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    Pestilence Jun 29, 2017

    Hi! It's been quite a while sense I have posted, or been on Psionnation at all. But due to recent development I felt that need I should probably reappear on the energetic communities now. For a long time I thought I was many things, (Angel, Jinn, etc). Without having much to go on other than the results of someone elses scan, but recently the events I seen in early 2016 have revealed my "true self" so-to-speak, the majority of those events have taken place, in which for about a month I have been given a fairly large amount of information through dreams, and other ways of message. This time they follow the lines of explaining who I am.

    Allow me to give some background information before preceding further, sense I have returned to energy work, I noticed several things about myself, one being that I was chained in a prison (in the etheric), in which I still haven't managed to escape, second I noticed clouds of "Black Bugs" around myself, in which I thought was some form of seal, or constant attack for a long time. Third being that the majority of people have identified my energy as being "sick" or feels like "taint", possibily partly due to me actively controlling/manipulating a energy that many have identified as "taint".

    These aspects did not dawn on me into about two weeks ago during meditation in which I was meditating on myself, I heard someone simply say "Pestillence", or rather the one that is called Pestillence, during this period I figured out that I was capable of controlling the Bugs that were around me, (With Atmo having apparently consistently feeling them around, and in his dreams...).

    Any commet on this would be appreciated, as I am still looking for answers.
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