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    Dream Gym Jul 3, 2017

    Already said that I'm focused on working out my body to make it the closest possible version to the one I have on the other side, 'cause if it's a near match then maybe I'll get more out of this awakening.

    But it doesn't mean that I'm neglecting my path as a psion or the rest of 'em, so I decided to also try a new approach that I have a good feeling 'bout.We usually loose a lot of time sleeping, and while I do like to sleep I also know that this time should also be used as an opportunity to train more.

    So while I'm busy with the physical during the day, at night I'll use the dream method to learn more 'bout my abilities, see 'em 'working' on my personal 'gym' and find new ways to use 'em or make 'em better once I wake up.
    Sure, I'm a bit slow at projecting, and that annoys me a lot, but I have a feeling that leaving the projection aside and using the dream realm will help me so much that not only I'll boost my progress by leaps and bounds, but maybe I'll also end up better than when I started and 'cause of that I"ll finally be able to project.

    I know that some people will say that 'training on your dreams' doesn't mean a thing, or that it's just waste of time, and if they've got 'better ways' that works for 'em then good for 'em.But they don't feel what I feel, and if I feel that this will work, then it will.It was the same feel I had 'bout the physical trainings.

    Feel free to comment what y'all think 'bout using the dream method, but keep in mind that it won't make me give up of it.
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