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Research Group on the third eye

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    Harikên Citizen

    Nov 27, 2016
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    I know I've been here just for three days, and I may seem a little anxious doing something like this, but I have an idea that may help the community. In fact, this idea is not originally mine, I already took part in something like this some years ago, in another web, but it didn't work because very few people participated.

    The thing is to create a group to perform research (in a kind of serious way) on some topic, in this case the third eye, Ajna chakra. It would be a semi-open group, in the sense that the direction should be carried by experienced people, but anyone could join to work on the objectives proposed. The idea is to make some kind of statistics after all the process. (Just to make it clear, I'm not the most experienced person in the world, so it doesn't have to be me one of the conductors of the experiment. I'm just sharing the idea so if anyone else with more experience wants to be a director I would gladly help with the previous work I made.)

    There should be different stages in the global process. The first one might be about getting a lot of information. We all know that there are plenty of energetic system models, and lots and lots of techniques to achieve the same goal (in this case, stimulate and "open" the third eye). After that, the conductors should organise the rest of the people to practise different techniques or traditions under a number of conditions (that's why it would be great to have a lot of people willing to work in this). Everyone should report the results obtained, along the description of the conditions and environment in which they practised anything (as precisely as possible). And next, all the information should be published here and studied in order to find any kind of correlation between the conditions and the results. (That should be the real job of the conductors, use their experience to try and find something in common between the different techniques used and their relation with the different "symtomps" of the third eye opening, and stuff like that. I think that in this kind of groups there should be no leader, but some kind of organiser that splits the work so we can tackle it individually.)

    I know this is hard work and it may not be possible to achieve something conclusive because of the lack of people (it already happened to me). But if we eventually make it, we'll give a priceless information to the community since, as far as I know, nobody has done something like this before. This would be a pretty nice way of helping people to start studying this topic even if we don't find anything useful in all the study: a recopilation of techniques plus the experience of lots of people while working with them. And besides, the people working on it would get a remarkable level of mastery on the topic.

    And well, this is just an idea, please leave your comments and let's all improve it, but let's put it into practise. I feel that there is a need for more specialised knoledge, and it is very hard to get it alone. Let's join so we can all take advantage of it. Besides, as you see this general idea might be applied to any topic (I'm just proposing the study of the third eye because I'm working on it right now XD).

    So, I'll leave it here for all of you to read it (sorry it ended up this long). In one month or so, I'd like to start working with all the volunteers that liked the idea (if possible, of course), so anyone interested please let me know. Thank you for reading, and sorry for my english :D
    Perses Keraunos

    Perses Keraunos ♛First Elder of the Nation♛
    Official Member

    Oct 22, 2015
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    Let me tell you what I think, based on old threads that I've read, as well as in personall experience.

    This won't work.

    And I'm not talking 'bout the reasearch part, what you hope to accomplish an etc, but I'm talking 'bout creating a group to do this.Most people end up getting busy with their work or studies, so even finding time for personal-or solo-research or training is difficult, but they still do it.What you're trying to do is create a group, a group where most people would probably be made of teens busy with homework or adults busy with work, and probably most of 'em wouldn't have the experience or training needed to achieve the results you're looking for.
    And when results aren't achieved, or when you can't meet as much as you wanted 'cause of a bunch of reasons, your group will end up forgotten.

    You can either go the solo path or, if you really want to make a group, make a very small group.

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