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  • magick Dec 15, 2014

    What is magick? In my opinion its everything. Its the sun rising every morning. Its the sound of the wind through the leaves. Its waking up to the bright bright moon and stars. Magick is in everything. Its the energy and life in all things.

    Its powerful and ancient. Its amazing. Its so magnificent and beautiful. Its also dark, mysterious and very very dangerous. I love magick. I love being a witch. But so many people don't know what that means. They think you have to be a certain way. Or be born with it.

    Or that we're all evil crones that want to curse everyone and eat children. They don't see the beauty in it. How could they? So many think its evil and have no idea what witchcraft really entails.

    I understand that. I get not knowing. But what I cant handle is deliberately not knowing. The ignornant jerk wads that refuse to listen. They attack us. They shove us aside like we aren't human. They dehumanize us and make everyone think were evil and horrible.

    Fortunately Ive never had to deal with one in real life. But my sisters have. And its awful. At least they cant burn us at the stake anymore.

    When I sit in my clearing with my cat singing and meditating I just cant wrap my head around the fact that people think Im evil. I mean. I know some are. But me? I could never bring myself to hurt another person.

    Unless they hurt me or my loved ones. When that happens I feel that same red rage build up inside. Like a fire. It burns and grows as energy around me and inside of me swirls. My eyes dont change color. But they seem darker.

    I feel power. But its not good power. Its a poison. This rage can kill. Its dangerous to others and myself. So I make myself relax and focus on the good. Letting the bright and good energy flow back into me extinguishing the flame.

    Im glad I can control myself. Im terrified to think of what might happen if I couldn't. Im sure she'd be dead by now. And me along with her. Sigh. At least Im not bored.

  • I have no idea Dec 12, 2014

    Im not sure if Edwhards power enhancement worked. I think it did a little. But not as much as it should have. I cant blame them though. Months of practice and I still cant project or see energy properly.

    I am on the very edge of it. I can ALMOST see it. I can ALMOST do it. But why this barrier? All I can do is sense some things and have vivid dreams. After the enhancement everything feels wider, brighter, more full of life. And I was able to fall into the deepest trance I ever had and had one of the most vivid dreams.

    Maybe Im not supposed to do these things. Maybe Im only supposed to sense things. My energy is stronger. Spells are easier. Am I special or just defficient?

    This morning after my vivid dream about people rioting and complaining and something having to do with kik which Im on often, everything was incredibly still. Like it was holding its breath. The moon looks like an eye thats slowly closing. No stars were visible all except one right next to the moon. The clouds blocked all the others leaving a white haze around the moon.

    The shadows are getting worse. Out of the corner of my eye I'll think I see something. But then its nothing. I accepted a long time ago that it was just the shadow people but its getting to be strange. Are they trying to talk to me? Why? I feel watched. I think I hear my name being called when it isnt. Why is this happening to me?

    Im still not sure what it means. I guess I can only wait. Maybe Im only overreacting and its just nothing. I dont know.

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