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  • My Looks On Psi Oct 22, 2014

    Many people do not understand us. Most are skeptics always have to try to find a fact that states psi is not a true thing. I switched some non-believers around, but they still are skeptic about it becuase they do not hardly make progress.

    When I first started psi 5 1/2 years ago, I started where many beginners begin.. the psi ball.

    It took me 20 days, 20 days just to feel a condensed ball in between my hands. I then tried empathy scanning, try to pick up on other people by their expressions. Ever since then I worked, and worked and got better at scanning and kinesis abilities.

    I see Psi as an oppuritnity to take control of your energy, see what our brain is really capable of.
    We only use 10% of our brain capacity..look how much our race has evolved.
    But we get so caught up we overlook the actual intelligence, and focus us psionics possess.

    We work on awareness, concentrating on our and others energy flow...amazing how we are made by four elements isn`t it?

    You look at 10%. And you probably think it is nothing, but it is alot.

    I believe in psi. Why? Expierences.

    Believe it or not, we are not unique..we are people that just use more of our brain, by understanding how our body works, how brain channels communicate, how our energy, cells, nerves, everything we work on to get somewhere.

    Those who look at us, just do not know what or who we are..