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    Strange Developments.. Aug 31, 2017

    I'm sure we have all noticed strange, and rapid developments in July & August, but I would like to speak about a few experiences I have had in the past week, I don't know why but I find one of them to be very disturbing for a specific reason.

    To begin a few nights ago while in bed I had a very very awful out of no where feeling, this feeling feels potent and "distant", I'm not sure what it would be called, at the same time I seen someone in the distance through a long tunnel, I find this disturbing because the only time I have ever had this exact feeling was during a repeating dream that I had every couple of years up into about 13 years old.

    During that dream I always found myself next to a dirt road that was formed into a large circle, in which a "ball" of numbers, letters, information began to form and continuously go around the circle, It would continue to grow constantly. I knew I had to stop this "rampaging" ball somehow, but I could never achieve it. Strangely enough only less than a year ago I learned my twin brother (Atmokinetic) had nearly the exact same dream, but he apparently caused it in his dream.

    Sense I had this experience that brought that "dream" back up a few niights ago I've noticed a few "odd" things around myself, especially that I have noticed randomly I will "read" a word that isn't there in a paragraph, I didn't do this before, but the words I accidently read, because they "appear" there but arn't there usually seems to be some form of divination message. I don't know for sure because I just truly took notice of it tonight, I brushed it off before tonight.

    Finally I noticed a rapid increase in my perception both physical, and energetically.
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