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  • Pestilence Jun 29, 2017

    Hi! It's been quite a while sense I have posted, or been on Psionnation at all. But due to recent development I felt that need I should probably reappear on the energetic communities now. For a long time I thought I was many things, (Angel, Jinn, etc). Without having much to go on other than the results of someone elses scan, but recently the events I seen in early 2016 have revealed my "true self" so-to-speak, the majority of those events have taken place, in which for about a month I have been given a fairly large amount of information through dreams, and other ways of message. This time they follow the lines of explaining who I am.

    Allow me to give some background information before preceding further, sense I have returned to energy work, I noticed several things about myself, one being that I was chained in a prison (in the etheric), in which I still haven't managed to escape, second I noticed clouds of "Black Bugs" around myself, in which I thought was some form of seal, or constant attack for a long time. Third being that the majority of people have identified my energy as being "sick" or feels like "taint", possibily partly due to me actively controlling/manipulating a energy that many have identified as "taint".

    These aspects did not dawn on me into about two weeks ago during meditation in which I was meditating on myself, I heard someone simply say "Pestillence", or rather the one that is called Pestillence, during this period I figured out that I was capable of controlling the Bugs that were around me, (With Atmo having apparently consistently feeling them around, and in his dreams...).

    Any commet on this would be appreciated, as I am still looking for answers.
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  • Energy Sight / 3rd Eye. May 21, 2017

    ( Hi! )

    Anyways, I am making this blog post to describe the common misconceptions of the usage of the "Mind's Eye.".

    I seen many talking about how to use the 3rd Eye in the past, most believe that It is difficult to use in the begining, but this is not true. It is very easy to use in the begining, the issue is that most have trouble distinguishing between Imagination / Visualization, and the actual use of an Eye just as you use your normal / Physical Eye's. I have come across many teaching that when properlly using the "3rd Eye" you would see the Images, or "Visuals", appearing as if you were Visualization something, if you believe this, than It is simply astral projection,

    (The Realm of Imagination / Dreaming, that we all "technically" share, with our own personal "dimensions" contained within, at least this is my interpretation of this realm, anytime your are visualization, you are partially using this.).

    Using the "Mind's Eye.", is not like this at all, You will see it just as if you were looking through your Physical Eyes, In other terms you will, and can use both the Physical & Mind's Eye at once, you can also switch your dominant eye(s), or your primary but I have only ever done this on accident, and have not cracked It. If using your Mind's Eye in day-to-day usage, you would see through It normally, but It will feel as if you are looking from "The Back of your Mind", It will also appear much difference in atmosphere, usually a lot greyer.

    To describe what happens if you switch your "Primary Eyes", I will tell the story of the one time that I accidently accomplish this, I haven't tried duplicating it as of yet. It happened back in 2016, probably around November. I was simply sitting down, (probably messing with various energies but I forget for sure.).

    I layed down for a second, in which I found myself in a realm that was "purely dark", I was projected to another dimension / plain, in which their was one girl with a candle. During this experience my sight in the physical realm went to the back of my mind as my Mind's Eye usually is, in which I could move my physical body completely, along with my Energetic Body in this other Plain, even though I could feel everything in the Physical, It was off in the distance, I switched back after about 1-2 Minutes.

    (I bet you Atmo responds with "Crazy", or some retarded thing, as He doesn't believe anyone has seen Spirits physically, cause he has not, sorry I had to mention It.).
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  • Negative Emotions & Purification? Nov 15, 2016

    This is something I just considered while talking about eating meat with others (Obviously I eat meat :P), but it is true that it does have negative emotions that could affect your energy system in small ways, So we concluded why not try to purify it before eating it? (Removing the negative energy's), Sorry I had to take a smack at the energy users that say not to eat meat due to negative emotions left behind.. Just remove them -.-
  • A few of my experimental training methods.. Sep 2, 2016

    I have been doing a few training methods for a long time, a few of these I only now planned too start doing as well.. I wish too go over them all or most of them here, too get others perspective on them.

    - Quicker Energy Conversion.
    This training is obviously used too quicken how fast you can change one form of energy too another, and maybe eventually getting it too instant change or rather never having too even think about it anymore.. I plan too do this by changing a mass of energy, either stationary or mobile too as many different types of energy in a set period of time, slowly increasing it over time, along with increasing the size or concentration of the energy.

    - Resistance or adapting too different elements or energy too prevent physical or energetic damages..

    I have done this for a long time with electricity, because I often use it in my BioK, it is basically just by injecting different forms of energy into different parts of your body, slowly increasing the amount and concentration, I have been able to increase my resistance too electricity drastically by doing this, along with gain more control over it. but of course be careful everyone, this can be very dangerous..

    Rest of my methods I don't feel like sharing at the moment, due too them only be theorized at the moment, and because I need to sleep.
  • The point of my "Blog". Jul 3, 2016

    So, I think it would be best to explain the point of my Blog in this first little post here. Ill "try" to post before and after pictures of my Biokinesis results, these my vary in how long apart the before, and the after images are taken depending on what kind of change it is, or how long it takes too see noticeable results. It might be a while, possible into the end of summer for my first post, because of vacations we will be having sometime this month, along with other situations.

    Also just too say, I don't understand why some people (Specifically LinRae), believes "Oh Biokinesis isn't possibke" even though most, if not all psions that believe this, will magically believe in their own ability's if it may be Electrokinesis, Telekinesis or anything else. Tell me if you can achieve this, then why do you instantly say another ability isn't possible just because you haven't achieved much with it?