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  • Huge progress. Oct 13, 2015

    Lately I have been achieving huge progress, from energy manipulation to thought manipulation.
  • On SkedNEC and demons. Oct 8, 2015

    If you have been part of this community for a while, you probably know about me, as I am quite active. Indeed, you have probably wondered "who is this weirdo?" at least once before, and it is fully understandable.

    You may know that there is a mutual hate between me and most: demons, fallen angels, generally evil spirits, dark spirits, and some neutral spirits as well. That is mostly due to my nature. Nonetheless, most are quick to condemn me for it.

    I was for the better part of my life under heavy influence/possession by those who hate me, and I only managed to escape it quite recently with the help of YHWH and Neph (how ironic), and I expect the weirdness meter to go down a lot, as well as actually being able to live my goddamn life.

    There are still a lot of those who hate me, and I dislike them too, so it should come as no surprise if there will be a quarrel between me and such a spirit/person, depending on whether they are incarnated/possessing someone or not.

    If I am to fully understand this conflict, I first have to understand myself and what I did before.