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Psionics Working Theory: Guinea Pigs Needed

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    Sicarius Umbra

    Sicarius Umbra Senior Citizen
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    Apr 7, 2014
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    Section One: Human Theory and Psi Development

    Subsection A: Preface

    (Taken from Shoutbox, Main, 9/9/14, in accordance to all privacy issues, all responses shall remain anonymous with permission to post from those members.)

    Question 1: How would your prove psi or ki to an average human?


    "it doesn't work all the time so results may vary but probably."

    "Show them how to charge"

    "...honestly couldn't tell since psionic abilities are unpredictable."

    Question 2: How would you prove someone is otherkin?

    Responses: "LOL no..." "...you can't prove someone's otherkin unless they've experienced it."


    "Well, I'm not one so no clue."

    Question 3: What difference has psionics made in your life?


    "Made it a little easier really, when I get warnings and symbols in my dreams they really help"

    Follow-up question: Can you control those dreams?

    "Not really, they just come to me"

    Question 4: Do you believe you can personally convince someone that a psiball is real?


    "Maybe...." "...to produce results all the time"

    "Probably..." "...people can be stiff in their beliefs I can't make someone believe in something if the(y) don't want to believe it"

    Question 5: Would your life be different without psionics?


    "Oh yes."

    When asked to explain, the member replied: "I wouldn't be so open minded, or happy, I would be a stiff, probably more mechanical version of myself. The world wouldn't be as whimsical as it is to me now."

    The other member agreed "whole-heartedly".

    Subsection B: Analysis

    The reason for these questions is quite simply to establish a baseline; can we convince others of our practices, and how have our practices changed us? I found the answer is the first three questions quite unremarkable. "Show them how to charge"? One cannot be expected to hold an average human's attention for that long. Therefore, I find question one the hardest of all to answer.

    Regarding questions two and three: the answer I personally believed for question two myself was no - there is no way of proving someone is otherkin. I did get one interesting answer I will discuss later. The third question, while seemingly the most opinion-based, coincided perfectly with what I had expected; it made my life easier with such and such. But my next question was purely to gauge whether or not psionics could be linked to his/her dreams. I cannot gather any evidence to support that.

    Question four was a test of realism. Prove an invisible object is real; it is quite difficult. The second response I got seems to carry the most weight, aimed at the human brain's ability to determine what is "right" and what is "wrong". Therefore, when you tell someone you've made an invisible ball of energy, their brain can be seen as inflexible. On the flip side, one could argue there is no undeniable proof of that psi ball's existence, a legal tactic that has the basis of thought that lies in, "I don't need to prove you wrong, I just need to not prove myself wrong" mentality.

    The last question was perhaps the most important. I expected two different responses; the "my life is better cause of my outlook" and the "my life is better cause of my abilities". To my surprise, both answers reflected that of outlook, perhaps confirming the belief that by restoring psi levels to a healthy balance leads to a more "whimsical" outlook. Also, one could say by being exposed to psionics, your brain is more likely to accept other, slightly "out there" theories.

    Subsection C: Conclusion and Afterward

    In conclusion, the results of this test heeded both surprising and expected responses. Any feedback is appreciated! Part two coming soon, and I need guinea pigs! Message me if interested! Thanks :)

    ClassyAmoeba Senior Citizen
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    Sep 29, 2016
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    I would volunteer myself, but I am not really into being a test subject ya know

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