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  • Dream Gym Jul 3, 2017

    Already said that I'm focused on working out my body to make it the closest possible version to the one I have on the other side, 'cause if it's a near match then maybe I'll get more out of this awakening.

    But it doesn't mean that I'm neglecting my path as a psion or the rest of 'em, so I decided to also try a new approach that I have a good feeling 'bout.We usually loose a lot of time sleeping, and while I do like to sleep I also know that this time should also be used as an opportunity to train more.

    So while I'm busy with the physical during the day, at night I'll use the dream method to learn more 'bout my abilities, see 'em 'working' on my personal 'gym' and find new ways to use 'em or make 'em better once I wake up.
    Sure, I'm a bit slow at projecting, and that annoys me a lot, but I have a feeling that leaving the projection aside and using the dream realm will help me so much that not only I'll boost my progress by leaps and bounds, but maybe I'll also end up better than when I started and 'cause of that I"ll finally be able to project.

    I know that some people will say that 'training on your dreams' doesn't mean a thing, or that it's just waste of time, and if they've got 'better ways' that works for 'em then good for 'em.But they don't feel what I feel, and if I feel that this will work, then it will.It was the same feel I had 'bout the physical trainings.

    Feel free to comment what y'all think 'bout using the dream method, but keep in mind that it won't make me give up of it.
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  • Starting work and random discovery Mar 25, 2017

    Gonna start my learning, testing and crafting of talismans and other objects that could work to help me with my path.Nothing too big or too much 'cause I'm just starting, and I don't want to end up relying too much on 'em.

    No need of crutches.

    Will have to start small though, to have a better room for experiment and to not spend too much money in resources and tools.Make no mistakes though, while most of it will be used for self-development I'll also sell some of it after I build my rep.I know that a lot of energy workers look down on people wanting to "cash in" from their services to people that usually are in need of 'em, but damn, if you do a great job shouldn't you be payed for it?

    Nothing is without a price, the difference is that the price can be anything or any amount.

    On another note, found out that my horns are metallic as well and this might have a good side to it.Cool, I love good surprises.
  • Finally something? Mar 16, 2017

    This just came to me suddenly, I was just thinking 'bout pseudonyms when I got a snap moment and got a certain "name" on my mind.You ever got that feeling that something was asleep inside you and one day for no reason it wakes up?That was the feeling, except that it wasn't an emotion or something else, but the feel of finding this "name" gave me this sensation.

    Now, I don't know if this name is an actual name or more of an epithet, but I know that it's mine.Maybe from another past life or finally something from my true self, but since the origin of it is still foggy I can't say for sure which one it is.

    But hey, at least I'm getting words now.
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  • Materialization - Great way to Learn things Mar 8, 2017

    Don't know 'bout y'all, but sometimes I like to play a bit with "materialization".Not, I don't make stuff appear out of thin air, that's just the way I named what I do when I try to "solidify" energy to create stuff like armor, weapons and etc.BTW, I should thank my cousin for teaching me that, so thank you. :P

    It's a bit of visualization with a lot of manipulation and me trying to feel what I'm trying to create as if I could touch it for real.Basically I imagine the basic shape and then start to feel the weight, the surface of it, and from there I start to sculpt what ever it is into a form that pleases me or that seems right for it.If it's a sword then I get it's shape, how sharp the blade is or the lenght of it, the feel of the grip and etc.For the armor part or anything that I would wear instead of hold I just imagine it on my body, how it feels, the mobility, the sturdiness and etc.
    In the end this would work for everything, objects, consumables, tools, furniture, anything.

    I don't know if this would be of some help or even work for something in the end, but it is a great way of expanding my imagination and learning a bit more 'bout EM.It's also a good way to pass the time during long travels, since I can do this with big or small objects.And paying attention to the details of 'em also helps me work on my short attention span.
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  • Rant 'bout Darkness Mar 7, 2017

    So far the only darkness kinds I've heard 'bout were the one that is corruptive or corrupts others, and the "bad kind" that isn't exactly said why it would be bad, usually people link it to evil entities and curses.

    I never felt discomfort 'cause of my darkness, actually the feeling is more like a soft touch, even if sometimes I imagine it like blueish-black sand or smoke that has a bit of purple and dots of gold in it.I can say that whenever I use or just make the darkness surround my body, I feel at peace and sometimes even energized as if I've got a boost or a boon.

    I don't feel heavy or bad, in fact it is as if I'm as neutral as I could be everytime I think of darkness.

    Why I'm talking 'bout it?In part it's 'cause whenever I search 'bout darkness on the net most people put it together with the manipulation of shadows, as if it was the same thing.At least for me darkness and shadows are two different things, don't know how it is for y'all.
    And another reason it's 'cause whenever I talk 'bout darkness to someone they always think of the bad kind, the "evil" kind, the unholy kind instead of trying to see it the other way or even in the way the eastern people see.For 'em darkness and void usually are the same thing, and they don't consider The Void to be bad, just something that is.

    Sometimes I imagine talking 'bout darkness to a religious zealot just to see their reaction.What a bunch of fun it would be :P
  • Organic or Inorganic self? Jan 28, 2017

    Am I organic or inorganic?

    Sometimes I feel my muscles contract,
    Giving me the sensation of an organic body.
    I can feel the air hitting my skin,
    And the pressure of touches made by myself.
    However my skin doesn't break,
    instead it has a metallic sound when it clashes,
    be against blade, gun or magic.
    My body doesn't get tired,
    And sometimes I feel as if I've no blood.
    I feel invincible, unbreakable, unconquerable.

    Sometimes I feel fangs and my face can make expressions,
    But sometimes I feel as if I wore a helmet,
    Or as if my face was a helmet.
    Inexpressive, cold, faceless.
    What is the truth?

    I'm no robot.
    I follow no one's orders,
    I'm not metal or full of wires.
    My movements aren't calculated or fake.
    I do what I need to do, I move like an organic.

    I'm no automaton.
    I follow no one's orders,
    My body isn't metal or full of magic.
    I'm not a statue that awaits command
    I'm free to be where I want or do what I want.

    I'm no golem.
    I follow no one's orders,
    I'm not rocks or earth turned alive,
    I'm not something without "self" or consciousness.
    I can think by myself and take my decisions.

    Yet I'm not a living being.
    My skin isn't flesh, my muscles aren't meat.
    My "bones" aren't bones and I've no blood in me.
    I walk, I run, I jump.
    I fight and run.
    Yet I've no need to breath,
    I can take the heat,
    I endure pain.

    Am I organic or inorganic?
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  • Folowers of the Stones(+mock photo) Jan 7, 2017

    WARNING:The following story is much worse than the previous one, and also has badly done edited images.Waste your minutes on this by your own choice.

    This happened maybe a few years before I've started dealing with psionics, so I still didn't know 'bout awakening and all of the abilities that we see in here, or the lack of 'em, but this didn't mean that I was clueless 'bout energy in general.As I've said, I wasn't into psionics, but I practised with Qi, played a bit with neidan and sigils and read a lot 'bout enchanted objects and magick rituals from different cultures.All 'round I guess that I had a decent basic knowledge 'bout energy.

    We have a lot of belief in the supernatural here in Brazil, mostly due to our native and african heritages, so it isn't uncommon for people from the less populated or more "simple" cities to sometimes use the supernatural as an excuse for something that happened.But keep in mind that this is just for those cases that are really hard to explain or to find a logic on 'em.

    For someone that was trying out their hand at doing a bit of "supernatural", that was a lot of fun.I can't say how cool it was to break a jar of cookies from the distance and see Ms.Santos do the sign of the cross, or how I would fasten my reflexes a a bit to win against my friends in our 1 vs 5 soccer games.Maybe that wasn't fair, but it was a way of making their lives more interesting while training my abilities...and making others become firm believers of their faith.A win-win to everyone.

    Suddenly one day, during my last years in school i think, there was an occult craze going 'round, students would be playing with their paper-made versions of the oujia during the breaks, while others would be talking 'bout creepypastas and how they "met a real witch on the crossroads".But all of that was nothing compared to a group that was made of "cool kids", children of the richest and oldest families in the city.
    The group would sit in the middle of the class and during the breaks they would talk to everyone that would hear it, 'bout how they traveled to a "magnificent" place in the USA where they found their "revelations", a place with a construction that could only have been made by "beings more evolved than humanity", that had a set of rules that should be followed if we wanted to ensure the Earth's survival.

    Yada yada, all of that sounded like the new age stuff the charlatans in downtown said to trick people into buying worthless things.I couldn't believe that a bunch of teenagers were really trying to convert others to their believes of those 'ol stones.What did they think?That somehow they would keep their power, or maybe gain more, and be the few ones to survive and live a comfortable life?That they were "the chosen ones" to make the change and everything would go smooth and be rainbows and flowers?


    And as the days passed, they would go on and on with the same talk, they would even start bullying others to join 'em as "disciples" of the "illuminated ones".Talk 'bout an illuminati conspiracy, hah!
    They tried the same with me once, I was done with my swimming class and just left the showers(clothed!) when they entered.Before they could even say a word I told 'em that I didn't believe in a bunch of rocks made by humans, that I was fed up with their bullshit and that I wasn't going to join their group.

    Fun fact, the "cool kids" didn't know even how to use energy, so they didn't know a thing 'bout it in general.Their supernatural source was the TV show and some new age websites.They just looked the part of hipster mystics with a religious flavor.And dressed nicely, as "serious adults".

    They didn't like me so much after my talk, but they also didn't try anything.I once discovered that if I concentrated enough, I could somehow scare others by making 'em "feel my anger", something like giving others a "bad vibe" 'bout myself, similar to when a human is face to face to a predator.You can be sure that for that wannabe saviors group, that was enough.

    After that, they started to leave the class each break in order to go talk somewhere else.I don't know if they still believe in those stones or if they grew out of it, but I'm not missing their boring talks.
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  • Etheric Adventure(+mock photos) Dec 26, 2016

    WARNING:The following story has badly edited photos, is inspired by real events/people/places, and can be quite long.Read if you want, but don't come complaining after.

    In my first projection, I found out that my body was actually under the deepest point under the water, imagine my surprise of having to dig my way out only to find out that I was under tons of water?Can't really blame my "human reaction" of panicking first, before realizing that I didn't need to breath, I swear that my physical body almost felt as if I've had a heart attack.Or at least close to it.

    I also learned that when you first project, you must never expect to just be somewhere safe, or even on land.
    Sometimes you can be way up in the air and just fall down, or as it was in my case, be UNDER the ground and UNDER water.Or in the water...you know what?Let's not be so specific with it.Thankfully I knew how to swim.

    One thing I've found out was that I could "summon" a helmet-thing 'round my head, that wasn't much for protection, but to enhance my awareness, my senses.The kind of thing that DARPA would kill to have.Bonus points that also made me look scarier, or was my normal face scarier?I didn't have the chance to ask someone.
    Another thing that I've figured out was that I could create weapons if I at least knew the basics of 'em, so I started with simple stuff like knives, then went towards guns and now I have a railgun.Though I don't use it much since it's more suited to long range and my natural abilities makes me want to fight close and medium range.

    Still, it's a good back up if I ever need to be a "destruction sniper".


    One day, I decided to project once again after being too busy with "real life", just to adventure a bit and maybe train with my abilities as well.

    I changed between running full speed and flying like a jet just 'cause I wasn't still that used to flying, so I couldn't fly for too long even if I could go full speed.After few minutes I reached a place that looked like a war zone, apparently abandoned.The ground was made of iron earth, it was ful of craters, signs of destruction and destroyed buildings.The sky was tinted green and honestly, everything seemed depressing, but there is that feeling that some people get when they're walking a place where they're the only ones there.It's a mix of loneliness and excitment.
    However I noticed that I wasn't alone, I could feel the tremors of heavy footsteps through the ground and suddenly there was smoke and ash surging from 'round a corner, spreading far enough to cover the entire "plaza" turnning everything in the area dark, and probably poisonous.

    Again, I was thankfull to not need to breath and have my helmet-thing on, so I could still see clearly through the mess.

    I know that there are a lot of races in the etheric, but we all know that there areraces that are easier to find, and others that are almost myths since they're rarely seen.I was used to seeing a few demons, dragons, some angels, the common therian, but mostly ghouls.What I've seen wasn't any of 'em.

    It was a fucking minotaur.A.FUCKING.MINOTAUR!

    I alwasy thought that minotaurs were just bull-headed soldier-like beings, but that one had strange markings and the smoke and ash combo seemed to come from him.I was waiting to see if he would also breath fire, but that would be too much, he did have a nose ring that was red like fire though.Close enough I guess.

    I won't talk 'bout the entire fight, but after a while I finally figured out that that being wasn't a "simple minotaur", I don't think that he even was a minotaur.A lot of other beings could have heads of a bull/ox as well, minotaurs weren't the only ones to have it.
    As much as I was strong, that thing also packed quite a punch, so good point for me for having a strong body to endure the punishment, otherwise I probably would've died.And as much as I've had some of my abilities at my disposition, we ended up exchanging punches like two boxers in the end.Throwing each other towards one of the buildings or trying to throw each other into the ground.

    I think that the fight would've gone for much more, but I felt that I needed to go back, so I did what I thought was necessary.I grabbed his head by the horns and headbutted him as strongly as possible, that at least made him sway a bit on his feet.Yes, feet, he didn't have hoofs.Then I throwed him into the air and shoot my railgun only when he was almost reaching me during his fall.I almost lost my balance and the ground caved a bit, but it was enough to send him flying with speed towards a mountain neaby.With luck, he would be too stunned to do something.
    Now I would be able to go back to my "safehouse" and disconnect.I didn't want the minotaur to follow me, and I don't think he would've let me go easily.I still have a lot to do and to learn, I couldn't loose time dying.
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  • Analyzing my own dreams Dec 16, 2016

    Is it possible for a person to somehow become their own mentors?

    Dreams that feel less like dreams and more like visions or something else aren't that common to happen to me, so when it happens I'm damn sure that it's 'cause it's important.I think I can even count in one hand and half the number of "real dreams" that I've had so far in my life.

    Some of 'em didn't striked me much, while others seemed more like a re-learning of something or of "life lessons" 'bout myself that I somehow had forgotten.One that really seemed way too real to be a dream was this one:http://community.psionnation.com/threads/fateful-meeting.4791/

    At first I didn't really thought much 'bout who the two guys(the babylonian/assyrian/akkadian and the "young oldman") could've been, I thought that maybe they were someone or something from one of my past lives that came up to give me a hand at something.But recently I've started to ask myself if maybe they weren't a part of myself?Maybe they each represented something 'bout myself or maybe they were "aspects" of my full self?

    The "middle eastern" guy looked human, but I could've feel that that was just skin deep, he was just somehow "hidding among the rest", but you could've feel a subtle power from him that made you want to "follow" him.He seemed like a calm person, gentle, the kind that seems to know what they're doing but that don't make a fuss or show off 'cause of it.He knew, he planned, he was prepared, he acted upon it.That's the kind of person he seemed to be.

    The "young oldman" was mostly human, but his eyes...if the saying "the eyes are the window to the soul" is true, then that guy was pure power.No kidding, he was brimming with power, his strange colored eyes felt as if power was leaking from 'em.Controlled, but leaking.He seemed to be very experienced, very knowledgeable, and he made it seem that challenging him would be a mistake.He was the kind of person that if he wanted, could control the whole room whenever he entered, but he just choose not to.A representation of raw power maybe?

    So far I haven't seen 'em again, but I don't think that that encounter was the last one.Maybe that was just the first "important" meeting that we shouldv'e have, and once I become better-or if it's considered a necessity or important occasion-maybe they'll show up again?I'm just guessing, so I'm not sure.
    But one thing I know is that if I can meet 'em again, maybe I'll be able to unlock more knowledge, learn more 'bout whatever abilities they deem necessary for me to learn, and maybe I'll end up learning more 'bout myself.
  • Video of my personality+Bonus Nov 8, 2016

    No, this video isn't 'bout "my mission" or "who i am"(completely), but it does a pretty good job of describing how i tend to think and act.And no, i don't dress "as colorful".

    And this one is a bonus, 'cause i liked the song.Just like that.
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  • The Phasing and The earth(and under it) Oct 23, 2016

    Phasing: I've been trying, and how much i have.I've got the main piece to start this, the basics of phasing, the "core" knowledge of it.Still, "physically phasing" isn't as near to myself as it was before, however even with the continuous failures i do seem to be able to progress at least on the "practic theory" of it.
    I can say now that whoever i was, i did have the knowledge of phasing, and recently i've got another "piece" of this knowledge.

    I'ts like a puzzle, bit by bit i'm getting back the pieces that are part of phasing.Maybe one day i'll have the whole thing, though if this will allow me or not to do this on the physical is another subject.

    I can feel the energy, my body trembling with the effort of trying to phase through and still hitting that barrier that is the physical...and i won't lie that it is kind of nice to have access to this knowledge, something that i'm sure not everyone have.'Cause in the end the main knowledge of it isn't something that you can "tell" but something that must be "felt", since explaining it with words would be the same as trying to teach colors to someone that was blind and never knew 'em.

    Even the feling of when i try to do it changes sometimes, depending on the size/density of what i'm trying to phase or how well my concentration is that day.Sometimes, even without the result i want, the effort seems easy, other times it can be hard enough that i end up tired.This will probably change once i "master" this, maybe i'll be able to have the same "effort" every time i do it.

    "Geokinesis"/"earth manipulation": I honestly don't know if i have an affinity for it, or if it's just me "wanting" to learn it, but while i prefer other kinds of kinesis/manipulation-probably due to affinity-i do find this one to be interesting AND with a lot of potential.

    And just a note, so far i haven't found someone from here that claimed to be from the Underworld(due to race or other reason) that also claimed to have this ability.

    I'm of a mind of trying to learn it.See if in the end i can have a "non-discovered affinity" to it or, if i don't, then see if i can at least learn a few tricks from it.Control over rocks, earth(and anything in and under it), metals, minerals/gems and etc, developing a "seismic sense"(yeah, i said it) of sorts and other things do catch my attention.Imagine how much of damage you could do with it?Or as my cousin says "how much 'valuable metals/gems' you could find out in order to cash in easy money"?

    And i've got to admit, the link that people like to make of "strenght" and "sturdiness" and "controlling/manipulating" earth, makes it hard to not develop even a bit of interest.And yeah, i notice how it's ironic that i'm learning phasing while also developing an interest in geokinesis/earth manipulation, so no one needs to point that one to me.
  • What was i thinking... Oct 1, 2016

    Not really an update 'bout my "search for answers 'bout me", but i was reading a 'lil bit 'bout seals/binds and etc, and while i can't be precise 'bout their numbers, i can tell what my "sixth sense" says to me and it's telling me that whatever the heck i have sealing/binding me, just one or two of 'em were due to incarnation, the rest was put in there by myself.

    Sometimes you just have that feeling of wanting to smash your head against a wall as many times as possible, and you keep asking yourself "WHY?" .Why did you do something so stupid and that could create a lot of problems for your current life?What would make you/your past life do something like this, create a hurdle of sorts that almost seems impossible to go through?

    What was i thinking indeed...
  • A Birthday gift or just an "IOU" card? Sep 18, 2016

    One day after my DOB and i've got more specifics 'bout my spiritual/other self.Though i was expecting more, maybe in the form of a name-my name-or what exactly i am-the "name" of the race if possible-or with specifics such as locations and etc, i guess that i have to accept what i'm given and try to find more later.

    -So, i've said that i have a bulky body, but i didn't knew how much it was.It's as if the entire body felt-and i say again, FELT, not that it is-like one massive and solid piece of the strongest/heaviest substance in existence.(EX:You've got two pieces made of metal, one hollow-light-and the other solid-heavy-i would fit more with the heavy description)My body is made to endure heavy damage, you could probably use it on a raligun to hit something and i would just say "That's it?", and the funny thing is that even though my body is solid and big, it doesn't mean that i'm slow.Nice huh?

    -In comparison to my "vessel" or physical body, my other body is bigger than i am.I can't be precise with this info, since i can't really measure it with a tape, but let's say that if i was the size of my other body, i would probably dwarf most people on Earth, maybe even the tallest person in history.Maybe.But damn, how menacing i would look...is it bad that i kind of like this feeling?

    -As far as i've got, i have some strange stuff on my arms that seems to be like some sort of "self-grown armor" of sorts made of separated pieces of metal.It's very hard to described and since i can't take a picture-and you know why-i can't really show you how they are.I know that the skin seems like metal, but it's still got the flexibility of a normal skin.Anyway, the stuff in my arms seems to work as a sort of "boost" for defense.Meaning that i'm a "living shield" if we want to be more precise here.I'm still working with the specifics of 'em though.

    -Ether i'm a mix of organic and inorganic(bionic?) or i'm something organic made of inorganic stuff, or i'm something else.Honestly it's hard to know since i don't know of something similar(here)that could be used as an example.

    -Again, just a confirmation that i don't have wings, but i don't think this is truly a problem for me.

    -Sometimes seems that i have a tail, but i think that it's something that i can make appear/disappear, since mostly i didn't het the feeling of having a tail.I'm still a bit iffy with this part.

    -I've got something like a mane or hair on my head, and so far it seems to be just like my hair right now, messy and wild.Another thing this physical body has in common with my spritual/other one xD

    -I've got a stomach of steel.No, really.Apparently i can eat anything that i can't-or would be too idiot to try-with my physical body.I think that this is what happens when your organs are made of stuff stronger than metal and your teeth can break rocks.But i don't think i need food with this body, so far it seems that i can generate my own energy in order to survive or have other ways of "feeding" myself that don't include eating as we know of, if you get my meaning.

    That's it.I've waited for my birthday in order to see if i would finally get the knowledge i want and i've only got this small amount.It's most than i hoped for, but much less than i wanted.No names so far, though i have a feeling that my name isn't something that you would forget easily.A pity that this doesn't seems to apply to me.
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  • Known Masonic Lodges in the city Sep 14, 2016

    The first one is the one closest to where i'm living.No kidding, this lodge is just at the distance of a 5 minutes walking-or less-and if you can't read it's written "masonic lodge Rui Barbosa"
    Sometimes you can ee the many cars of the members taking space in the entire street, sometimes you can see the masons or their sons, but it's more common to see the gate-and rarely the door-open when they're taking out the trash.
    This one is in the one in downtown, and it's the one i mentioned before being of the 33 degree.It's written in the blue wall "Council of the 33 degree".
    It's common to have 'em invite people for workshops/talks, specially when it's 'bout business and similar.At least that's what it seems.