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    My Philosophy On The OEC - A Short Parable Apr 13, 2016

    A tree will die young of age, and another will sprout from the same soil, with fruits that are very brown, leaves of every color, some, that never even came to mind.
    When it blossoms, the sheep will eat from that which falls from above. They say it tastes like honey but little do they know... Poisoned, and emaciated, the sheep are slowly dying. Losing their flocks, the others flee, but the ones who stay say, ''It tastes like honey, it tastes like honey!'' their bellies always wanting more.
    Time goes by, and as the season ends the cold weather begins to emerge.
    The tree losing its fruit forces the rest to leave. With nowhere to go, with no flocks, naked and sick, they retreat right back to the very same tree. They're all dying, most are now dead, all camped next to the tree.
    All of them are dead by the end of the winter and so is the tree.
    By the start of spring now that everything is decomposed, a new tree is sprouting.
    By summer it's tall enough and begins to bare fruit. Leaves grow in countless of colors.
    With fruits falling off the branch of the young tree, the others come back with a larger group than ever.
    Some eat from the fruit, and say... ''It tastes like honey''.
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