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Yammerings of a Mad Man.
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  • Socializing Aug 2, 2016

    Ostracized and weak
    Rejection steadily creeping forth
    A blanket of awkwardness settles, wrapping around my life
    Torment, do I do this to myself?....
    Can I not find my place amongst a sea of a thousand voices
    My soul has been hollowed out as a cold bitter lie

    Careless feet trod across my fallen form
    Stepping forth, stepping on; without a thought
    Not even looking back on their travels
    Just a abnormality amongst the dirt for them to trip over.
    Is it such a slight to want to remain broken?
    Drifting in an endless oblivion of my own self pity.

    Another sunny day
    A piercing glimmer through the blinds of my heart
    Why is it so hard to try?
    A blackened hand beckons me further into the darkness.
    Oppressing misery hangs heavy off of my shoulders
    Sinking deeper down into black bliss, the rising shadows consumes me
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  • Cacophony Aug 1, 2016


    Friday, February 13, 2015

    9:04 PM

    Truths s hidden deep within a tunnel of lies
    Reaching but never grasping
    A teasing brush across my fingers
    Desperately clenching the light before me
    A future of pure mystery
    Every corner a knife in my back
    Every path, Trust I lack

    Through the filth of this life and a hundred more
    I drag my weeping corpse
    To the world a step next door
    Only greeted by disappointment more and more
    In a hellish cycle these demons of mine so adore
    Mocking me with praise
    Breaking me with failure

    Rising from these ashes belittled and weeping
    My demon, my strength?
    Call it whatever so, you may choose.
    All I feel is scorn and fire burning so down deep in my gut
    I might as well be the devil himself
    If this is what man calls hell
    Then I am living it
  • Chaos? Order? Feb 10, 2016

    Chaos is a system that minds cannot fully comprehend or process due to the lack of their capacity or comprehension. They can not process all the factors. It's order but it's a thousand times more complicated Throwing numerous variables with multiple out comes so things don't stagnate so they change

    All order is, at least the common interpretation or understanding of it. Is the restricting or nullification of those variables so chaos doesn't run through every possible outcome it can produce right away. Only one possible or a group outcomes can happen at once at different combinations. How ever once a variable becomes a factor in a sense... Let's try life or death. You walk down a street you can die any numerous ways, and you can just as easily live depending on the circumstances. After you cross whether you live of die is no longer a what if one is a fact and that fact cannot change.
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  • 16 personaliuty tests Dec 9, 2015

    This is an epic site that gives scary accurate results on what kind of person you are....
    it described me almost EXACTLY!!
    I am an INFP-T

    The test is well thought out and harder to manipulate than to get what one 'desires to be like' than most half assed personality tests that are so freaking obvious. How they set up and describe the personality is also really well done and descriptive. I hope everyone enjoys having their mind being picked apart. x3
  • HealingSolarized water. Dec 3, 2015

    If your expecting me to carry on about how great this is and so on. I'm not. I am just recently getting into this because I've heard that is help with healing chakras. My chest has been hurting for the past couple weeks. I drank a glass of Solarized green water and It helped A LOT. I don't know if it's a placebo effect but I'll be putting up some resources for those willing to try it. Keep in mind to use a plastic stopper and make sure to use containers that have absolutely NO DIRT OR DUST. Otherwise it tastes like crap. Even if it doesn't look dusty RINSE IT OUT. I have also been thing about adding herbs into the mix wonder if their properties would be amplified by being in the water as it's being solarized. Also one more thing so it doesn't taste like complete crap... Use bottled spring water or better yet distilled water.


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