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  • Emotions, instinct, just remains of the past? Dec 18, 2015

    Emotions and instinct has helped mankind to survive during our entire existance.
    Fear has warned us of danger, pain has teached us what is dangerous to do, love has helped us breed and bring our race forward.

    But think about it, in the modern world, what use do emotions have? Other then negative effects?

    Let us take syria for an example, people there are suffering from war, starvation and tyranny. When people get hungry, they get mad, when they get mad they will do impulsive things, such as starting war.

    Emotions has been the cause for much suffering in the world, hate is one of the biggest bad guys of all emotions. Hate made the nazis commit the genocide of the jews, hate made the USSR do the gulag, and look where hate brings us today, to conflict and even more conflict.
    When people get intimate they rarely do it becouse of love, so what use do love have?

    So what use do emotions really have in our modern world?
    Why should we keep feeling?

    Just think about that for yourself, why do YOU keep feeling?