or person.​

    Ley Lines

    Energy pathways of the Earth. When a Ley Line crosses paths with another Ley Line they create a Node. Ley lines are said to also be Nadis but for the Earth's Energy System; Gaia. ​


    A demon lover (from Transylvania) who takes the form of a dead loved one to seduce its dream host, leaving the dreamer sick. The Liderc has the ability to enter a house through chimneys and keyholes. It can sprinkle flames from its fingertips, leaving ash and soot around its victim.​

    Life Review

    Flashback memories of the whole of a person's life, often associated with the near-death experience.​


    The demon children of Lilith. Lilim comprise a large amount of the population in Hell.​


    In many religions, Lilith is the first wife of Adam, a demon succubus, a draconic, and the mother of all demons. Her children are known as the lilim.​


    A.K.A. Bond; Connection between two or more individuals, objects, and/or places.​


    A.K.A. Bonding; Process of creating a Link/Bond between two or more individuals, objects, and/or places.​

    Lotus Serum

    A dangerous sedative. Some go insane from it, and some become so addicted they choose to never wake from their dreams. It gives some humans exceptionally bad headaches.​

    Lucid Dreaming

    Dreaming in which the person is aware that the experience is a dream. Often associated with feelings of aliveness and freedom, and with the ability to control dream events.​


    (a) An early term for clairvoyance.
    (b) Lucid dreaming.​


    Born Draconic, became angelic, orchestrated the Rebellion in Heaven, lost the Rebellion and found his way to the Underworld in the Etheric Plane. His name means "the morning star". He rose the ranks in Hell and was second to Satan. He is not Satan, for all of those who do not know. He is not retired from Hell and no one knows of his location.​

    Luminous Phenomena

    The experience of strange lights or glows, often around objects or people. See also aura.​


    The supposed magical transformation of a person into the form of a wolf. See also shape-shifting, therianthropy, werewolf. Lycanthropy is found in Therians. ​
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    Irsh goddess of War and Kingship. Macha was sister to Badb and the Morrigan.​


    Psychokinetic effects that can be directly observed rather than only inferred from statistical analysis. Cf. micro-PK.​


    Magic and sorcery are the influencing of events, objects, people and physical phenomena by mystical, paranormal or supernatural means. The terms can also refer to the practices employed by a person to wield this influence, and to beliefs that explain various events and phenomena in such terms.​


    A person who practices magic.​

    Majority Vote Technique

    An ESP procedure in which several subjects guess a target (or one subject makes several guesses). The most frequent guess is used as the response.​


    The materialized form of a spirit.​


    Manifesting is a term often used in New Thought and New Age circles to refer to the belief that one can by force of will, desire, and focused energy, make something come true on the physical level.​


    A sacred sound or sacred syllables used in meditation. See also transcendental meditation.​

    Marking Medallion

    When a god bestows this medallion upon a human, no one above, on, or below the earth can kill them without making that god very, very angry. This is not around anylonger.​

    Marshmallow Shield

    A shield imbued with the intent to have the characteristic of causing energies or attacks to stick to, dissolve, and absorb energy that comes in contact with the shield. It is meant to resemble the characteristics of an actual marshmallow. Subcategory of Shield. Also see Buffer Shield.​


    An alternative term for hit.​


    See preferential matching, matching tests.​

    Matching Tests

    Card guessing tests in which the subject uses key cards when making guesses. See also blind matching, open matching, screen touch matching.​


    The formation of a visible and tangible object or human shape during a seance. Cf. apport.​

    Mean Chance Expectation (MCE)

    The most likely chance score in a psi test.​

    Medicine Man / Medicine Woman

    A witchdoctor or shaman.​


    Mental or physical-mental techniques which aim to produce spiritually desirable states of consciousness. See also ASC, Yoga.​


    A person who posess the ability to communicate with spirits of deceased people (and sometimes pets). Some mediums claim to be able to channel the spirit, by allowing the deceased to speak or write messages using the medium's body. Or Substance through which energy is transferred, or an individual who channels outside energy or entities.​

    Mediumship (Necromancy)

    The ability to see and communicate with the dead. Some mediums need an object through which the spirit can communicate, like a Ouija board. Some mediums are possessed by the spirit, and it communicates though them by speaking or automatic writing. Some simple see them, and talk to them or feel their emotions and intentions. ​


    A branch of conjuring involving the simulation of psi.​

    Mental Mediumship

    The paranormal obtaining of information by a medium. Cf. physical mediumship.​


    A system of healing developed by F.A. Mesmer, involving the induction of trance states and the supposed transfer of animal magnetism. People in Mesmeric trance often showed paranormal abilities such as clairvoyance.​


    See communication.​

    Metal Bending

    Psychokinetic ability to bend metal objects. A phenomenon popularised by Uri Geller.​


    See shape-shifting.​


    Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the ultimate nature of reality, being, and the world. More recently, the term "metaphysics" has also been used more loosely to refer to "subjects that are beyond the physical world".​


    Another term for reincarnation.​


    Psychokinetic effects that cannot be directly observed, but only inferred from the statistical analysis of data. Cf. macro-PK.​

    Mind Reading

    See telepathy.​


    A beneficial event attributed to supernatural or divine intervention.​

    Mirror Shield

    A shield that is imbued with the intent(programmed) to take on the characteristic of an actual mirror, and reflect and deflect any energies that the creator deems negative or any attacks directed towards them. Subcategory of Shield.​


    Techniques used by conjurers and mentalists to distract a person's attention or confuse their thinking.​


    A mismatch between the target and response. Cf. hit.​


    A person who has learned techniques that enable extraordinary feats of memory.​

    Morphic Resonance

    A term coined by Rupert Sheldrake to refer to the way in which the "morphogenetic field" (underlying form) of an object or organism may influence distant fields.​

    Motor Automatism

    See Automatism​

    Multiple Personality

    A psychiatric condition in which the person manifests two or more distinct and separate personalities at different times. This generally happens when there is more then one soul in one body. Two souls will fight for dominance. ​

    Muscle Reading

    See contact mind reading.​


    (a) A person who has mystical experiences.
    (b) Used loosely to refer to psychics, mediums or romantics.​

    Mystical Experience

    ASCs involving experiences of ecstasy, unity, timelessness, loss of self, divine revelation, etc.​


    Religious or spiritual doctrines which argue that the human mind or soul can directly experience the divine. See also mystical experience, transpersonal psychology.​
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    Near-Death Experience (NDE)

    Experiences of people after they have been pronounced clinically dead, or been very close to death. Typical features of the NDE are an OBE, life review, a tunnel experience, light, coming to a boundary (marking death), seeing dead friends and relatives, experiencing a loving or divine presence, and making a choice (or being told) to return. Occasionally NDEs can be frightening and distressing. NDEs often have profound effects on the person's later life. See also cerebral anoxia, survival.​


    Originally used to denote a type of divination using the dead. Now often refers to any of various magic/energy disciplines involving the manipulation of the dead.​


    It is the realm of the dead, and those things which coexist with them. This is another name for the Etheric Plane.
    New Age

    The New Age is a cooaltion of very different and often contradicting beliefs. The only consistent belief in the New Age is that its members are practioners or follwers of a practice that is a remake of a traditional and/or eastern beleif system. The reason for the conflicting views within New Age beliefs and religion is due to two main criterias. First, a lack of uniform or overarching heiarchy. There is no real structure to their leadership or beliefs. Second the fact there are so many scam artists and book sellers taking advantages of the followers general gullibility. This results in a wide variety of mostly askew beliefs and practices. Which effectively means there is not a singular New Age but a few hundred different sects all using the same term.
    New Age Beliefs

    See New Age
    New Age Religion

    See New Age​

    Newspaper Test

    (a) A communication in which the spirit forecasts an item in a future day's newspaper.
    (b) An conjuring effect in which a magician or mentalist predicts a future newspaper item.​


    See near-death experience.​

    Null hypothesis

    The hypothesis that experimental results are due to chance.​


    Numerology refers to any of many systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things. Numerology and numerological divination were popular among early mathematicians, such as Pythagoras, but are no longer considered part of mathematics and are regarded as pseudomathematics by most scientists.​
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    See out of body experience.

    Object Reading

    See psychometry.​

    Occam's Razor

    The principle that we should always prefer the simplest explanation of events.​


    The word has many uses in the English language, popularly meaning 'knowledge of the paranormal'. For most practicing occultists it is simply the study of a deeper spiritual "reality" that extends beyond pure reason and the physical sciences.​


    Esoteric systems of belief and practice that assume the existence of mysterious forces and entities.​

    A sign that foretells events.​

    One-Ahead Principle

    In mentalism, a procedure for sequentially revealing information where the revealing of one item gives the mentalist the next answer. Also used by fraudulent clairvoyants.​


    See Out Of Body Experience.

    Open Deck

    A series of cards used in a card guessing test where each card is chosen randomly and independently. This enables each target to be selected any number of times. Statistical analysis of research data using an open deck differs from statistical analysis of data using a closed deck.​

    Open Matching (OM)

    A card guessing procedure in which key cards are placed face up on the table. The subject then places the unseen target cards in piles in front of each key card, according to their guesses. See also blind matching.​


    (a) An answer to a question, believed to come from the gods.
    (b) a shrine at which these answers are given.​

    Orgone Energy

    A term used by Wilhelm Reich to refer to a universal life force, associated with sexuality.​


    Individuals incarnated as humans but who have a high-energy non-human soul. This is a hot topic but Psion Nation recognizes Otherkin until valid proof of their non-existence. ​

    Ouija Board

    Ouija refers to the belief that one can receive messages during a séance by the use of a Ouija board (also called a talking board or spirit board) and planchette. The fingers of the participants are placed on the planchette which then moves about a board covered with numbers, letters and symbols so as to spell out messages. Ouija Board is a trademark for a talking board currently sold by Parker Brothers.​

    In conjuring and mentalism, a convincing explanation for an apparent failure, or a convincing alternative ending to an effect that has not worked as planned. Also used by fraudulent clairvoyants and mediums.

    Out of Body Experience (OBE, OOBE)

    A fully conscious experience in which the person's center of awareness appears to be outside of the physical body. See also biolocation, astral projection, etheric projection, autoscopy, and near-death experience.​


    When the body experiences a physical reaction (usually painful) because of the mind trying to experience more emotions than it can handle; or when the body experiences a physical reaction (usually painful) because of to much energy being absorbed into their energy system.​
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    A diverse spiritual way of life that is derived from ancient religions that worship Nature. Some groups worship deities, other believe there is but one life-force energy. Within paganism everyone follows a unique, personal, spiritual path. Spiritual divinity is achieved through understanding the inner self and its relationship to nature. Wicca is considered to be one form of Paganism.​


    Also known as chiromancy, is the study of the hands and palms to reveal personality and longevity. ​

    Paradigm Shift

    A slow, unseen metamorphosis that causes change from one way od doing or thinking, to another. ​


    Paranormal is an umbrella term used to describe a wide variety of reported anomalous phenomena. According to the Journal of Parapsychology, the term paranormal describes "any phenomenon that in one or more respects exceeds the limits of what is deemed physically possible according to current scientific assumptions."​

    Paranormal Dream

    Dreams in which the dream imagery provides paranormal knowledge (e.g., ESP or precognition). ​


    Parapsychology is the study of seeming mental awareness of or influence upon external objects, without any physical or energetic means of causation which scientists currently understand. Most objects of study fall within the realm of "mind-to-mind" influence (such as extra-sensory perception and telepathy), "mind-to-environment" influence (such as psychokinesis) and "environment-to-mind" (such as hauntings). Collectively, these abilities are often referred to as "psionics". Another definition of parapsychology is the scientific study of paranormal phenomena.​


    Psychological tendency to interpret a random stimulus (especially a sound or visual pattern) as meaningful. ​

    Past Life

    A previous incarnation remembered in one’s current life.​

    Past-Life Memories

    Mental images that are believed to be memories of previous lives. See also reincarnation, past-life regression.​

    Past-Life Regression

    A process in which a hypnotized person is mentally “taken back” (or “regressed”) by the hypnotist to one or more apparent previous life-times, thus suggesting reincarnation.​


    A Therian Clan. Name for the family grouping of Therians of same race and animal genus. ​


    An object suspended by a thread. Movements of a pendulum are often used by dowsers to locate objects or answer questions.​


    The individual who experiences or "receives" an extrasensory influence or impression; also, one who is tested for ESP ability.​


    An apparition.​


    An approach to research that aims to describe and clarify a person's own experience and understanding of an event or phenomenon.​


    The reading of character and mental ability from the shape of a person's skull.​

    Physical Mediumship

    The production of paranormal physical phenomena (lights, sounds, materialization, elongation, levitation, etc.) by a medium. Physical mediumship often (but not always) involves a state of trance. See also mental mediumship.​

    Photography, Paranormal

    The paranormal production of images on photographic film; also known as “thoughtography,” a term used to describe the experiments of Tomokichi Fukurai (1931) but adopted by Jule Eisenbud to describe the phenomena produced by Ted Serios, as if mental images were “projected” onto the film. ​


    The ability to mentally manipulate light and the element nature of light. ​

    Physical Plane

    The plane on which we experience day-to-day life. Also another name for Earth. Subcategory of Plane.​

    Picture Drawing

    A free-response ESP test in which the subject attempts to draw impressions of the target.​

    Pilot Study

    A preliminary study, generally of modest scale.​


    See Psychokinesis.​


    An inactive treatment often given to a control group.​

    Placement Test

    A test for PK in which the subject attempts to influence the place in which dice or other objects land. See also dice test.​


    A small platform on casters generally used with a ouija board. Sometimes used with an attached pencil to produce automatic writing.​


    A section of reality that exists within itself but interacts with other such sections that are connected to it.​

    Plant Psi

    ESP exhibited by plants. Plants feed off of Aetheric Energy, energetically. ​


    See psi-mediated instrumental response.​


    A Jamaican spiritist religion. See also Voodoo.​


    German word meaning "noisy or troublesome spirit". Poltergeist activity may include unexplained noises, movements of objects, outbreaks of fire, floods, pricks or scratches to a person's body. Unlike hauntings, which are associated with specific locations, poltergeists typically focus on a person (the focal person or poltergeist agent) who is often a young child or adolescent. Many physical mediums experienced poltergeist activity in their childhood. Normally in the Etheric Plane a being is in the location that a person might be experincing things. With enough energy and willpower they can either project through to the Physical Plane or they affect the physical material on the other plane. ​


    A doorway, entrance, or gate between two worlds, the physical and the spiritual (etheric).​

    Position Effect

    The tendency of scores in a test of psi to vary systematically according to the location of the trial on the record sheet.​


    Refers to cases in which a person's body is apparently taken over by another personality or entity. Cf. multiple personality.​

    Power Absorption

    The ability to absorb another person's powers, leaving that person powerless. In Etheric, Daimons technically have this ability; when they drain the souls of a powerful person, they inherit those powers for a period of time until the soul wanes. Power Absorption also can be completed by Altissimus Souls when they pray on another soul; once again it is for a short period of time. ​

    Power Bestowal

    The ability to bestow Psionic powers upon another person or evoke the latent powers of others. Depending on the type of power and the strength, the bestower can give a person temporary powers (usually based on the bestower's proximity), or permanent ones.​

    Power Negation

    The ability to cancel out or diminish the powers of others. Usually this is done as the person's energy emits a Veil like energy in a area of effect. ​

    Power Sensing

    The ability to sense or recognize the powers of another person. Depending on the strength and ability of the senser, it could be a generic idea of the present of power, or knowledge of the other person's exact abilities. ​


    A sincere attempt to communicate with a spiritual being or power.​


    A form of extrasensory perception. The ability to perceive events before they happen. Sometimes in is only expressed in vague dreams while asleep, other times it is clear and occurs at will and when awake. The events seen take place in the near future, or the far future. They are also only one of many possible outcomes-some events can be avoided if the right measures are taken. Compare Retrocognition. [From the Latin præ-, “prior to,” + cognitio, “a getting to know”].​

    Precognitive Dreams

    A dream form of Precognition in which the target is some future event that cannot be be deduced from normally known data in the present. ​


    A statement that claims to foretell future events. Cf. premonition, precognition, prophecy.​


    Belief that the personality or soul exists prior to birth. Cf. survival. See also reincarnation or Otherkin.​

    Preferential Matching

    Technique in which a judge ranks a subject's free responses in terms of their similarity to various possible targets.​


    A feeling or impression that something is about to happen, especially something ominous or dire, yet about which no normal information is available. See Precognition. [From the Latin præ, “prior to,” + monitio, “warning”].​


    A subjective feeling that a person, animal or discarnate entity is present.​


    Presentience is precognition in the form of more abstract senses, emotions, or feelings... kind of like a mood ring of prediction. This power is also associated with clairsentience. ​


    The likelihood that results in a test were due to chance. See also significance.​


    Term for research whose main objective is to determine how the occurrence of psi is related to other factors and variables.​

    Process Research

    Research that aims to investigate factors affecting psi. Cf. proof research.​


    Another word for a type of out-of-body experience. Projection is when someone has an out-of-body experience and sends their consciousness or soul to another plane. Planes to go to: Astral Plane, Biolocative Plane, Etheric Plane.​


    Term for research whose main objective is to gain evidence for the existence of psi.​

    Proof research

    Research that aims to demonstrate the existence of psi. Cf. process research.​


    Prophecy in a broad sense, is the prediction of future events or the speaking of divine words (divine Revelation) through chosen human messengers (prophets).​

    Proxy Sitting

    A seance in which another person sits in on behalf of the person receiving a communication.​

    Pseudo-Random Numbers

    Numbers generated by an electronic calculator or computer using a complex mathematical algorithm that simulates a random process. Although the numbers generated are essentially unpredictable, they are not strictly random. See also random numbers, random event generator.​

    PSI (Ψ)

    A general blanket term, proposed by B. P. Wiesner and seconded by R. H. Thouless (1942), and used either as a noun or adjective to identify paranormal processes and paranormal causation; the two main categories of psi are psi-gamma (paranormal cognition; extrasensory perception) and psi-kappa (paranormal action; psychokinesis), although the purpose of the term “psi” is to suggest that they might simply be different aspects of a single process, rather than distinct and essentially different processes. Strictly speaking “psi” also applies to survival of death. Some thinkers prefer to use “psi” as a purely descriptive term for anomalous outcomes, as suggested by Palmer (1986, p. l39), who defines it as “a correspondence between the cognitive or physiological activity of an organism and events in its external environment that is anomalous with respect to generally accepted basic limiting principles of nature such as those articulated by C. D. Broad.” [From the Greek, psi, twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet; from the Greek psyche, “mind, soul”]. Also, Short for psionic.​


    A ball of Psionic/Subtle Energy. One of the basic forms of Energy Manipulation and can be used as a building block for more advanced Psionic techniques.​


    Favorable to, or facilitative of, the occurrence of psi, whether it be manifested as psi-hitting or psi-missing. ​


    The use of psi in such a way that the target at which the subject is aiming is “hit” (that is, correctly responded to, in a test of extrasensory perception; or influenced, in a test of psychokinesis), more frequently than would be expected if only chance were operating; the term is also sometimes used, misleadingly, to refer merely to nonsignificant positive scoring. Hence, “psi-hitter,” a subject who exhibits a tendency to psi-hit.​

    Psi-Mediated Instrumental Response (PMIR)

    Theory put forward by Rex Stanford that psi activity is used to serve an organism's needs.​


    The use of psi in such a way that the target at which the subject is aiming is “missed” (that is, responded to incorrectly, in a test of extrasensory perception; or influenced in a direction contrary to aim, in a test of psychokinesis) more frequently than would be expected if only chance were operating; the term is also sometimes used, misleadingly, to refer simply to nonsignificant negative scoring. Hence, “psi-misser,” a subject who displays a tendency to psi-miss.​


    Someone who practices Psionics.​

    Psionic Energy

    A.K.A. Subtle Energy. Basic material of Energy Work and Psionics.​


    A set of techniques that use Psionic energy to influence and observe reality.​

    Psi Phenomenon

    Any event which results from, or is an instance of, the operation of psi; examples are the forms of extrasensory perception and psychokinesis​


    A Vampire that drains Psi/Subtle Energy to sustain itself.​


    Generally refers to the mind.​


    Literally "revealing mind". A class of plants and drugs (e.g., peyote, psilocybin, LSD) that can produce florid ASCs.​


    A person who possess extra-sensory abilities, including: clairvoyance, psychometry and precognition, who can sometimes communicate with spirits, ghosts or entities.​

    Psychical Research

    Term coined in the late 19th century to refer to the scientific study of the paranormal. Now largely superseded by "parapsychology".​

    Psychic Archelogy

    Archeological research which is pursued with the assistance of a sensitive or other source of paranormal information. ​

    Psychic Healing

    Forms of healing using psychic powers. See also laying on of hands, psychic surgery.​

    Psychic Photography

    General term used to refer to paranormal photographic images. See also Kirlian photography, spirit photography, thoughtography.​

    Psychic Surgery

    Actual or simulated surgical procedures carried out by healers.​

    Psychokinesis (telekinesis)

    Paranormal ability of the mind to influence matter, time, space, or energy without the use of any currently known type of physical means. Various psychokinetic abilities ares aerokinesis (wind), atmokinesis (atmosphere), atmoskinesis (four elemental elements), biokinesis (human body), chronokinesis (time), cyrokinesis (ice), electrokinesis (electricity), hydrokinesis (water), magnokinesis (metal), photokinesis (light), pyrokinesis (fire), telekinesis (objects).​


    Term coined by Joseph Rodes Buchanan (1893) to refer to the practice in which sensitives hold an object in their hands and obtain paranormal information about the object or its owner; owing to the confusion with a psychological term, “psychometry” has in recent years been superseded by “token-object reading.” [From the Greek psyche, “soul, mind,” + metrein, “to measure”].​


    Czech term for “parapsychology” (excluding the study of survival), but embracing certain phenomena that are not now generally accepted as parapsychological. According to (the late) Larissa Vilenskaya (1983, p. 107), the term was first pro-posed with the analogy of “bionics” in mind, to refer to “the field dealing with the construction of devices capable of enhancing and/or reproducing certain psi phenomena (such as psychokinesis in the case of ‘psychotronic generators’ developed by Robert Pavlita) and later embraced some other phenomena.”​

    Pyramid Power

    Belief that pyramid shapes can produce paranormal effects.​


    The ability to mentally manipulate fire, or heat in general. The antithesis to cryokinesis. ​
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    Modern spelling of chic, meaning vital life-force energy; also know as Aetheric Energy.​


    The Chinese practice of breathing alignment, physical movement and meditation to achieve and ehance the mind, body, and spirit connection. It nurtures and strengthens the body's life-force energy (qi, chi, atheric) for overall health.​


    "Ones who seeks," derived from the Latin "quaerens." It denotes a person who ask questions or seeks advice from an oracle, either with the aid of pyschic medium or alone with a specific divination toon, such as a pendulum. ​

    Qualitative Experiment

    (i) Any test for extrasensory perception which uses target material and forms of response which do not allow a definite probability-value to be attached to the response items made; examples are most free-response tests, tests of psychometry, mediumistic utterances, and so on; statistical evaluation of such data must therefore proceed in an indirect fashion, by assigning a probability-value to the matching-performance of a judge; (ii) Any attempt to demonstrate qualitative phenomena. Compare Quantitative Experiment. [Ultimately derived from the Latin qualis, “what kind of?”] Back to top of page​

    Quantitative Experiment

    Any test for psi which uses targets each of which has a specific prescribed value for the probability of its occurrence; such a test therefore allows for direct statistical evaluation of the results obtained. Compare Qualitative Experiment. [Ultimately derived from the Latin quantus, “how great,how much?”] Back to top of page​

    Quantum mechanics

    Fundamental branch of physics with wide applications in experimental physics and theoretical physics that replaces classical mechanics and classical electromagnetism at the atomic and subatomic levels.​
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    Theories based on the assumption that living organisms emit some kind of radiation or emanation that is capable of being detected using instruments or by dowsing. See also aura, radionics.​


    Use of instruments to detect radiation from living organisms. See also radiesthesia.​

    Rajas Guna

    In Ayurvedic medicine, one of the three mental states that affect an individual's world view. ​


    Refers to events that are, in principle, haphazard and unpredictable. See also chance.​

    Random Event Generator (REG)

    An electronic device which uses a random physical process (e.g., radioactive decay) to generate random events or random numbers.​

    Random Number Generator (RNG)

    An apparatus (typically electronic) incorporating an element (based on such processes as radioactive decay or random “noise”) and capable of generating a random sequence of outputs; used in tests of psi for generating target sequences, and in tests of psychokinesis may itself be the target system which the subject is required to influence, that is, by “biasing” the particular number or event output; a binary RNG has two equally-probable outputs; the term “RNG” is increasingly being used to refer to any system which produces naturally random outputs, such as bouncing dice, radioactive decay, or even, perhaps, the brain.​

    Random Numbers

    Numbers generated in an unpredictable, haphazard sequence.​

    Random Number Tables

    A printed table of random numbers, usually made up of several rows and columns of computer-generated numbers. To use the table a starting value is chosen by randomly selecting a row and column (e.g., by throwing a dice). Successive numbers are then chosen by working through the table using any previously chosen systematic rule. Suitable rules might be (1) moving horizontally to the right, skipping alternate numbers, or (2) moving vertically down, selecting every fifth number. The selected random numbers may then be used, for example, to determine target sequences.​


    The name given to unexplained knocking sounds associated with physical mediumship and poltergeist activity.​

    Raudive Voices

    Intelligible voices recorded on magnetic tape under conditions of silence or white noise which are heard only when the tape is played. A phenomenon discovered by Konstantin Raudive. ​

    Rascette Lines

    Also known as the Bracelet Lines. In palmistry, these are minor lines on the wrist that are indications of longevity, health, destiny and prosperity.​


    A consultation with a specialist gifted with extra sensorial talents in order to provide insight and guidance. A.K.A. Scanning; Looking at the Subtle body of an individual and gleaning information from it.​


    The term reality, in its widest sense, includes everything that is, whether it is observable, comprehensible, or apparently self-contradictory by science, philosophy, or any other system of analysis. Reality in this sense may include both being and nothingness, whereas existence is often restricted to being (compare with nature).​


    A.K.A. Plane; A section of reality that exists within itself but interacts with other such sections that are connected to it.​


    In Buddhism, the belief that there is some continuty of mind from one life to the next. Buddhism, however, does not accept the existence of the individual soul and therefore does not view rebirth as the soul's literal re-incarnation. Cf. reincarnation.​


    An expression which is less technical than “percipient,” used to indicate the subject designated as the “recipient” of telepathic information. ​


    To build back up energy after it has been depleted.​

    Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK)

    Expression for paranormal physical effects that occur repeatedly over a period of time; used especially as a technical term for poltergeist disturbances.​


    (a) a statistical technique that enables predictions to be made from a set of data.
    (b) a technique used in hypnosis, involving suggesting to hypnotized persons that they are returning to an earlier time. Sometimes the regression occurs spontaneously, without suggestion. ​


    Reincarnation, literally "to be made flesh again", is a doctrine or mystical belief that some essential part of a living being survives death to be reborn in a new body. According to such beliefs, a new personality is developed during each life in the physical world, but some part of the being remains constantly present throughout these successive lives as well.​


    A religion is a set of beliefs and practices generally held by a community, involving adherence to codified beliefs and rituals and study of ancestral or cultural traditions, writings, history, and mythology, as well as personal faith and mystic experience.​

    Remote Presence

    Projecting one’s presence.​

    Remote Touch

    Touching at a range.​

    Remote viewing

    Remote viewing allows a viewer to use his or her intuitive abilities to gather information on a target consisting of an object, place, or person, etc., which is hidden from the physical perception of the viewer and typically separated from the viewer in space by some distance. The "view" is merely a personal impression experienced by the viewer, and is sometimes recorded by another person. This is similar to somebody recording another person's dream memories when first awakened. Classic remote viewing is done in real time, although some remote viewers claim the ability to perform retrocognition and precognition as well.​


    An action made by a subject in an experiment.​

    Response Bias

    Tendency of a subject to prefer particular responses.​

    Retroactive Psychokinesis

    PK producing an effect backward in time; to say that event A was caused by retroactive PK is to say that A would not have happened in the way that it did had it not been for a later PK effort exerted so as to influence it; sometimes abbreviated as retroPK; also referred to as backward PK or time-displaced PK.​


    Term coined by Frederic Myers to refer to a form of extrasensory perception in which the target is some past event which could not have been learned or inferred by normal means.​


    A ritual is actually the words of a "rite", which are said as a part of a ceremony which is a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value, which is prescribed by a religion or by the traditions of a community.​

    Ritual Magic

    Magical activity involving rites and ceremonies.​


    See recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis.​


    A fixed group of successive trials in a test of psi.​
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    Sacred (Holiness)

    Holiness, or sanctity, is the state of being holy or sacred, that is, set apart for the worship or service of God or gods. It is most usually ascribed to people, but can be and often is ascribed to objects, times, or places. The word holy is related to the word whole.​


    A.K.A. Sanguine; Denotes a Vampire that needs blood to sustain itself.​


    A classical, literary and religious language of India and Hinduism.​


    A Cuban spiritist religion. See also Voodoo.​


    Satan, from the Hebrew word for "adversary", is a term that originates from the Abrahamic faiths, being traditionally applied to an angel. Religious belief systems other than Judaism relate this term to a demon, a rebellious fallen angel, devil, minor god and idolatry, or as an allegory for evil. In reality Satan is a rank achieved in the Infernal Powers of Hell. Satan was a being before his death and no, it is only a rank in the hierarchy.​

    Sattva Guna

    Sanskrit term meaning purity, balance and order. In Avyurvedic medicine, one of the three mental states that affect an individual's world view.​


    Also known as Reading; scanning is the process of connecting to another being and looking at the subtle body of an individual and gleaning information from it.​


    A person inclined to discount the reality of the paranormal and to be critical of Parapsychological research. Generally seeks rational or scientific explanations for the phenomena studied by parapsychologists.​


    Number of hits obtained by a subject in a psi test.​


    The process of determining a subject's score.​

    Screen Touch Matching (STM)

    A card-guessing procedure in which the subject and experimenter sit on opposite sides of a screen which has a small gap at the bottom. Key cards are hung on the screen in front of the subject (the faces may be seen or unseen). Underneath each key card is a blank card that can be seen by both subject and experimenter. The experimenter holds the target cards and the subject indicates the guess on each trial by pointing to the corresponding blank card. The experimenter then places the card in a pile on his or her side of the screen in a position corresponding to that of the indicated blank card. See also blind matching, open matching.​


    A divination used to predict the future by gazing into a crystal ball or other shiny object or reflective surface.​


    Binding an entity/object/place in a way that it contains the powers it might possess.​


    A mediumistic session. Usually one is performed to talk to the dead that reside in the Etheric Plane.​

    Second Sight

    Another name for clairvoyance; the ability to see spirits from the other side (Etheric) through the mind's eye.​


    A seminar is, generally, a form of academic instruction, either at a university or offered by a commercial or professional organization. It has the function of bringing together small groups for recurring meetings, focusing each time on some particular subject, in which everyone present is requested to actively participate.​


    Another name for agent.​


    Another name for a psychic.​

    Sensory deprivation

    Conditions of greatly restricted sensory input. See also ganzfeld.​


    A sequence of runs in a psi experiment.​

    Serpent Power

    See Kundalini.​

    Sexual Feeding

    The idea of consuming energy through direct or indirect sexual contact and/or arousal from a person for the purpose of maintaining one’s own health and ability. Subcategory of Feeding.​


    A witchdoctor or medicine (wo)man who communicates with spirits while in trance and who has the power of healing. May also show other paranormal abilities.​


    Someone who practices shape-shifting. This is usually bound due to the placement of the Veil and limited usually to only Polymorphs and Therians.​


    Paranormal ability to assume the form of another person, an animal or other entity. See also lycanthropy, therianthropy, werewolf.​


    Name given to a subject in a psi test who believes in the phenomenon. See also "goat", sheep-goat effect.​

    Sheep-Goat Effect

    Effect, discovered by the parapsychologist Gertrude Schmeidler, in which "sheep" score higher than mean chance expectation (MCE) on psi tests, while "goats" score lower than MCE.​


    1) A construct commonly programmed to protect a person (and not always the psion). It is however often used in a way to mean any construct that goes around the person.

    2) Energy imbued with intent to perform a certain function, programmed (intended) to keep someone or something from entering or being able to go pass through a certain area or space.​

    Shield Piercing

    The process of piercing and/or destroying a shield. Usually done with a bombardment of energy.​


    A change from one paradigm to another, usually mental/spiritual. Usually any physical shifting usually belongs to the Therian race.​


    Name given to paranormal powers associated with the practice of Yoga.​


    Your Psionic ‘identity.’ This is used for scanning, sending constructs to the person, and in linking. A Psions energy signature can increase with more connections to the persons energy system; less connections a smaller signature. If a Psions signature increases the easier it is for a combatant to hit the Psion with energetic attacks.​


    Results of an experiment are said to be statistically significant when they are very unlikely to be due to chance (and hence, in a psi test, are more likely to be due to psi). The chance probability is reported as the "significance level". To be considered significant, the chance probability must generally be less than 1 in 20 (5%, or 0.05).​

    Simultaneous Dream

    A dream whose elements correspond closely with those in the dream of another person.​


    A person who has a session with a medium.​


    A séance.​

    Sixth sense

    Popular term for ESP.​


    Writing that appears on a slate during a séance. Often produced by fraudulent mediums and mentalists.​

    Sleep Paralysis

    An (often frightening) state of seeming to being awake but unable to move. See also false awakening.​


    (a) A person who performs physical activity while asleep (e.g., sleep-walking).

    (b) A person in a deep hypnotic state.​


    The soul, according to many religious and philosophical traditions, is the self-aware essence unique to a particular living being. In these traditions the soul is thought to incorporate the inner essence of each living being, and to be the true basis for sapience.​

    Soul Dive

    Method of either Meditating or using an out of body projection type to gain access into someone's subconscious plane or soulscape in order to learn more about the target. ​

    Space Brothers

    Extraterrestrial entities, channeled by some mediums. See also discarnate entity.​


    Practice fighting within the Astral Realm, Biolocative Plane, and Etheric Plane.​

    Speaking in Tongues

    See glossolalia​


    See subjective paranormal experience.​


    A ghost or apparition.​


    Written or spoken words believed to have magical power.​


    A.K.A. Soul; this is the essential part a person that makes them who they are. Souls are what reincarnate from one body to the next.​

    Spirit Communication

    See communication.​

    Spirit Cure

    Healing that is believed to result from the intervention of spirits.​

    Spirit Guides

    Term used by mediums and psychics to describe an entity that remains a disincarnate spirit in order to act as a spiritual counselor or protector to a living incarnated human being. The term can also refer to animals or totems, controls, angels or nature spirits.​


    Spiritism is a philosophical doctrine akin to Spiritualism, established in France in the mid 19th Century, which has become a sort of religious movement. Like Spiritualists, Spiritists believe in the survival of the souls after death and the importance of eventual communications received from them. Spiritism derives most of its principles from works by the French educator Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail written under the pseudonym Allan Kardec.​

    Spirit Photography

    Photographs of figures or faces, believed by some to be those of deceased persons. These photographs are generally revealed as fraudulent.​


    Spiritualism is a religious movement that began in the United States and was prominent in the 1840s-1920s, especially in English-speaking countries. The movement's distinguishing feature is the belief that the spirits of the dead can be contacted by mediums. These spirits are believed to lie on a higher plane of existence than humans, and are therefore capable of providing guidance in both worldly and spiritual matters.​


    Spirituality, in a narrow sense, concerns itself with matters of the spirit. The spiritual, involving (as it may) perceived eternal verities regarding humankind's ultimate nature, often contrasts with the temporal, with the material, or with the worldly. Spirituality often focuses on personal experience. Many spiritual traditions share a common spiritual theme: the "path", "work", practice, or tradition of perceiving and internalizing one's "true" nature and relationship to the rest of existence (God, creation (the universe), or life), and of becoming free of the lesser egoic self (or ego) in favor of being more fully one's "true" "Self".​

    Spiritual healing

    Use of spiritual means in treating disease. Spiritual healing can also refer to the self-empowerment or self-actualization process or steps within those processes that often occurs with individuals seeking enlightenment or meaning in their lives.​

    Spirit World

    The realm in which the souls of humans and animals exist after crossing over from the physical world; officially known as Etheric Plane.​

    Spontaneous Cases

    Paranormal phenomena that occur in everyday life, unsought and unexpected.​

    Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC)

    Refers to cases in which a badly burned human body has been discovered in circumstances suggesting that the fire originated spontaneously in or on the body of the victim.​


    Mathematical techniques for analyzing and interpreting numerical data.​


    Unexplained markings on a person's body that correspond to the wounds of Christ.​


    See target.​


    The background processing unit of the mind. This is your true self deep within in your mind.​


    A person whose psi ability is being investigated.​

    Subjective Paranormal Experience (SPE)

    Or Subjective Psi Experience. An experience that the person who has it believes to be paranormal.​

    Subjective Psi Experience (SPE)

    See subjective paranormal experience.​


    Meant to only be picked up by the subconscious mind.​

    Subliminal Perception

    Perceiving without conscious awareness.​

    Super-ESP Hypothesis

    The suggestion that people are capable of unlimited ESP. The super-ESP hypothesis is often presented as an alternative to the survival hypothesis in explaining mediumistic phenomena (the medium is believed to obtain information using super-ESP powers and not directly from the spirit of a deceased person).​


    The supernatural refers to forces and phenomena which are not observed in nature, and therefore beyond verifiable measurement.​


    A method of data collection that involves interviewing (or giving questionnaires to) a representative and often large group of people.​


    The belief that some aspect of the person (e.g., consciousness, mind, personality, soul) lives on after death of the body.​


    A term used by C.G. Jung to refer to coincidental events that are meaningfully but not causally connected.​
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