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  • Energy Absorption Jun 30, 2014

    So I was trying to absorb energy the other night.. I was tryin to absorb the energy through my feet.. i know people say it's hard to flow energy to the feet because I guess it's farther away from the main chakras.. I'm not entirely sure with that viewpoint though.. because for me .. making the energy flow through the chakras is kinda hard .. I have no idea how people do it but.. I made energy flow through my feet up to half of my body .. I've been struggling to flow energy.. but I dont really know if i really absorbed energy or not cause I mean I could feel the energy.. It even made the half of my body ( toes to waist) tingly and warm and heavy.. so what I did is tried moving from my position to see if it just made my body feel that way because of my position ( btw, I was lying down) .. so when I moved the feeling was still there.. so I got pretty convinced it's energy.. It was kinda hard to release though because I've been absorbing that energy for an hour.. I dont know what type of energy I was absorbing ... but I was visualizing all the energy around me is being absorbred.. I did this wile my eyes are closed while doing it in the dark room .. so I dont really know what it was.. but It was really heavy and tingly and warm.. and btw, this was my first time so i dont really know what i'm, doing.. i still need guidance
  • Amalone's Intro Jun 28, 2014

    Hi everybody !! Amalone here... I'm not really good at introductions so.. First you can call me by my username 'Amalone' or you can call me by my real name 'Tristan'... If you're gonna ask how did I come up with my username... Okay this how it happened, when I was starting to create my username in Psiwarriors.. I was very depressed.. I felt neglected and left out... The words I was thinking at that moment was
    "I am Alone".. so yeah and .. Second I wanted to create a blog so I can share what I've experience and my progress in psionics, though I never really started .. Third, things I'm interested in when it comes to psionics.. I'm really interested in Aerokinesis / Atmokinesis.. coz I just some type of way when the wind is blowing against me.. and I'm also interested with Telepathy / Empathy.. and I want to Astral Project and Etheric Project so badly.. but I'm not still Mentally prepared for it .. I want to train myself so I can be prepared when I Project.. Fourth, The things I'm interested in the real world :3 .. I really really love chocolates !! and if you give me chocolates I'll love you.. and I also love animals .. Especially cats, dogs, and snakes ...
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