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The most unlikely advisor on Meditation & Mindfulness: A Bush

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    Tyler Senior Citizen
    Official Member

    Nov 22, 2013
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    Now here's a surprise. I just heard something from someone that I'd never thought they'd say. If any of you heard of or recall of that October Surprise that Donald Trump had, the tape, you'd also remember Billy Bush. Setting aside the obvious scandal, when Billy Bush finally returned to give an interview of that incident, I heard from him words that I'd never thought a Bush would say: advice about meditation & mindfulness. Now forgive me if I'm stereotyping, but he comes from a rural, Christian, conservative Texan family, and a powerful rich one at that, and to hear a Bush, of all people, speak of the benefits of meditation and mindfulness blew my mind. I was sure he'd say that he'd go over to his local Church & pray and/or talk to his Priest/pastor, or taking antidepressants, but nope; he spoke of how mediation was a healing process for him. Yes, the first cousin to George W. Bush himself said this. Never in my life would I connect spirituality to a Bush of all people. It was quite surreal for me to hear him use that as his preferred healing method. What's next? Eric Trump prefers energy healing when he's not feeling good?

    Here is proof of this: (7 minutes, 42 seconds in).

    Varric Staff Manager

    Jan 23, 2017
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    Many Christian have adopted meditation and grounding exercises. Its actually encouraged by many churches nowadays. They tend to teach it as the clarity helps you find God through the urban sprawl of disconnection or something tho.

    Usually they either completely dismiss it as an eastern practice or justify it as proof of Gods influence in other regions of the world.

    This post doesn't surprise me.

    Ludwig Senior Citizen
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    Jul 2, 2016
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    Meditation is often a christian's first step into the occult. It was my first.

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